Terrafilum™ Engineered Filaments: Crafting Eco-Friendly Materials to Augment 3D Printing Technology


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Initiated in 1980s from a flawed machine, the 3D printing technology now creates anything that one has in mind. It is one of the most rapidly thriving technologies, which can produce highly complex products for almost every industry. What started as an instrument for research and development, has flourished into a crucial business tool today.

The applications of 3D printing are innumerable and there are limitless possibilities for creating splendid and highly accurate 3D printed products and art pieces. However, contiguous to the evolving printing technology, equivalent efforts are required for the development and the selection of material being used for printing. The material with right properties must be selected in order to ensure print process quality along with minimized environmental impact. TerrafilumEngineered Filaments is a company that was established with a goal to offer the users with highest quality eco-friendly filament solutions satisfying all of their printing needs.

Incepted with a Selfless Approach

Though Chris Jackson, the Founder of Terrafilum™ Engineered Filaments, started the firm with a thought to help people in solving problems with his material knowledge, there is much more interesting story behind the inception of the Terrafilum™.

Chris was born with a physical disability that affected his ability to utilize his forearm and hands, but he has never considered this as a limitation, in fact, he had that spark to try and do everything that everybody does. He believed that with the power of honesty, optimism, planning and energy; one could do anything and conquer any problem. Today, with his extreme efforts and perseverance, he has become a skilled coach, mentor and business leader with over 30 years of experience as a Chemical Engineer. Throughout his professional journey, Chris has worked in diverse fields such as Chemicals, Plastics, Healthcare and Custom Manufacturing.

Along with business and manufacturing, this determined leader has tremendous passion for golf. He has always held his golf clubs and golf club membership in a distinctive way by anchoring them around his right arm. The uses of standard clubs limited his ability and forced him to fashion a new design for his grip. Working with a major golf equipment supplier, he realized that he was not alone with this struggle. He developed a prototype by working for hours with an equipment designer and various other grip solutions were fabricated until the final design was put to the test. As a result, Chris came up with different designs and polymer formulations that provided him the strength he needed from the material, along with the chemical resistance and a suitable coating. Having solved his problem, he realized that if he could coordinate himself then he could help many others with his material knowledge. A few months later in 2017, he established Terrafilum™ to take his good thought to the next step.

TERRAFILUMServing Eco-Friendly 3D Printing Filaments

Terrafilum™ with its ecologically friendly approach incorporates all the innovations and ideas into manufacturing and consulting services to support clients in creating sustainable solutions with a spool and material recycle program. It creates several types of recycled and recyclable filaments that meet customer demand of any level. Moreover, its team works with customers to create exclusive and eco-friendly products, which are carefully tested to ensure that the appropriate amount of recycled material is used to produce earth-friendly filaments that would remain steady throughout the 3D printing process. Furthermore, the firm with a green vision has its own custom inventory management system and has integrated lean principles for waste minimization in the manufacturing processes.


Aiming Betterment of Clients along with the Environment

While designing a new product, Terrafilum™ focuses on certain crucial factors such as printability, physical properties of material, repeatability and sustainability. Along with these factors, its team also tries to generate an output that meet the customer’s demands and fit for a variety of applications. With such a breadth of quality offerings, Terrafilum™ targets its offerings towards small and large manufacturers, educational institutions, industrial consumers, and makers aiming for greater sustainability.

Moreover, the team of Terrafilum™ offers individual customer consultative services for any size project and can provide a complete line of market studies and information along with industry news and advances. The firm’s ability to collaborate and consult with manufacturers to structure raw materials and custom-engineered filament solutions makes it stand apart from its rivals.

TERRAFILUMAn Overachieving Persona Leading Terrafilum

Chris Jackson has always been fascinated by the advances in printing technology and material versatility. As he has an educational background in chemical engineering along with business experience, it has stimulated him tremendously to move further in this field. Further, the ever-learning man has not stopped there. In his mid-career he decided to get a master’s degree in business with an emphasis in finance. In addition, Chris has also achieved Master Black Belt status in Six Sigma and LEAN, which make him a quality fanatic.

Having achieved such accreditations throughout his journey, Chris is always ready to learn new things and savors the challenge to figure out how things can work. At Terrafilum™, he handles Research & Development and Marketing & Sales. As these activities demand time, work and presence, Chris finds it an exciting challenge to balance job activities of these very distinct departments.

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