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Headquartered in Shoreditch, London, 3rockAR is an award-winning media company specializing in innovative digital signage, excelling in Augmented Reality (AR), and advertising technologies. With the application of AR, it offers an advertising campaign that connects a brand with its consumers in a unique and engaging manner.

Toby Ginn is the Founder and Director of 3rockAR; in his 20 years of experience, he has worked in different fields and played multiple roles such as project manager, consultant, and director. Another personality, Ian Brookes, is Co-Owner at 3rockAR, who along with Toby, leads, innovates, and seeks ways to bring together the right brands with the right networks and technology. In an exclusive interview by Mirror Review, both the Directors of the world’s leading AR company, 3rockAR, Toby Ginn and Ian Brookes chat about their innovative brand, its future standpoint, and the way its offerings are making a difference.

How has the world of Augmented and Virtual Reality evolved over the past few years? Share your personal thoughts and opinions on the same.

Toby: Augmented Reality has become significantly more popular these days, clients now understand or at least have an idea what it is and have a better opinion of what they want. As there are different versions of AR, ours for example specializes in grabbing the attention of the passers by as we work within a live environment.

Ian: For me, the biggest change with AR over the last few years is the mainstream knowledge of what it actually is. I have to thank the people at “Pokemon Go” for their work; these guys finally enabled my mother to understand what AR actually is. There seems to have been a pendulum swinging from VR to AR in regard to its popularity, but there is absolutely more room for both in the marketplace. For our purposes, I would obviously say the AR technology allows multiple people to experience something fantastic at the same time but VR on the other hand is more of a single existence. From a media point of view, most companies are moving away from VR towards AR. Today, the telecom giants are all embracing AR but VR too has a very important role to play in the world from a humanitarian and health standpoint and so it should always be respected and encouraged. For what we do -AR is the king.

When was 3rockAR established? How did you project 3rockAR to be?

Toby: It was established in 2013 and our core objective was to immerse, educate, and entertain. This has really evolved into technology to get people to look at screens, actually interact and stop and see something cool and new. Once you get the attention, it is up to us to get the messages across and that’s what we do best.

Ian: I remember when Toby started 3rockAR, I came on board as we shared the same vision – to always put our clients first and to deliver something that is better than anybody else in the marketplace so that they come back for repeat business. Apart from that, we wanted to create an environment where people enjoy coming to work and really feel part of everything we are trying to achieve at 3rockAR.

What are the services and solutions offered by 3rockAR? Which is the most effective amongst them?

Toby: Basically, audience stopping technology and the Magic Mirror are our prime offerings.

Ian: Absolutely, and I would say, the big one for us is the Magic Mirror. Other companies have dabbled in this direction but nothing comes close to the quality and effectiveness of our product. It can be placed anywhere and the amount of attention it receives makes it the most powerful out-of-home advertising media around today.

How does 3rockAR empower its clients?

Ian: I must say that we empower our clients with an ability to stand out in the market by providing them with means to impact their customers by delivering a memorable experience. I have clients that tell me their sales have rocketed when aligned with partners. It has increased digital footprints several times and I have lost count of the amount of viral campaigns our clients have enjoyed.

Toby: In short, we convey our clients’ message in such a way that their customers are immersed and get the message embedded in their minds.

Our audience would like to know about your near future plans for 3rockAR.

Toby: Currently, we have several new screen technologies that are pending and we have no shortage of ideas but as with all the ideas, its best kept to ourselves. Well, in terms of the technology, the bigger national networks, the better screen solutions, new interactivity, better production quality, and further automation would always be there. All I can say is that the Magic Mirror will have three new additional features, so keep an eye out.

Ian: In the long term, we know where this can go. We have entities across the globe who are wishing to buy us or the technology, but our R&D for new products is very exciting, so we are definitely not for sale at this moment of time, I should say. Moreover, I believe, the relationships we are establishing with global partners depicts that we are on the right path so far.

Tell us about your roles & responsibilities at 3rockAR and comment on your favorite part of this role.

Ian: Initially, Toby and I used to do everything but now he is more focused on the technology and creative side while I look after the sales and partnerships. We have brought in a lot of young staff with little or no sales experience. To be able to watch them flourish and see their enjoyment of presenting the Magic Mirror is very rewarding for me. I must mention that being thanked for our work and making a difference to small and large companies across the world is probably the most satisfying part of every day.

Toby: I agree with Ian, for me, it’s getting people to see that there are better ways of doing things. New technology always comes with difficulties; it is normally complicated, we seek a huge success by cutting through this noise. Furthermore, we produce cost-effective successful AR campaigns that really stand apart from the digital noise and we make it uncomplicated through our level of experience and knowledge being the leader in the market and industry.

What advice would you like to give anyone thinking of entering in this sector?

Toby: In a single word, I would suggest for them to be“disruptive”. If you ask me in detail, then I believe they should get a client and do a good job for them, listen to them and what they want, and what’s important to them. Most importantly, don’t copy the big boys, instead, think of a USP and capitalize on it. Further, reach out and show people what you do. Don’t be greedy, invest in your ideas and people then stick with it.

Ian: I would recommend newcomers to take their time and not to rush to market with a product that isn’t quite ready. I would say it is important to keep in mind that the lows will probably outnumber the highs at the beginning but you must keep believing; if one gets it right, it will all be worth it though!

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