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Ever since data fueled digital disruption, data scientists have become vital. Data science has now found applications in various verticals of different industries. The demand for data solutions has risen as it systematically transforms data into information to increase revenue, reduce costs, increase business agility, and also enhance customer experience. The implications have resulted in the rise of the fastest-growing job roles including, data analyst, statistician, data engineer/architect, machine learning engineer, big data engineer, business analyst, information security analyst, and management information system (MIS) reporting executive. As the requirements of the industry changed, the students subsequently followed. Pupils, as well as professionals from relevant fields, have opted to study data science. 

365 Data Science is a platform, that offers industry-leading data science programs to help students and young professionals embark on a career as a data scientist. It offers high-quality affordable training online with 30+ courses, 1960+ lessons, and 150+ hours of video content to aspirants around the world.

The Entrepreneurial Journey

365 Data Science was established in 2017 by two entrepreneurs Nedko Krastev and Iliya Valchanov in Sofia, Bulgaria. However, the company took 3 years in the making. In 2014, Nedko and Iliya started developing and delivering educational video content for online training. They gathered their mathematician friends and explained complex topics with ease. The first few courses started by the team became a huge success. Later, the team transferred its style to data-related topics. This led to the inception of 365 Data Science. 

Nedko is now the CEO of the company. He prioritizes the vision and mission of quality, care, improvement, and knowledge for all, through the platform. 365 Data Science has been in the industry for more than 3 years but has never been funded externally. The company generates a significant amount of profit from its unique courses and quality content. 

“My most notable achievement as an entrepreneur is that this company is completely bootstrapped,” says Nedko.

Advanced Learning Options

365 Data Science offers a wide range of choices to its students. It has a different approach. The company understands the importance of ‘building a strong foundation.’ So every course first introduces the basics and gradually progresses to the detailed advanced topics. This approach dissolves the complexities of data science into simpler topics that later ease the process as a whole. The courses are designed such that an individual without prior experience or knowledge can also opt for the course.

The company offers 34 courses on a wide variety of topics, ranging from 1 to 10 hours in duration, on data science. The courses are divided into modules on the basis of the topics and the level of difficulty. The topics start from ‘Introduction to Data Science,’ and cover various concepts including, statistics, SQL, Python, and deep learning. Moreover, 365 Data Science courses focus on business application—the practical application of knowledge that makes the company’s approach effective. The company has identified the perfect training process that includes a progressively structured curriculum and a training system that brings theory into practice. 365 Data Science has teachers with multiple years of industry experience. These experts offer the most intricate knowledge of industry trends. Every student is given personal attention throughout the process and is awarded a verified certificate at the end of the course.

At a very limited price our students gain access to education that would cost tens of thousands of dollars in my opinion. That is very empowering,” says Nedko. In addition, 365 Data Science also provides resume feedback. It has developed a resume builder that makes sure that the students pursuing these courses get a strong CV to apply for jobs.

Toll-Free Knowledge for Everyone

The COVID-19 outburst has takenthe world aback with its devastating impacts. In March of 2020, many countries announced a nationwide lockdown. The mode of education changed drastically. Students around the world were forced to quit education in order to support their families. 

In these uncertain times, the company showed empathy to the people who stayed at home and made learning toll-free. 365 Data Science decided to provide free access to its users for an entire month. This created traffic levels that the company had never seen before, as hundreds of thousands of aspirational data scientists joined the program. 

The Future of Data Science Studies

Data is an ever-growing field of study and the future holds numerous opportunities for data science. It is expected that over the next few years, the roles in the data sciences industry will be further diversified. With the emergence of hyper-automation, software robotics, robotic process automation (RPA), virtual agents and chatbots, and machine learning-based decision management, the scope of the study is further expected to increase.

365 Data Science is working on the future aspects of data engineering to deliver valuable educational content that follows industry trends. With the evolution of technology, the e-learning process will also morph. New ideas like gamification and personalized learning, might cause a major influence in digital education the industry.

The company is also in the process of substantially redesigning its platforms to inculcate several new features. The new 365 Data Science platform will include a resume builder, exam and career tracker, a B2b offering, and more.

Online v/s Offline Medium

The online medium—despite not being a substitute for traditional university education—can be considered a complementary approach. E-learning empowers people around the world with knowledge. The online medium of education has also lowered the price of quality education, and individuals eager to study new concepts in detail can benefit easily.

“Ever since I personally discovered online courses in 2014, I knew that eventually, this will become one of the important ways in which people consume educational content,” asserts Nedko.

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