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Heather Mahalik

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Heather Mahalik is a highly experienced professional in the field of digital forensics, currently serving as the Senior Director of Digital Intelligence at Cellebrite. With over 20 years of expertise in handling high-stress and high-profile cases, she has made significant contributions to the investigation and resolution of diverse criminal activities, ranging from child exploitation to the examination of digital media associated with Osama Bin Laden. Heather’s extensive background includes collaborating with law enforcement agencies, eDiscovery firms, and the federal government to extract and decode critical artifacts crucial to solving complex investigations worldwide. She is renowned as a co-author of the bestselling book “Practical Mobile Forensics,” published by Packt Publishing, and holds key roles at the SANS Institute, serving as the DFIR Curriculum Lead, Faculty Fellow Instructor, and co-author for FOR585: Smartphone Forensic Analysis In-Depth.

Heather’s journey into the field of digital forensics began unexpectedly during her time in the Air Force National Guard, where an opportunity to work on a computer forensic job propelled her into a lifelong passion. Through dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to continuous learning, Heather has risen through the ranks, starting as an evidence technician and advancing to her current role as a prominent leader in the digital intelligence industry. Her expertise and insights play a vital role in advising on strategic operations and educating professionals on the latest challenges in the field, with a particular focus on how Cellebrite’s solutions address these evolving demands.

Cellebrite’s Ethical Commitment to Transforming Digital Investigations

Cellebrite, founded in 1999 and currently traded on NASDAQ, is a global leader in the field of digital forensics. With over 1,000 employees and a presence in more than ten offices worldwide, the company serves over 7,000 customers across approximately 120 countries, including 5,200 law enforcement agencies. Cellebrite’s market share in digital forensics stands at about 40%, highlighting its industry dominance.

The company’s mission is to partner with public and private organizations to transform digital intelligence management for investigations. Cellebrite’s award-winning Digital Intelligence Investigative Platform empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of legally sanctioned digital investigations. By leveraging their technology, Cellebrite aids in convicting criminals and seeking justice for victims of various crimes, ranging from child exploitation to fraud and financial crime.

Cellebrite’s commitment to ethics and integrity is unwavering, ensuring lawful and responsible operations as a trusted partner to law enforcement agencies. They prioritize data privacy and strive to create a safer world through their dedication to upholding ethical standards.

Driving Customer Engagement and Company Advocacy

Heather Mahalik’s roles and responsibilities at Cellebrite are diverse and impactful. While holding the position of Senior Director of Digital Intelligence, she goes beyond her formal title and assumes the role of a company evangelist. Heather strives to be the face and heart of Cellebrite, ensuring that customers perceive the company’s commitment and expertise. She also plays a crucial role in strengthening Cellebrite internally, acting as the voice that advocates for improvements and advancements.

Heather leads a dynamic team that actively engages with customers, provides product support, and delivers valuable content. Their work encompasses various activities, including conducting webinars, creating insightful blogs, developing mini-training series, and collecting customer feedback. Although these responsibilities may not appear highly technical on the surface, the fast-paced and advanced nature of the tasks makes them challenging to keep up with. For instance, when a customer involved in a homicide investigation needs assistance understanding artifacts found on an iPhone or Android device, Heather and her team step in. They meticulously recreate, test, validate, and explain the data, ensuring that justice can be served accurately.

In addition to her role at Cellebrite, Heather holds an influential position at the SANS Institute. Over the past decade, she has been actively involved in teaching, authoring, and leading the DFIR (Digital Forensics and Incident Response) curriculum. Her contribution to the classroom reflects the same values she brings to Cellebrite – being a true team player who prioritizes collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Creating a Diverse and Supportive Team Culture 

Heather believes that the best way to build a great team is through diversification. By including individuals from different backgrounds, genders, and ages, a team can benefit from a range of perspectives, experiences, and skill sets. Heather emphasizes the importance of age diversity, particularly in the field of digital forensics and incident response (DFIR), where staying aware of both new and old techniques, files systems, and attacks is crucial. A solid team with diverse expertise ensures a comprehensive approach to problem-solving.

Maintaining team morale is another priority for Heather. She recognizes the importance of addressing toxic behaviors promptly to prevent their spread within the team. Heather fosters a family-like culture, encouraging team members to support one another not only in work matters but also in personal aspects of their lives. By cultivating a positive and supportive environment, she aims to create a sense of happiness and job satisfaction among employees, resulting in their motivation to be present and deliver their best.

Heather’s approach as a leader is to be an active member of the team rather than exerting authority unnecessarily. She avoids placing herself above others and focuses on contributing to the collective effort. However, she is not hesitant to stand up for her team and colleagues when necessary, even challenging higher-level leadership when it benefits the team. By advocating for her team and standing alongside them, Heather believes that team morale and motivation are enhanced. She understands that people often leave their jobs due to poor management, and she strives to be a positive and supportive leader to prevent employee turnover. Her goal is to boost morale, create an enjoyable work environment, and ensure that her actions as a leader do not drive anyone away.

Empowerment and Resilience: Heather Mahalik’s Guidance on Leadership 

Heather offers valuable advice to aspiring women leaders. She encourages them to embrace the courage to ask for opportunities, even if they feel under qualified. Heather herself has applied for numerous jobs she didn’t initially qualify for, understanding that if she didn’t try, someone else would. While not every attempt resulted in success, she emphasizes the importance of putting oneself out there and taking chances. In addition, Heather emphasizes the significance of finding the right company and group to surround oneself with. If a woman feels consistently undervalued or cast aside, she suggests seeking a new work environment that appreciates and respects her. Heather considers herself fortunate to be part of a company like Cellebrite, which listens to her, respects her, and allows her to naturally lead and inspire.

Furthermore, Heather emphasizes the need to shed imposter syndrome, a common experience for many individuals. She believes that humility is essential but advises against forgetting one’s worth and capabilities. By trusting themselves and embracing self-belief, women can garner trust and confidence from their teams. Heather encourages aspiring women leaders to be soldiers among their peers, working collaboratively rather than commanding from above. Shooting for the moon and striving for excellence can lead to remarkable achievements, even if the outcome falls short, as landing among the stars is still a significant accomplishment.


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