Dmitriy Peregudov: Nurturing Relationships across Borders

Dmitriy Peregudov

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The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world rapidly. It has pushed companies over the technology tipping point and transformed businesses forever. The adoption of digital technologies has changed the nature of various industries and the scope of ‘truly digital’ businesses has subsequently increased—GiftBasketsOverseas one such truly digital company. 

As the name suggests, the company delivers gift baskets internationally—to over 200 countries and territories around the world. Dmitriy Peregudov, a serial entrepreneur and Chief Gift Officer (CGO), founded the company in 2007 with a mission to help people strengthen their relationships through gifting.

A Passionate Thought Leader 

Dmitriy emigrated from Moscow to the United States with an MS in Engineering to leverage his knowledge in order to build a career. He worked in several tech jobs that focused on software development and programming. Later, in search of a better way to make a living Dmitriy launched his first website as a hobby. 

Soon he expanded this service beyond Moscow to a wider geographical region of Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, etc., and created in 2002. Dmitriy founded GiftBasketOverseas while working full-time at a tech company. Meanwhile, he also completed his MBA from Babson College. Dmitriy continued to work part-time on his business venture till 2009. He realized the amount of attention needed to grow a business. 

Dmitriy’s experience in e-commerce, web development, and online marketing helped him successfully manage and grow GiftBasketOverseas.

Localized Delivery Solutions

GiftBasketsOverseas is a BBB accredited company based in Massachusetts, United States. By maintaining its presence in each region it serves, Gift Baskets Overseas has become renowned globally for its ability to provide online ordering convenience, multilingual customer service, and dedication to providing secure payment options.

The company has a unique model of localized gift delivery. It delivers gift baskets with the help of its partners in different countries within two days. As the packages are served locally there are no extra taxes or duty fees that the recipients need to pay. GiftBasketsOverseas’ model also ensures that gifts arrive fresh. Only a fraction of the amount paid by the sender goes to the cost of delivery while most of it gets allocated to the contents of the gift basket. This ensures that recipients receive a more valuable gift than they would with the cross-border shipping arrangement. The company is set to serve over 5 million people with its gift delivery service by 2025.

The H2H Approach

Gifts are a means to express affection, appreciation, care, and love towards the other. A thoughtful gift often strengthens relationships, brings joy, and delivers a message. GiftBasketOverseas emphasizes the humane values that a gift holds. Instead of focusing on the business prospect of their service, it focuses on the connection between the gift sender and their recipients.

Dmitriy has chosen this unique human-to-human (H2H) approach for his business as he understands the significance of relationships. The H2H prospect has effectively dictated success at the business front of the company over the years. In almost 14 years the US-based GiftBasketOverseas has expanded its delivery services to 200+ countries across 6 continents.

Succesful Clientele Record

GiftBasketsOverseas strives to make it possible to send luxury gifts to friends and business associates all over the world. The company’s quest to fulfill its mission of facilitating International Friendship and Gift Giving, encouraging True Connection Without Borders, and promoting innovative corporate gifting solutions, justifies that no order or company is too large. Its unique delivery and acquisition strategies, unparalleled 24×7 multilingual customer service, and impeccable quality gifts have earned it a successful clientele portfolio. 

GiftBasketsOverseas exclusivities make it suited to fulfill the gifting needs of Fortune 500 companies, SMB Clients & VIP gift senders. It also offers corporate discounts for bulk orders with a fast delivery facility. Moreover, several renowned companies such as Dell, Microsoft, Walt Disney, and others prefer GiftBasketsOverseas for its unique gifting approaches. 

Creating a Global Footprint

Initially, Dmitriy handled the functions of multiple departments, took on all the roles but as the company expanded he forged a team of talented and intelligent individuals. Presently, GiftBasketOverseas has a unique culture that has Dmitriy’s vision engraved within every employee. He has created a culture that empowers every individual to perform their level best without the need for micromanagement. 

Today, Dmitriy oversees a global – and growing – team of regional offices, customer support representatives, administrators, and marketers. Primarily he is responsible for creating a Global Growth Strategy and Automation Development. Dmitriy engages in the development of software tools based on ideas generated by brainstorming with the team members from different departments.

“I don’t have employees or subordinates—I have friends whose souls and talents are invested in making this company the very best it can be,” revealed Dmitriy.

Words of Appreciation

GiftBasketsOverseas’ local delivery partners have successfully created a reliable delivery network. The company delivers gifts to the most remote locations within two days of dispatch. This responsive delivery system and the unique offerings of the company have earned it a prestigious reputation within the digital space. 

“I’ve been looking for a way to send a gift to the GAZA district for a long time, but I haven’t been able to. But I got the news that my gift arrived successfully. Both me and the recipient of the gift are delighted. Thank you for the fast and accurate delivery to Gaza,” said Minjae Kim, in a review to TrustPilot.

Adapting to the Post-COVID World

As a100% e-commerce based company, GiftBasketsOverseas noted a considerable increase in demand for gourmet gift delivery during the COVID-19 period. It focused on the gift segment of the industry, concerning mostly upscale gourmet items such as cheeses, imported chocolates, and wine, and continued to deliver a quality rich product. 

Additionally, GiftBasketsOverseas also introduced new services, including delivery without knowing the recipient’s address. It expanded its product base with the addition of the health section to its gift hampers, including vitamin baskets line, fruit, and special categories such as ‘Gluten Free.’

Apart from enhancing the product line, Dmitriy also formed a charity organization during the initial stages of the outbreak. focused on fundraising, awareness programs, and supply for PPE and masks for medical staff to ensure their safety.

A Solution to Nurture Corporate Relations

Dmitriy recently founded his latest venture Giftsenda which is a free SaaS platform that helps Sales and Marketing teams to accelerate sales pipeline, close deals, and build customer loyalty by sending custom branded gifts. The company, however, continues to focus on its niche—the international gift delivery segment which it has mastered in the last 14 years of its existence. 

“Our audacious goal is to connect 15 million people by the year 2025, so we are just on our way there,” concludes Dmitriy.

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