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Over the years, advertisements have always relied on fear, happiness, or greed to sell products and services along with numerous sales heavy copies. Thus, today’s consumers seek a trusted brand. The Evoke Group is one of the few marketing agencies that are helping companies cater to the demands of the modern consumer.

The Columbia-based marketing agency was established in 2013 with a mission to make companies more human by clarifying why a company is exceptional and trustworthy and telling the story with clear videos, images, messaging, and content, followed by getting that media in front of the right people with the right processes. The Evoke Group has achieved its mission through the client selection process and setting the goal of only helping companies that make the world a better place and add value to people’s lives.

Exclusive Digital Services and Solutions

The Evoke Group believes that the key to running exceptional digital marketing plans is having “all the ducks in a row”. Several agencies focus on a pillar service such as websites, and partner with vendors or other agencies to cover their clients’ other needs. While, The Evoke Group provides in-house web development, graphic design, video production, SEO, content marketing, and a variety of digital marketing campaigns. With versatility and flexibility, its services and campaigns are unique. “We have learned that when we have fewer parties in the mix, we are more agile and get better results,” says Adam Weber (Co-founder and Digital Media Manager at The Evoke Group).

A Multi-faceted Creative Entrepreneur

Adam is passionate about taking successful businesses to new heights with better content, better targeting, and better results. He developed his first website at the age of 14, maintained freelance clients throughout highschool, and managed a newspaper that won “Best in Show” through the National Scholastic Press Association for high school. Studying journalism, he noticed that the industry was changing towards deception and opinion-based media vs. truthful news reporting.

Consequently, he realized that he could bridge this gap if he could step into the marketing and be selective about clients to market–and co-founded The Evoke Group. Under his leadership, the company has won more than 20 national awards national and local awards such as Mid-America Emmy for Missouri Life TV, 3 times ‘Top of the Town’ Top Video Production Company by Columbia Business Times,  and 19 National Davey, Communicator, and Telly industry awards. The Evoke Group was also voted one of 2019’s 10 Most Promising Companies by CIO Review. Alongside the company, Adam was also named ’20 Under 40’ in 2018.

Pushing the Boundaries

The Evoke Group is a team of creatives that constantly push themselves to get better. In today’s marketing world, it is common to see industries consist primarily of salespeople and ‘flashy presentations’ with smaller creative teams carrying a heavy load and producing lackluster results. The Evoke Group, however, does not employ salespeople. Instead, it focuses on high-touch and low-turnover with its clients while proving a return on investments. Moreover, the company stayed fully-operational remotely across Colorado and Missouri during the COVID-19 pandemic despite facing the same problems as other businesses without networking opportunities and regular business events.

The Evoke Group

Unique Marketing Strategies

The Evoke Group’s marketing strategies differ from the other marketing agencies as it emphasizes on “Return on Investment” from the start. For instance, the company often finances website or video projects for clients if they plan to implement its advertising or SEO services. It helps businesses decrease upfront expenses until the marketing is working well and increasing revenue. This makes it easy for its clients to slowly or quickly change their strategies based on the data. Moreover, rather than running through a client’s annual budget upfront and getting maximum money at the start of a relationship, The Evoke Group focuses more on educating the clients and setting a long-term strategy that fits their specific needs.

The Digital Shift

The digital marketing and advertising have changed rapidly over the last few years. Particularly in the last 3 years, there have been massive changes in how people interact with media. Media consumption has changed from print, radio, television, to digital. Furthermore, there have been massive generational differences between younger and older audiences and how they use media –which complicates things for a business while evaluating several different platforms and strategies to reach their audience. The COVID-19 pandemic has further added to these challenges.

The pandemic forced numerous companies to learn how to operate remotely and reach customers in new ways. As networking is not workable at this time, businesses have turned to digital efforts for marketing. However, a majority of them do not know where to start. Thus, businesses need a well-versed marketing agency that has insights across content marketing strategies and knows the appropriate platforms based on the target. In these times, The Evoke Group has developed new services and offerings that allow small businesses to affordably integrate Facebook advertising, Google search, and content marketing to engage and maintain a relationship with new potential customers.

Helping Clients and Staff

For The Evoke Group, the major challenge alongside working from home was helping its clients navigate these unprecedented times. Despite the early financial challenges, the company quickly came up with new strategies that made sense for its clients and kept over 25 businesses busy while several other same businesses were failing and furloughing staff.

Besides clients, helping and motivating the staff was also crucial in these times. The Evoke Group implemented a weekly game hour, more frequent team meetings, and a remote happy hour on Fridays to keep everyone connected. “We found that taking time for the staff increased their productivity otherwise and helped keep people from falling into creative ‘ruts’,” says Adam.

Staying ahead of the Competition

As more people engage with media, video production continues to become a secret weapon in The Evoke Group’s arsenal. The company plans the video implementation holistically while several video production companies only do video – they do not have the same understanding of how videos will be implemented within the digital marketing strategy. Moreover, traditional video companies tend to follow old processes that require 8-10 people on set and make video production extremely cumbersome – whereas The Evoke Group has produced an entire TV series and won an Emmy with only 3 people on set. “This is a testament to the vision we had in 2013 and the effort we have put into processes to enable us to provide better results than most agencies,” concludes Adam.

The Evoke Group

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