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In today’s rigorously competitive and turbulent business world, it is imperative for organizations to have streamlined and accessible systems and services to ensure smooth operations. It also allows organizations to meet the needs of their employees, partners, clients, stakeholders, etc. Thus, more organizations are relying on innovative methods and technologies to revolutionize their overarching processes and procedures.

Kovai.co is addressing the increasing need for such solutions. Kovai.co is a multi-product enterprise SaaS company specializing in enterprise integration and knowledge management space. The company is the brainchild of Saravana Kumar(Founder and CEO of Kovai.co). Saravana is an entrepreneur, investor, and technology enthusiast passionate about profitably running and scaling a company with calculated risks.

The company started as a small team and had a few agencies supporting it during the initial phases. Once it onboarded the first 100 customers, it began to build a team of experts in-house and scaled from there. Kovai.co’s team consists of thinkers and innovators that are well-versed in building compelling Enterprise Software and B2B SaaS products. Document360 is one such eminent product that helps to instantly create an online self-service knowledge base for customers and employees accessed either publically or privately.

The Motivation behind Document360

The motivation for building Document360 came from Kovai.co’s own pain points—wherein one of the company’s executives had deleted a major part of its product documentation by oversight. The tool used by the company at that point could not support retrieving the document. Kovai.co also sought alternate products, however, it did not find any. Moreover, the available products were too expensive. Thus, Document360 was incepted with an aim to bridge this gap.

Bouquet of Exclusive Services

Alongside an online self-service knowledge base, Document360 allows building user guides, FAQs, and standard operating procedures with a powerful AI-based real-time search. The real-time AI search capabilities help customers instantly find solutions to their problems. Document360 provides employees to collaborate and create content in a streamlined manner, thereby improving their overall efficiency. This will simplify the process within the company.

The product assures robust security through SSL and database encryption, 100% cloud-based architecture, enterprise SSO, team auditing, back-up, versioning functionalities, etc. It also supports integration with Intercom, Freshdesk, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zendesk, Google Chrome, Google Analytics, Crowdin and many more.

Document360 is a user-friendly tool—which differentiates it from its competitors. One does not have to be technical to create a knowledge base using Document360. It works well for both internal as well as external uses. Furthermore, several different knowledge bases from one single portal with their own domain can be managed and customized in a way that it aligns with brand guidelines.

Significant Growth

Document360 was launched in 2018 and has matured extremely well in the short period of 2-3 years. It has been releasing almost a 100 features and enhancements each year. Today, over 10000 plus users from 80+ countries are using Document360—which reflects the success of the product. Major brands such as Spryker, Whatfix, Stackify, Mambu, and Decisions are some of these happy customers. Moreover, the product has been rated #1 by most review sites such as Capterra, Software Advice, G2, Finances Online, etc.

Customer satisfaction is a major aspect behind a product’s growth. Happy customers are often a key to spreading a positive word of mouth about the company in the market. Document360’s customer success teams are constantly in touch with the customers to ensure they are happy with the product and handhold them as required. Customers love Document360 for what it offers and the company loves them back for choosing the product. The customers are often satisfied with Document360’s features and often praise the product.

Matt Watson, CEO of Stackify is one such happy customer. Heaping praises on the product, he says, “After reviewing a dozen knowledge base products, Document360 was the clear winner. Their amazing markdown editor and SEO features were unrivaled.

Another satisfied customer Helen Kravchenko (Lead Technical Writer at Sprykar) quotes, “Due to Document360’s set of features, available integrations, and customization abilities, we were able to create a documentation website which fully meets our and our customers’ needs.”

A Full-fledged Team

A company’s team plays an important role in its growth. A strong core team ensures the mission and vision of the company are in line with its actions. Presently, Document360 is the fastest growing product within Kovai.co. The important reason behind this extensive growth is the company’s full-fledged team for technical, sales, marketing, and customer support functions. The technical team releases new features and strengthens the existing ones every month. Product documentation is constantly updated with the necessary information to communicate these new feature upgrades.

Afterwards, Kovai.co’s marketing team takes over by preparing exclusive feature-oriented tutorial videos and writing blogs. These videos and blogs are promoted on different social media platforms. The company also issues a weekly newsletter with these updates which go to its customers and subscribers. Courtesy of Kovai.co’s strong technical team, the scope for errors is almost nil. However, in case of any bugs, the team works swiftly to solve them on high priority.

Embracing New Technologies

The COVID-19 pandemic halted numerous businesses around the world due to the lockdown and social distancing impositions. The period was indeed challenging for businesses. A majority of businesses failed to adapt to the changing demands of the new normal. However, the crisis did not significantly impact Kovai.co’s operations as it has always embraced new technologies. For instance, the company started using Microsoft Teams almost four years back.

Kovai.co’s all internal communications with and in between employees have been routed through MS Teams—thereby reducing the number of internal emails going back and forth. Even demo calls with the company’s prospective leads have been conducted primarily using MS Teams and Zoom. Kovai.co’s CEO and a majority of its leadership team are based in the UK since the beginning and have been running the company remotely for the last 10 years.

Staying ahead in the Competition

The disruption caused by the pandemic was an eye-opener for several enterprises whose infrastructure was built on legacy systems for years. It was hard for them to have a reliable business continuity plan (BCP). However, enterprises that had firm cloud computing technologies were able to seamlessly shift to remote work and access critical applications and data through cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. As a result, certain verticals such as educational institutions, medical/healthcare, and retail businesses amplified their cloud adoption—thereby expanding the business opportunity. Due to the nature of its business, Kovai.co witnessed an upsurge in demand for its products during these times. Document360 has been acquiring a greater number of customers than usual in the last 1.5 years. Kovai.co aims to continue to innovating new features and modules for Document360 to ensure it stands ahead as the leader in this segment and addresses all pain points of its customers.


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