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Marketing is one of the primary processes of the organization. Without marketing, the survival of the business is very tough and with a continuous rise in the competition, it gets even more demanding. The outbreak of COVID-19 has drastically changed marketing strategies. Pre COVID-19, companies have more relied on physical-based marketing methods such as hoarding and other means. With the new normal, there is a rapid shift towards digital marketing. The role of a digital-based marketing organization is now more important than ever.

Following this marketing trend, several companies are adopting digital-based marketing. An online presence is far more valuable for creating a good brand image. Hence, this demand needs to be addressed by an expert who has ample experience. Established in 2018, Minieri & Company is a boutique marketing agency that specializes in small and medium-sized business marketing. Its unique fusion of art, technology, and communications helps in the complete transformation. Also, addressing the current crisis, the company has been focusing on working with the clients’ to ensure the adaption and changes promptly.

Understanding the Requirements

Utilizing the cutting edge technology, Minieri & Company strategizes in website development, brand design, SEO, social media marketing, paid advertisement management, content creation (video, publication, and visual assets), and remarketing campaigns to dramatically transform the clients’ companies into remarkable, creditable brands. Its expertise and successful track record in business and entrepreneurship give a unique advantage point to promote the companies.

After understanding all the requirements from the clients, the company combines its beautiful art and design with advanced digital technology adding captivating marketing messaging. It is then followed by incorporating a heavy splash of engaging content keeping the goal to make the company remarkable. This inimitable process creates leads in a complete marketing and branding image, and effective marketing systems and sales funnel for the company. It benefits from improved credibility, more customers, higher rankings online, and brand differentiation in their industry.

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A Set of Comprehensive Services

No website project is too big or too small! Over the past few years, customers’ requirements have changed and the involvement of the technology has increased. This effect can be seen on the rise in the number of websites. Today, the website has been the key to building a good brand image of the company. Alongside this, it takes years of experience and expert knowledge to build a brand image. Hence, Minieri & Company came into existence providing impeccable services such as;

  • Brand & Logo Design: Customers are drawn to businesses with aesthetically pleasing brand and website design. Combining modern art trends with data on human behavior, Minieri & Company creates a beautiful brand that will resonate with prospects and customers.
    Utilizing its expertise, the company offers Logo design with various size options, brand font selections, brand color palettes and themes, brand wallpaper designs & image selections, 2D and 3D animated logos, and Social media headers.
  • Website Development: The team of expert coders and designers work together to create an attractive, highly effective website that delivers a positive user experience for the visitors and promoting engagement and interaction with the company.
    It offers the following- Responsive Mobile Optimized Website with Fast Load Time, Attractive and Aesthetically Pleasing Designs, Positive User Experience Interface (UX), SEO Optimized with Ongoing SEO Strategies, Call to Actions and Lead Capture Systems, SSL Certified with Monthly Hosting Packages, and Unlimited Website Changes with 24 Hour Turn-A-Round Guarantee.
  • Digital & Content Marketing: To promote the business, it utilizes the cutting-edge strategies in SEO, social media marketing, paid ad management, content creation (videos, publications, and visuals), and re-marketing campaigns to dramatically improve the online presence, boost the new prospects and increases the customer base.
    Under this service, the company offers the following: the Advanced SEO Strategies with Ongoing Key Word Management, Content Marketing with Professional Copywriting, Design and Video Production, Video Marketing and Video Short Productions Paid Advertisement Management on Search or Social Platforms, Search Display or Video Paid Advertisement Management, Social Media Marketing, Content Posts, and Product/Services Advertisements, Email Marketing Campaigns with Optional Email Video Packages and Sales Funnels and Lead Capture Systems.
  • Reputation Management: Its software platform gives access to important performance analytics on the entire marketing strategy while providing quick and easy methods to encourage the volume of positive reviews from the customers. Within a short time, the brand surpasses the competition with beauty, functionality, communication, and exceptional reputation rankings.
    Alongside it also offers, Analytics and Statistics Management, Boost, Update and Manage Your Business Listing on 60+ Search Directories, Backlinks on 60+ Search Directories, Volume Positive Reviews on Search and Social, and One Stop for Social Posting and Social Management.
  • E-Commerce Websites & Marketing: It creates the design, builds, and manages clients’ e-commerce websites. Furthermore this service also takes care of the Shopping Cart, Inventory Management, Payment Methods, Shipping Calculations, Product Descriptions, Product Photos & Video Product Reviews, Coupon Codes & Special Offers, Email Marketing, Subscription Setup, Product Review Integration, and Marketplace Integration. Partnering with the Minieri & Company leads to the achievement of business goals promoting to vision and mission of the company.

Minieri & Company

Enlivening the Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Considering the large organization with huge budgets, small and medium-sized businesses have limited funding available. On the majority of occasions, the budget constraints limit the business from marketing its services/solutions. Keeping these constraints in mind, Minieri & Company offers all its services at reasonable prices with high quality, digital marketing, and website development services.

Its unique approach to marketing for small and medium-sized businesses through the fusion of art, technology, and communications are now being delivered by its franchisees. In 2020, it began offering home-based franchise opportunities across the United States, making it the county’s first franchised marketing agency. It provides extensive initial and ongoing training to the franchisees in digital marketing and website design, networking opportunities, brand credibility, and complete support from the full-service agency.

A New Franchise System

Since Minieri & Company began offering franchises in 2020, Founder and CEO, Thomas Minieri has been working closely with the team of franchise sales brokers as well as providing training and support for new franchisees. Generally, his schedule is packed overseeing the client accounts and ensuring their marketing systems. His expertise lies in entrepreneurship, startups, sales, and marketing giving him a unique vantage point with which to help to trust the brands.

In 2015, Thomas was accepted into the Young Entrepreneur Council, an invite-only membership group for founders under 40 whose companies have surpassed $1 million in annual revenues. As a new franchise system, Thomas and his team are aiming to expand the concept nationwide. He is excited to share the creative, entrepreneur lifestyle and help franchisees operate and manage their successful digital agencies using its unique business model.

Minieri & Company

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