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3D printing is considered as one of the most significant technological advancements of the era and has become the most important part of the modern industry. What makes the technology unique is its ability to print complex shapes and interlocking parts without the need for any form of assembly. It has many advantages over the traditional approach but the most important one is its time saving character. It has the ability to create small or complicated shapes at small cost and in short period of time. The technology has proved its importance in various fields such as Medical, Architecture, Construction, Computers, Art & Jewellery, Electronics, Robotics, and many more. Evidently, the technology is disrupting the market with on-demand manufacturing by its side. In on-demand manufacturing, the manufacturer partners with a supplier that has rapid prototyping and low volume production capabilities. Production can be scaled up scaled back as needed. This diminishes the risk of outages as well as wastages resulting in financial savings. The 3D printing industry is getting highly inclined toward the on-demand manufacturing and 3D Compare.com with its world leading on-demand manufacturing platform has established itself as the most prominent firm in the field.

Trustworthy and Transparent Platform to Get Best Finished Products

3D Compare was incepted keeping one aim in mind—to diminish the pain points in manufacturing. Established in London, UK in 2017, 3D Compare is a platform that compares prices and solutions for the on-demand manufacturing economy. It helps the customers with innovative and wide range of technologies and materials to make the 3D product. 3DCompare envisions providing continuously developing on-demand manufacturing market with a trustworthy and transparent site using the tools and resources to get superior objects at the best prices.

Manufacturing Options for Rapid Prototyping

3DCompare has variety of innovative technologies to create the desired product. One of them is 3D Printing Prototypes. This technology works best for complex rapid prototypes and produce results to very fine tolerance keeping low prices. This technology is continuously improving and providing variety of options such as Stereolithography (SL) that uses an ultraviolet laser focused to turn liquid thermoset resin into solids.Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) uses nylon-based powder to achieve similar results. One more innovation using atomized metal powder welded into a solid is highly used; it is named as Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). Multi Jet Fusion is used in selective applications of fusing and detailing agent across a bed of nylon powder while Polyjet is nothing but a jet spraying liquid polymer onto a build platform.

One more technique in which 3DCompare has expertise is CNC Machining. This superior process has ability to hold tight tolerance. It can work for extensive range of materials including high-quality metal and plastic parts. CNC machining allows the use of true production grade materials.

Plastic Injection Molding is considered as a stepping stone from prototyping to large scale production. This process allows for repeatable high tolerance and multiple materials. To achieve comparable results to the final product, it is essential to use same process and materials.

Laser Cutting is used where more complicated and high precision prototype parts are involved as the technology can even cut metals with high accuracy along with stone, glass, wood, plastic, etc. Further, with 3D Scanning, a product or its parts can be reverse engineered to improve it. This is also used for documenting existing products.

3DCompare wants to be the most reliable website for people for ordering 3D Printing, CAD Designing, CNC Machining, Injection Moulding, Laser Cutting, and to reach at that point the firm is working very hard to create the biggest database of manufacturing partners.

Plenty of Reasons to Choose 3DCompare

3DCompare is the best in the on-demand manufacturing and there are several factors contributing to make it the best.

Best Prices

The firm delivers the best price for all the rapid prototyping needs. The customer can see different pricing offers in few seconds after uploading the file and can compare the prices instantly.

Verified Suppliers

All the suppliers are hand-picked and verified by 3DCompare, ensuring the project is in good hands and the quality is highly controlled by the experienced producers.

Quick Delivery

The team of professionals provides innumerable designs for the project. They allot the best delivery time by having parts produced by several suppliers and supports in getting a quick turnaround time from quote to delivery and selecting the delivery date.


The innovation is priceless and the firm treats the project or product information provided by the customers with extreme confidentiality. The privacy policy puts the data at utmost safety.

All at One Place

3DCompare helps the customer in design and 3D printing along with post-processing. All things are covered so that the customer can save time.

More than 200 Materials

3DCompareoffers the best materials to fit the needs of the customer. There is wide range of materials to choose from to get the best finished product. MJF Nylon (HP-PA12), SLS Nylon Glassfilled(PA3200 GF), DMLS Aluminum (AISi10Mg), DMLS Maraging Steel(MS1), Polyjet PP-like(Rigur), PLA Plastic, Nylon 6 are some of the high-class materials offered by the company.

Young and Energetic Leader

Alexander Ziff, the Co-Founder and CEO of 3DCompare is a young and energetic leader. The career in 3D printing technology suits him perfectlyas he comes from the art and design background. He studied in prestigious University of Leeds and earned his Bachelor’s degree in the field of Arts and Design. He also served as President of the University of Leeds Design Society during 2012-2013.

Before establishing his own firm, Alexander was the Marketing & Operation Manager at DCR Ltd., where he was assigned to build the web sales infrastructure for Barratts Shoes and design the site that exhibits what the brand had to offer. He also worked in Email and online marketing department of DCR.

Alexander with his expertise in product management and business development is guiding 3DCompare in the journey of getting higher and achieving successes.

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