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DashTickets research: Is it necessary to pay taxes on gambling-winnings?

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Gone are the days when gambling was done only for fun time pass. Today, people wish to secure huge wins and bag a lot of money. Casino games offer a hope that you can hit the jackpot or win a huge sum of money within a few hours. That hope keeps these establishments alive and people entertained.

In this article, we will discuss the laws of different countries regarding with DashTickets author Edward Howard how much taxes are to be paid on gambling winnings. 

DashTickets is a project about the operation of online casinos in New Zealand. The editors are experienced gamers and journalists.

The Indian government charge the tax at a rate of 30%. Read the article carefully to understand the updates of other countries.

Can I win big in gambling?

Gambling is risky, thrilling, entertaining, and pretty rewarding. Many professional players are winning thousands of dollars in their favorite casino games.  

If you wish to win big by gambling, then following tips will increase your chances- 

  • Play with bonuses. Online casinos offer several bonuses for attracting customers. Registration, deposit, and welcome bonus are commonly offered rewards for new players. Note, that before you start playing any games you need to know about its RTP – Return to Player. So you will understand your chance to win before.
  • Set a budget. It is good to try your luck, but always keep your budget in mind. Remember, gambling is addictive and here you can lose more than you can afford.  
  • Don’t chase losses.Except that what is lost is lost. Don’t try to bring it back by placing big bets. Rather than bringing your money back, it will lead to further losses. 
  • When to quit. Play until you feel happy and entertaining. When you feel like you are just chasing the losses then it is a perfect time to quit. 

Can I keep my full gambling winnings?

DashTickets warn you that no matter how much you win in gambling, you can’t keep every penny. Meanwhile, you have to give the share to International Revenue Services from it. This rule is not only for winning from gambling. It is the same for winning from lotteries, horse races, game shows and sweepstakes. 

Before starting your game, understand the laws of that area for better outcomes. Or else it will create a mess afterward.

After winning a certain amount, 24% is deducted by the payer on the spot. Furthermore, whether a gambler will pay more or he will get a refund, depends on his tax bracket. 

Gambling Records

To deduct your losses, the IRS (International Revenue Services) requires you to keep a record of your gambling winnings and losses. Besides this, it requires keeping a record of related documents like tickets, statements, payment slips, receipts and Form W-2G. 

You must also keep following information related to your gambling winning and losses-

  • Date
  • Name of event
  • Name of people you met there
  • Type of gaming activity
  • Total Amount

How my gambling winnings are taxed

While winning a substantial amount of money in any game of chance, the payer deducts 24%. Along with this, for recording the transaction you have to fill out IRS Form W-2G.

What is a substantial amount of money? Let me break it to you, it refers to a large amount. 

Note – 24% is only an estimated tax. 

If you are a professional gambler then taxes will be paid at the effective income tax rate of the taxpayer.

When will I get a W-2G?

Here are some rules to inform you when you will receive W-2G. Have a look and pay the tax on gambling winnings without delay. 

  • $1200 or more from slot machines
  • $1500 from Keno
  • $5000 from Poker

State taxes are different for gambling winning taxes. Some states have complicated rules while others have flat tax rates. In case you won a non-cash prize, then you are required to pay taxes on the market value of your prize. 

Income Tax Implication on Online and Offline Casino

Recently, a majority of people prefer gambling in an online casino. However, others want to go to offline casinos for food, drinks and a memorable experience. Here are Income Tax completions of both of them for gambling-winning taxes.

Income Tax Implications of Offline Casinos on gambling-winning

The tax of winning from any type of gambling is covered under section 194B of the Income Tax Act. You are required to pay a 30% tax on any type of winnings. In addition to this, you are also required to pay a surcharge of 10%. 

Remember, there are no exemptions or deductions in paying taxes for gambling-winning.

Income Tax Implications of Online Casinos on gambling-winnings

Section 115 BB informs about the tax Implications of Online Casinos on your winnings. As per this, you have to pay 30% of your winnings excluding cess. 

Do the states take taxes on online winnings?

Several states guide the winners to claim the gambling winnings in the same state where they have won it. If you have paid tax in that state, then your resident state will give you a deduction in paying tax on your gambling-winnings.

However, you are required to inform the total winnings to your state.

What will happen if I don’t report my gambling-winnings on my taxes?

Sorry to say, you can’t hide your gambling-winnings from your state at any cost. In the US, you are only required to inform them about your big winnings and taxes will be taken on time.

If not, then the IRS will send you a letter to report them. Never ignore this letter, or else you have to pay a penalty for your actions.

Final Thoughts

By this blog, it is proved that if you wish to earn by gambling, then you have to pay tax on winning. There is no fixed amount of tax which is to be paid. In simple words, the more you win, the more you pay. 

Before paying your tax, it is recommended to meet tax advisors for better advice. 

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