Meero: An Innovative Platform for Showcasing Passion and Easing Creative Lives


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Whether a writer or a photographer, content creation has pivoted to a full-time role in the marketing industry. Currently, creative content has become a trending niche within the content creation industry. The ability to develop creative and unique content not only appeals to potential clients but also establishes one as a significant brand within the market. To facilitate unique content creation, several companies are coming forward to provide a platform for creators to help them showcase their talent to potential clients and prospects.

Fostering one of the world’s largest creative communities, Meero provides a platform for photographers to showcase their talent to the world. It is constantly revolutionizing the world of photography by helping photographers make a living out of their passion.

Streamlining Creative Creation

Meero was established in 2016. The company’s establishment was motivated by the desire to ease the life of creative people by allowing them to completely devote themselves to their passion—art and creation. The platform facilitates photographers with photoshoots, delivery, invoicing and collection, post-production, and much more. It also helps to reduce the redundancy of time-consuming tasks, which have no association with their business, by taking care of aspects such as additional revenue, prospecting, and others.

Catering Creators and Businesses

Meero caters to the needs and requirements of both creators and businesses.

  • For Creators

A professional photographer spends hours making subjective qualitative enhancements to each photograph. Meero assigns machines to learn how to do it in order to offer a fast, global, and scalable solution. It develops tools, programs, and content to support photographers in the exercise of their passion and offers advantageous opportunities and time-saving technology that can be accessed at one’s fingertips. As a result, Meero enables photographers to indulge and spend more time cultivating what they love—creating.

  • For Businesses

Meero answers the needs of image-hungry brands by allowing them to book photoshoots in just a blink of an eye, worldwide. The company is working with the top brands from every industry to help them bring their creative vision to life. It helps provide an image to the brands with its facility of easy ordering, seamless production, and world-class editing managed by an in-house team, and cutting-edge AI algorithms guarantee consistency at scale. Moreover, the company enables businesses to order shoots and download ready-to-publish visuals in just a few clicks.

Developing Countless Innovations

To accomplish its mission, Meero has developed countless innovations and tools to deliver customized photo and video offerings to businesses around the world. It provides features such as end-to-end shoot management in an affordable price range with premium quality and timely delivery in less than 24 hours. 

Additionally, Meero stands out in the crowd with its exclusive business approach. While most of its competitors are either specialized in a sector or within a geographical area, it is the only platform that is operating on various verticals worldwide.

Meero holds a diverse clientele portfolio with over thousands of customers around the world. The company consists of more than hundreds of employees who hail from diverse national backgrounds.

A Prodigious Leader

The team of Meero is spearheaded by Thomas Rebaud (CEO). Being at the company’s forefront, Thomas undertakes several crucial roles and responsibilities. Presently, he relies on a strong-willed team and focuses on vision while ensuring it is brought to life seamlessly. He also maintains the company’s culture and motivation. During the pandemic, Thomas concluded that cohesion and patience are the keys to overcoming such challenging times.

I believe a certain quality is often forgotten in all the papers and articles we see on CEOs, management and companies’ overall behavior. This quality is called patience,” asserts Thomas. Although being patient is more difficult than investing and growing money, he believes that it is the key to great success and is not enough taught or told. He further adds that along with vision, exciting challenges, and transparent communications, patience is a good way of keeping the team motivated.

Steering through Challenging Times

The global COVID-19 pandemic has impacted various businesses severely—marketing providers always being the first to get impacted during a crisis. As Meero was working with the travel industry during the pandemic, its business operations were impacted. Moreover, the company was not allowed to operate in various parts of the world as its services were not considered as primary essentials to life.

Consequently, Meero underwent several constraints on aspects. These included restructuring the whole group, reducing costs, optimizing processes and entities, letting go of several colleagues and friends, which posed difficulty for the team.

However, the company surpassed every challenge with its accomplishments. Currently, Meero operates at an unprecedented level of excellence. It has launched numerous projects that have not been launched by other companies and has the potential to become the future of its industry.

Hiring the Right Profile

Thomas believes that one of the major challenging topics is the recruitment which, he adds, has been verified at every stage of Meero’s journey. He advises, “Recruit the right profiles, and above all the right mindsets, for the right positions.”

With that being said, Meero emphasized priority to personalities and relied on profiles with boundless energy for accompanying the team. “Every time we recruited someone for their hard skills when we didn’t feel they had what it takes, we regretted it,” adds Thomas. He asserts that incorrect recruitment wastes time and energy and has the potential to misdirect teams. He further advises that if one has the choice with a profile that is less expert in their concerned field but has the right frame of mind, they should be hired.

Going Global Native

Thomas briefs that currently start-ups are global native. Irrespective of their location, consumers can adopt products invented in different places such as Europe, New York, or Silicon Valley, and their behavior is identical in Paris, London, or Toronto.

Thomas adds, “This is the world in which start-ups evolve.” The market of start-ups is global because their environment is global. The companies can only succeed by making international conquest a part of their DNA.


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