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C2A and NXP Join Hands to Provide Compete Automotive Security Solutions

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The new security solution will be more effective

Top automotive cybersecurity provider C2A informed that they are launching an extensive automotive security solution. For this, they have made a partnership with NXP, with the use of NXP Semiconductor’s secure CAN transceiver they want to develop this new security solution.

Intended to provide all-around security that will allow automotive OEMs to get the edge on most of the complicated cyber-attacks. The new solution will combine C2A’s cybersecurity suite with NXP’s secure CAN transceivers.

The team of C2A working side by side with NXP and with the help of NXP’s semiconductor the unit found potentially CAN bus-related attack vectors for perimeter devices which made them form new software-hardware solutions.

The perfect combination of hardware and software

The unified services make OEMs take both hardware and software abilities of C2A and NXP to find out attack vectors that were previously were not possible. The new method use NXP’s secure CAN transceiver to detect and prevent malicious activity on the vehicles CAN bus. C2A’s Stamper, a decentralized firewall for the CAN bus, which adds a patented security layer for CAN bus communication. C2a’s SecMon intrusion detection and prevention software detect potentially harmful activity by combining deterministic and machine learning capabilities and then uses state-of-art in-vehicle SOC to permit an appropriate response.

It is essential that OEM’s have the capabilities to give maximum defense against any cyber-attack. The blended solutions of C2A and NXP allow automotive manufacturers to give top-level notch protection from CAN bus cyber-attacks, mostly in the areas where they are targeted.

Nathaniel Meron, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at C2A said, “C2A is looking to provide the automotive industry with comprehensive security solutions, covering all relevant attack vectors. Our solutions approach to security with NXP is vital for the manufacturer to ensure their passenger’s safety.”

NXP’s secure CAN transceiver is rugged hardware which perfectly suits the C2A software solutions targeted to deliver strong security services.


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