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Oracle takes a lead role when it comes to helping businesses grow on the technology front. It offers a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive pre-integrated business applications, including key functionality.

The features available to customers contunie to evolve with Oracle releasing new products into the market continually. This brings new customers in and keeps existing customers satisfied, thereby retaining market leadership.

One leading Oracle solution provider is JMJ Cloud.  Formed to deliver high value cloud and on-premise solutions using the latest Oracle technologies, JMJ Cloud’s mission is to increase the value companies get from their Oracle ERP and database investments.

JMJ Cloud has expertise in the technology and it uses the best tools for the job. These tools include APEX (for web development), Oracle REST Data Services (for web services) and Dell Boomi for integrations. Whether you are looking to extend your Oracle ERP (Cloud ERP or E-Business Suite) or build a custom web or mobile application, JMJ Cloud is the right choice.

Offering Value to the Customers

JMJ Cloud believes that providing value to the customer is the only thing that matters. The company is not interested in technology for technology’s sake and would prefer to walk away from work rather than build something they do not think is right for the customer. Being able to prioritize in this way allows JMJ Cloud to focus on the best solutions for their customer. This customer first attitude, in addition to its experience and technical expertise put the company in a great position to provide customer satisfaction every time.

For JMJ Cloud, communication is the other cornerstone of success! It tailors each engagement to ensure that the customers get the right level of communication at the right time. This allows the company to quickly adjust to the environment and deliver on the promises.

JMJ Solutions

Oracle ERP Cloud:

  • Integrations (using Oracle ICS and Dell Boomi)
  • PaaS Extensions (using APEX)
  • Reporting (using APEX, BI Publisher and OTBI)

Oracle E-Business Suite:

  • Integrations using Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS)
  • Extensions using APEX
  • Reporting using BI Publisher

Custom Web Applications:

  • Full stack development of custom Web Applications using APEX
  • Delivering APEX Solutions both in the Cloud and On-Premise


  • Voice based solutions using the Oracle Database, ORDS and Alexa
  • Extending the reach of your Oracle database using REST web services built with ORDS

Founders of JMJ Cloud

JMJ Cloud was founded by three friends. Jamie Stokes, Matt Paine and Jon Dixon. The three founders bring over 60 years of experience in implementing and extending Oracle ERP Applications (ERP Cloud and E-Business Suite).

Jon worked for Oracle for 17 years in positions ranging from a senior Oracle developer to heading up the ERP Cloud financials practice for Oracle Consulting. Jon has a passion for technology and keeping up to date with the latest technology trends.

Matt has helped customers successfully implement Oracle ERP for over 20 years.   He’s keen to ensure that customers extract real business value from their investment in Oracle, by reducing complexity and ensuring that scalable solutions are delivered on time and to budget.

Jamie has been working with Oracle ERP Technology for over 20 years in roles ranging from developer, architect, project manager to consulting practice director. He’s committed to providing customers with the best solution as well as experience working with the talented consulting team.

Tackling the Competition

Jon asserts about the competition as, “These are exciting times for the industry. We are in the second phase of the corporate world’s migration to the cloud. During the first phase compute and storage were, moved to the cloud. While this brought cost savings it was relatively easy to accomplish, the low hanging fruit if you like.”

He further adds, “What excites us more is the migration of systems and development platforms to the cloud. Having the ability to both orchestrate data movement between systems (both cloud to cloud and cloud to on-premise) and deliver PaaS extensions to these systems is going to be a must for any solution provider in this arena.”

As per Jon, the cloud landscape is still forming and being able to stay up to date with the latest technologies. He says, “Being able to provide advice that is current and relevant will be one of our key area of focus.” Related to that, bringing people with legacy skills into the cloud marketplace is going to be a challenge for the whole industry, not just JMJ Cloud.

For JMJ Cloud, the biggest driver for success has been its nature to laser focus on certain key Oracle technologies which the company believes, deliver the best value to customers. “Too often, we see solutions being sold that either provide more than the solution warrants (and come with a price tag to match) or, on the other end, do not scale to meet the customers’ needs in the future,” asserts Jon.

Jon Advices the Budding Entrepreneurs:

“Focus on a few core skills and strive to be the best at them. Too often people spread their nets wide and do not get deep enough into a technology to be considered experts. In a world where AI and Automation are becoming commonplace, deep expertise will keep you ahead of the robots.”

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