BOLD partner with Seizmic, Inc. to launch InspectR App

BOLD partner Seizmic, Inc. to launch InspectR App

Comprehensive app keeps safety

BOLD, announced that through its partnership with Seizmic, Inc., it is launching InspectR, an app for handheld mobile devices that can completely manage and track warehouse safety inspections all in one place. This app is first of its kind, and will allow operations managers to streamline processes and automate the normally complicated process of ensuring safety is maintained in the warehouse.

BOLD is a progressive material-handling firm that customizes its inspection services for the needs of its diverse customer base including distributors, integrators, manufacturers and end-users. Offering site, safety and conformity inspections along with customized training programs that equip companies for success, BOLD adapts its knowledge base to meet the unique needs of each project from concept to completion.

InspectR provides visibility into incidents from the moment they are discovered until they have been resolved. The user will be able to create an account and create a report where each detail can be added and indexed in one place within the app. This process will help streamline processes, eliminate errors and ensure each incident is resolved in a timely manner.

Warehouse safety

Ryan Peck, CEO of BOLD stated, “BOLD has been working hard with Seizmic to get this app up and running, as it will help us provide a value-add to our customers that has been previously unavailable. Performing and tracking safety inspections is a high priority for warehouse operations that can bog down productivity. Having the images, status and more all available in the palm of your hand will help us deliver the customer experience we’ve been focused on since BOLD began.”

Jeff Woroniecki, President of Seizmic, Inc., stated,“Seizmic is pleased to be working with BOLD on the InspectR app to help our customers properly maintain their storage systems. Documenting and following through until safety concerns are resolved is a top priority for our clients, and we feel that we have a solution that will prove to be a success.  We are proud to continue to innovate within the material handling industry, helping our partners maintain safety is very important to us.”