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Sticky Wilds: How They Enhance Your Winning Potential in Online Slot Games 

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Sticky Wilds are special symbols in slot games that appear randomly during a round, replacing another symbol and increasing the player’s chances of winning. The main difference with this type of bonus is that they stick to their position for several rounds instead of disappearing with the next spin like regular symbols. A good example is the game African Spirit Sticky Wilds at the modern online casino Spin City, which you can test via this link In it, there are several ways to get this bonus, including a large number of free spins.

How Do Sticky Wilds Work in Slot Games? 

Sticky Wild bonus symbols can appear during the base game or be triggered by specific features unique to a particular slot game: 

  • They most often activate during bonus rounds, free spins, or the appearance of other special symbols like Scatters; 
  • Similar to regular Wilds, these symbols take the place of others during the round to form winning combinations; 
  • Even just one such symbol increases the chances of winning, and the good thing about them is that they remain for more than one round; 
  • How long they last depends on the game you’re playing; 
  • In some slots, these symbols stay only for the next round, while in others, they will stick for several spins. 

In these cases, there is even a chance for additional symbols to fall, greatly increasing the potential for bigger wins. 

Many slots have bonus rounds with Sticky Wilds. If you enter a bonus spins round and these symbols are part of the feature, every one that lands will remain until the last spin, significantly increasing your winning potential.

In other games, the symbols may combine with other features such as cascading wins or additional free spins. For example, if you trigger your available free spins with an active Sticky symbol on a line, it will remain on the reels for the entire duration of the bonus. 

Let’s say you have such a symbol on a line, and the game guarantees that it will remain for the next five rounds. Thus, within these five spins, you will have a higher chance of a winning combination because the wild symbol stays in place and can replace any basic symbol, except for other bonus symbols. 

It is crucial to mention that there are different types of stickies. In some cases, these symbols have additional functions that increase the size of the win when a combination is achieved. There are games where these symbols include a multiplier. In other words, the win from the combinations is multiplied by pre-set parameters. 

Therefore, it is essential to spend a few minutes getting acquainted with all the specifics of the online slot game you want to try. Each popular game has a detailed description, as well as countless reviews that will help you make the right choice. 

Example Scenarios Involving This Type of Bonus Symbols 

To make the information easier to understand, we decided to play out a few scenarios involving wild symbols. These examples are entirely real and possible in most classic slot games. 

Classic Online Slot Game with Sticky Wilds 

Let’s imagine you spin, and a bonus symbol appears on the second reel. You already know that wild symbols in this game stay for three additional rounds and know what to expect. For the next three spins, the sticky symbol will remain in the same position, increasing the chance of winning for each round. 

It’s even possible to win three times in a row. On the first spin, a combination with symbols on the first and third reels might form. On the second spin, you might win through entirely different symbols and a combination that wouldn’t be possible without the universal Sticky symbol. And so on until the bonus expires after the third round, and the symbol disappears. 

Slot Game with Free Spins 

As mentioned earlier, many of the most popular slot games attach sticky symbols to free spins. Let’s imagine we have such a slot game, where we are given 10 free rounds in which Sticky Wilds can fall. Suppose a bonus symbol appears in the first round. This doesn’t guarantee a win, but it increases the potential for one in each subsequent spin, as the symbol will remain until the end of the tenth round. Let’s say a second Sticky symbol appears on the sixth spin. Thus, until the end of the tenth round, we will have two bonuses, which greatly increase the chance of hitting a high-paying combination. 

Game with Wild Symbols with Multipliers Earlier

We mentioned the existence of games where wild symbols multiply the winnings. Here’s an example: We are playing a slot with a double multiplier. Every winning combination involving a Sticky symbol will be multiplied by two. If the normal win in a round is 28 leva, but a bonus symbol is part of the winning combination, the final profit will be 56 leva. Similarly, you can get several wild symbols with multipliers within a few spins. Let’s say two such symbols are involved in a winning combination. Then the final win is multiplied by four. 

Don’t Forget to Research the Game Before You Start 

We might repeat ourselves, but preliminary research of the games with Sticky Wilds is of utmost importance. Online slot games of this type are incredibly popular these days, which is why there is a vast variety. They are interesting and entertaining even if you don’t know how they work exactly. But if you take a few minutes to read the terms and conditions of the game, you will know how to make the most of the opportunities these types of slots offer.

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