Mathilde Vuillermoz: An Ideal Leader with the Qualities of a 21st Entrepreneur

Mathilde Vuillermoz

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“In my opinion, being a successful entrepreneur requires the ability to juggle and prioritize multiple opportunities and obstacles at the same time. You have to be able to navigate the unknown and you have to be willing to accept the high rates of failure, financial instability, and stiff competition. These risks are exacerbated in times of uncertainty – but so too is the reward.” Personally, I have found that a strong and positive mindset along with a clear vision, the ability to adapt, and the willingness to take calculated risks are all essential qualities for long-term success. Having a clearly defined objective, while still being able to pivot strategically at a moment’s notice is also essential.

A global network of connections and resources:

Mathilde Vuillermoz has a business and economics degree from HEC Montreal and The American University of Paris but, unlike other entrepreneurs, did not experience any career-defining turning point in her life. Instead, her business growth and career success have been the result of hard work, intuition, and the accumulation of relevant skills, resources, and knowledge over the years. Extensive travel and exposure to different countries, customs, and cultures have also enabled Mathilde to amass an impressive global network of connections and business associates. 

In 2015, Mathilde established MV Worldwide – a multi-level company that is active in several unrelated sectors reflecting her wide range of interests and passions. Over the years, she has successfully launched several businesses under the MV Worldwide brand in multiple countries. While Mathilde started MV Worldwide as a Literary & Talent Agency, she now has a broad portfolio of different ventures. “As an individual and thanks to my extensive travels, I do not have a feeling of belonging to one country in particular. I consider myself a citizen of the world. This is the same for my company. I do not limit my growth or success to just one country. I like to diversify my business opportunities globally. This requires an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the many different countries and cultures along with having different business models according to where I am. I am highly instinctive and follow my intuition. I need to be able to act and react immediately according to the country I am operating in. Having an international network of professionals that I trust has proven to be a huge advantage over the years.” 

Harboring A Growth Mindset:

Mathilde believes creating a positive work environment and fostering collaboration within her team is essential, along with clear communication and transparency. However, she also believes that the most effective way to keep employees motivated is by paying them what they are worth. “I recognize skill and knowledge, and I firmly believe that these qualities need to be compensated and rewarded accordingly.” She also advocates setting clear goals with her team and avoids any unnecessary meetings. “Providing supportive leadership and advice, without micromanaging, is crucial. Empowering my employees to do their best is essential to me.” 

MV Worldwide has been built in a way that allows maximum flexibility. Mathilde has ties to many countries and so does her company.  Her logistics in terms of growth is driven by business opportunities, asset management, and taxes—that differ from one country to another.  “It is key to have the ability, more than ever, to be flexible and be able to move from one country with an extensive passport portfolio, especially when restrictions are in place. There will be further restrictions in the future and COVID-19 is only the beginning of a new era that has opened door to a shift in global powers. According to Mathilde, being able to navigate this as an entrepreneur and an individual will be a challenge and it is best to be as equipped as possible. 

New Opportunities:

Mathilde has been working on the launch of a publishing company for over a year now. She asserts it is more a vanity project that she always wanted to tackle, as opposed to her response to the pandemic. Having started her career as a literary agent with one of the top agencies in Hollywood, she then further diversified and tackled other business ventures that have no relation with the entertainment business. Establishing her own publishing company has always been something she wanted to pursue. “Working with writers has always been a passion of mine, but even as an agent I wanted more. I wanted the ability to develop the pieces that I really loved. Having my own publishing company finally allows me to do this, as opposed to simply representing a book for sale. As a publisher, I now have more creative control of the material I love and the ability to take it from manuscript to book and screen, which is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Publishing is a risky business, but I picked the writer and book carefully, which brings me full confidence”.

Mathilde’s Candid Views on Entrepreneurship:

What exceptional qualities make you distinguished from the others?

I really think that my greatest strength, as an individual and an entrepreneur, comes from my ability to live around the world with such flexibility and adaptability. I have lived in over 30 countries and that has completely shaped my personality and state of mind. I tend to think that it has made me incredibly open-minded, adaptable, emotionally strong, more patient, culturally and politically aware, and resilient. The ability to navigate the world with such ease has helped me immensely in every part of my life.

According to you, what essential qualities are necessary for entrepreneurs to thrive during challenging times?

In times of uncertainty, you must be able to trust your instinct and intuition. You must be decisive, have a clear vision, be willing to take risks, be flexible in your strategic approach, and be adaptable to the current political or economic climate. Above all else, I think the ability to keep a strong and positive mindset is crucial at all times.

Being a successful entrepreneur, what would you like to convey to the aspiring entrepreneurs?

Be determined and be persistent. Also, don’t take criticism personally and have faith in yourself. Learn to develop and trust your instincts and be willing to accept advice. Finally, have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish and make sure that you enjoy the journey and are not too focused solely on the outcome. Allow yourself to be creative and enjoy the process. Most importantly, whenever you fall, do not stand up before you understood exactly why you fell.

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