The 10 Inspiring CEOs to watch out for in 2020

The advancements in technology are proving highly rewarding for not just the urban culture but also the rural lifestyle. The involvement of robotics and autonomous systems has immensely benefited agriculture. Resultant, many organizations to invest their resources in agri-tech to enhance the quality and quantity of yield. Technology is transforming landscapes from retail to agriculture.
Martina Klingvall
Martina Klingvall: Next Gen Leader Transforming Telecom Industry
Nowadays, due to various technological advancements communication is much easier. ...
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Sheri Atwood
Sheri Atwood: An Inspiration For The Women Leaders Of Tomorrow
For years, women have been prey to the industry’s gender ...
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Rob Whitfield
Rob Whitfield: A Leader Creating Cultural Transformation For The Betterment Of Businesses
Having spent more than 20 years in consulting, globally, Rob ...
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Yumi Kimura
Yumi Kimura: Shaping the Company with Constructive Feedback
Today, business demands a dynamic leader who is not just ...
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Nancy A Shenker
Nancy A Shenker: A Creative And Inspirational Superstar Of The Marketing Industry
Throughout the history, people who challenge the norm, break rules ...
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Marina Tognetti
Marina Tognetti: Leading The Language Industry With Ferocious Attitude And Innovative Solutions
Necessity has always led to innovative solutions. One such leader ...
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Angela Alvarez
Angela Alvarez: A Transformational Leader Modernizing The Corporate Finance and Fintech Industry
New technologies and digitalization are shaping the evolution of the ...
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Nin Desai
Nin Desai: An Entrepreneur Leading The Venture Capital Market
A strong leader always emerges out of tough situations. It’s ...
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Ellen Voie
Ellen Voie: A Brand Wagon For Empowering Women In The Trucking Industry
Back in 1975, the federal civil rights created a level ...
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Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility
The Importance Of Environmental Responsibility In The Corporate World
The rising environmental crisis is not a new update for ...
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Leaders' Insight

Philosophy of ‘Conscious Business’
The Philosophy of ‘Conscious Business’ For Today’s Business Leaders
The quote, “If your action inspires others to dream more, ...
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