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3% Realty

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The real estate sector has limped to growth in the digital economy. While the giant traditional sectors like the banking sector opted for seamless payment systems, the real estate sector still relies on copious amount of paperwork. This includes registration of titles, selling, and purchasing of property, renting, and property modifications, among others. Moreover, key stakeholders in the business like real estate agents often approach the digital world with a laid back attitude. For example, several real estate agents lack an organized setup to launch a full-fledged social media campaign to provide maximum exposure to their clients. 3% Realty promises to break such age-old barriers to bring tremendous excitement, and innovation to the world of real estate. The company promises to provide a complete solution including a free home evaluation, fixed 3% commission, extensive marketing, and real estate agent representation.

Transforming the Real Estate Landscape

In several US cities, a large population of Americans live in rented homes. This is contrary to real estate trends in the earlier generation, wherein owning a home was often easier, and first go-to option. This is an unprecedented change in the American real estate landscape. Moreover, people are searching for homes in the online world at every minute. Hence, the old-age model of simply listing houses on websites, with sketchy details has become a cesspool for real estate commissions. On the other hand, informational digital presence has become the need of the hour for reliable future growth. Furthermore, as government regulations related to real estate investment open up, new opportunities for real estate investments are on the rise.

3% Realty has understood these trends ahead of time. The company provides a full-fledged operation for property owners with an extensive home valuation, exposure to clients through multiple online platforms, and a dedicated licensed REALTOR from start to finish to help its clients. Moreover, it has also decided to address the growing competition in the digital world with a fixed 3% commission for its clients. This is the changing face of real estate wherein the online world often fails to meet the expectations of consumers. The consumers are flocking to the do-it-yourself guide, and property owners are looking for solid expertise to add value to their property. 3% Realty promises to fill the void in-between with a keen understanding of the changing competitive landscape.

Driving An AI-Driven Futuristic Operation 

The recent COVID-19 crisis has pushed boundaries of enterprise norms, costs, and also the possibilities. The management at 3% Realty continues to build on its experience to meet the oncoming challenges. According to its Founder, Roy Almog, the company has cut-down its operational costs in certain areas with a completely remote operation. Moreover, the company also sees bigger investments in its pipeline in fields like AI in the near future. Roy says, “Listing a home for sale with a virtual tour, hosting virtual open houses, as well as experimenting a little with AR, will surely become the “new normal” going forward.”

The technology will likely further the reach of 3% Realty, which is witnessing a rise in queries for its franchises. The rising popularity of the brand, and desire of many to change careers during the COVID-19 crisis is a new reality for 3% Realty.

Changing Gears to Meet Consumer Expectations  

The consumers are increasingly flocking to the online world to find a suitable property. This has changed the demands of the job for real estate agents. At 3% Realty, encouraging tech savvy-ness, efficiency, and understanding the needs of the end-consumers are really important qualities. Roy asserts, “Being passionate about what you do is really important for your success as an entrepreneur. You need to see the value in what you do. Not just for yourself. But, for your team, and your end consumer as well.” This philosophy sits at the heart of what drives innovation, and thinking at 3% Realty today.

Roy also believes 3% Realty is well-positioned for facing challenges like low fees during the COVID crisis. During these rough times, commissions, and other fees can sometimes be a deal breaker for consumers. Hence, the company also prepares itself with lower commission models to help the viability of sales during economic downturns.

A Unified Approach to Success 

Since the inception, 3% Realty has been providing all the essential services to its clients. These include 100% exposure on popular website like Realtor.com, MLS postings, paperwork, negotiations, signage, and open houses. Continuing the success of the company, Roy aims to expand the reach of 3% Realty to new markets in the coming years. His new goals include growing in new locations, as well as improve the overall performance of their existing locations. 3% Realty will support the new franchise with various services including extensive training, creative out of the box marketing, recruiting of super agents, and overall sales strategies.

3% Realty has also committed to keeping the costs down to remain a viable business opportunity for franchising in the long run. The company has eliminated the need for office space, which has reduced the costs of monthly operations. This resulted in tremendous cost savings for the company, as well as its partners during the COVID-19 crisis.

Roy continues to provide a clear vision for success to his team. His motivational mantra is to exceed the expectations of clients at every turn. He insists on committing to providing the best service possible, while saving thousands of dollars in commissions for millions in America. It remains to be seen how far its vision and the new model of franchising will carry the journey of 3% Realty. However, the open approach in the digital world and increased emphasis on technology, and innovation is definitely the step in the right direction.

3% Realty

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