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Ron Poisson

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Ron Poisson is the visionary CEO and inventive mind behind Clutch Sportz, a mobile gaming app company. He graduated from Thornton Academy in Saco, Maine, where he was a dynamic leader and an all-rounder. Ron served as Vice President of his class, President of the Math Club, Yearbook Manager, and an active participant in various school activities. He also excelled in football, basketball, and wrestling.

Ron has over three decades of experience in the restaurant industry, owning fusion establishments like Burrito Bandito and Mexitalia, which seamlessly blend Italian and Mexican cuisines. He holds a four-year degree in Math and Business Administration from the University of Southern Maine, which enhanced his academic prowess and entrepreneurial spirit.

Ron’s story takes a fascinating turn with his foray into the mobile gaming app industry. He traces the origin of this venture to his time in the Air Force during an isolated tour in Peshawar, West Pakistan, between 1969 and 1970. At the age of 22, Ron ingeniously converted board games he had invented into cutting-edge game apps.

As the driving force behind Clutch Sportz, Ron Poisson stands at the forefront of innovation, weaving together his diverse experiences in business, culinary arts, and gaming.

Innovative Leadership and Gaming Legacy

As the CEO of Clutch Sportz, Ron leads the development and innovation of mobile game apps. He is responsible for expanding the gaming portfolio to include sports beyond football, baseball, soccer, and basketball, while also creating advanced versions of these games. Ron also works closely with patent attorneys to protect the gambling versions designed for the casino industry. He has secured six “original” patents so far.

Ron’s commitment to excellence is evident in developing various platforms for league play across multiple venues. His expertise and creativity have earned recognition for his football and baseball board games, featured in Games Magazine as top-tier creations in the late 1980s. The Clutch Football board game showcased at the first NFL Experience promotion in 1989, introduced NFL players and fans to Ron’s innovation and sold over 30,000 games. Notable retailers like Macy’s, FAO Schwartz, Penny’s, Toys r’ Us, and many college bookstores and gift shops have embraced Ron’s games, leading to an impressive 120,000 reorders in the early 1990s.

Clutch Sportz’s Vision for Engaging and Rewarding Gameplay

Clutch Sportz is on a mission to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry. The company aims to transform Ron’s acclaimed board games into engaging mobile apps. The overarching vision is to empower players to enjoy the games and earn money through peer-to-peer gameplay.

Clutch Sportz’s offerings include a strategic card-playing football game that captivates millions of players/users. The unique proposition lies in the opportunity for individuals to earn money while indulging in online gameplay, participating in tournaments, and engaging in league play – even extending the excitement to sports bars.

Unlike other platforms that charge users for in-app purchases merely for bragging rights, Clutch Sportz stands out by offering users the opportunity to earn tangible rewards. Clutch Sportz’s model prioritizes a rewarding method, allowing players to monetize their gaming skills.

Moreover, Clutch Sportz brings innovation to the gaming experience and disrupts the industry norm by placing a premium on player satisfaction and real-world incentives. The company’s commitment to merging entertainment with financial opportunities positions it as a trailblazer in the dynamic landscape of mobile gaming.

Strategic Leadership through Proactive Industry Engagement

Ron proactively leads the company by staying abreast of industry trends and emerging technologies. He follows the company’s motto, “We’re always ahead of the game,” which reflects a strategic blend of innovation, creativity, research, and development.

Ron emphasizes continuous learning and awareness to ensure relevance and effectiveness in his leadership. He engages in industry forums, conferences, and networking events where he can learn about the latest trends and technological advancements. Ron understands the dynamism of the competitive business environment and uses these platforms to stay informed about the ever-evolving landscape of mobile gaming.

Furthermore, Ron recognizes the pivotal role of social media, influencers, and advertisers in shaping the business environment. He monitors social media trends, harnessing the power of these platforms to connect with audiences, track industry influencers, and understand changing consumer behaviors. By staying attuned to the pulse of social media dynamics, Ron ensures that Clutch Sportz remains agile in responding to market shifts and preferences.

Additionally, Ron fosters partnerships and collaborations within the sports gaming market, both in the U.S. and globally. This strategic networking allows him to tap into valuable insights, share ideas, and position Clutch Sportz as a leader in the industry.

Strategic Diversification in Gaming Domains

Ron strategically targets multiple sectors to position Clutch Sportz as a dynamic player in the gaming industry. He diversifies his focus across various domains, such as the mobile gaming industry, fantasy sports games represented by giants like Fan Duel and Draft King, the video game sector, the casino industry, and the educational realm. He aims to provide one-on-one competitive learning experiences.

Clutch Sportz offers a distinctive and rewarding gaming experience in the mobile gaming sphere. Ron’s vision goes beyond the ordinary, introducing innovative concepts and a unique monetization strategy that differs from traditional models.

Clutch Sportz also enters the vibrant fantasy sports market, attracting many enthusiasts. The company leverages its rich content and diverse gaming concepts to offer a fresh perspective. It also adds a new layer of excitement to the fantasy sports gaming experience with a monetization strategy that challenges the norm.

The video game industry is another area where Ron applies his strategic vision. He understands the varied preferences of video game players and incorporates a spectrum of content and gaming concepts. The company’s unique monetization strategy becomes a key differentiator, aiming to attract and retain users in a competitive video game market.

Clutch Sportz provides distinctive gaming experiences in the casino industry as well. Ron collaborates with patent attorneys to secure patents for gambling versions of games, highlighting the company’s commitment to offering something novel and engaging within the casino landscape.

Clutch Sportz also expands into the educational sector, where Ron envisions a role for the company in one-on-one competitive learning experiences. The company engages young players in a dynamic and interactive learning environment by incorporating gaming concepts into educational settings.

Ron’s overarching strategy is to minimize industry challenges by infusing Clutch Sportz with a wealth of content and diverse gaming concepts. The company’s unique monetization approach stands out, providing an enticing value proposition that aims to redefine the gaming experience across various sectors.

Navigating the Global Business Landscape

Ron views the current global business leadership landscape through a lens that highlights two key pillars: innovation and political neutrality, which he believes are essential for businesses to succeed in the dynamic and competitive global market.

Ron considers innovation as the strength of the industry, believing that businesses should prioritize creativity, forward-thinking, and the continuous evolution of products and services. He recognizes that the rapid pace of technological advancements and changing consumer preferences require a commitment to innovation as a cornerstone of successful leadership.

Moreover, Ron stresses the importance of avoiding political expressions that might create divisions among consumers, especially on a global stage where businesses engage with diverse audiences with varied political perspectives. He suggests that taking a neutral stance helps companies maintain a broad appeal and avoid the risk of alienating segments of their consumer base. He aligns with the notion that businesses should focus on their core mission and values, allowing consumers to connect with products and services without being influenced by potentially divisive political views.

By emphasizing innovation and advocating for political neutrality, Ron perceives the current global business scenario as one that can overcome challenges and seize opportunities. He sees this as a strategic alignment that fosters resilience and enables businesses to build lasting connections with a broad and diverse consumer base, contributing to sustained leadership and success in the ever-evolving global marketplace.

Mastering Work-Life Balance through Family, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Growth

At 76, Ron remarkably balances his work and life, focusing on family, personal interests, and a successful business. Ron’s journey from a single parent to a grandparent and a sibling shows his commitment to family.

He learned patience and child development as a single parent during his children’s formative years. This foundation helped him balance his work and life, prioritizing quality time with his two children and two grandchildren, along with his siblings. Despite his successful business, Ron has stayed dedicated to building meaningful connections within his family circle.

Ron decided not to remarry for over three decades and had no serious relationships. He chose to prioritize family and loyal friends. This lifestyle gave him the time to nurture both personal relationships and a thriving business.

His interest in playing the stock market shows another aspect of Ron’s work-life balance strategy. He used pseudo-accounts to improve his investment skills, balancing his entrepreneurial pursuits with personal development. He ensured he was well-prepared before investing real money in the financial markets.

Physical well-being is also a part of Ron’s equilibrium. He works out regularly on the Bowflex equipment, showing his dedication to fitness. He has a holistic approach to work-life balance that includes both professional success and personal health.

Strategic Insights for Budding Business Leaders in Gaming

Ron offers valuable advice to budding business leaders based on his extensive experience in the industry. He shares insights on how to deal with competition, understand revenue streams, use social media, and prepare for artificial intelligence (AI) in the future.

Ron warns those who enter the mobile gaming industry about a common trend where developers offer free gameplay but later trap users into making in-app purchases for coins or tokens. He advises them to use ethical monetization practices that give fair compensation to users.

Ron also discusses a challenge in the fantasy gaming realm, where smaller players or “minnows” may feel disadvantaged compared to larger players or “whales” who can afford bigger bets. He suggests an emerging solution with “Finatics Sportsbook,” a new developer that pays users each time they place bets. Ron encourages budding leaders to implement reward systems and league play to engage users, give back to them, and potentially disrupt the current monetization models.

He says that, under his leadership, Clutch Sportz will give back 80% of all entry fees to the players. This commitment, informed by insights from a top executive at “Aristocrat,” is a strategic move to retain loyal players and create a competitive edge in the market.


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