The 10 Game-Changing Women Leaders of 2021

When we hear the inspiring stories of women in STEM, we can’t help but question the current scenario of women in the tech fields. The gender gap is most apparent in the stem professions. The gap is defying gradually but it will take more than just awareness initiatives. Kimberly Smith is a strong women leader who is vocal about gender disparity and demanding equal treatment for all. Being part of the tech and finance industry ….
Catherine Vlaeminck
Catherine Vlaeminck: Empowering a Tech Leader to Disrupt an Industry
In today’s world driven by data and the need for ...
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Teresa Barreira
Teresa Barreira: Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow
As I glance through the headlines of Kamala Harris making ...
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Selena Proctor
Selena Proctor: Shattering The Glass Ceiling For The Women Leaders Of Tomorrow
We all are aware of the women contributors of Marie ...
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Monica Eaton-Cardone
Monica Eaton-Cardone: A Trailblazer inspiring the Next Generation of Female Leaders
The role of women in leadership positions has significantly changed ...
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Celeste Fralick
Celeste Fralick: Defying the Gender Gap in the STEM Field
It is stated that women in computing occupations peaked in ...
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Cathy Ross
Cathy Ross: Advocating for more Diversity in the Workplace
Globally, only 1 in 3 businesses are owned by women, ...
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Guide to Bookkeeping

How To Start a Bookkeeping Business: A Step-by-Step Guide
Imagine getting to set your schedule, work with your favorite ...
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