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Scott Brown

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Scott Brown has spent the past decade focused on, and dedicated to, providing exceptional care and treatment to those seeking recovery from the life threatening and debilitating effects of alcohol and addiction.  A recovering addict himself, combined with his compulsion to give back, Brown founded Solution Based Treatment (SBT)—an innovative detox, residential and outpatient treatment
center—in 2015.  

Leveraging his experience and expertise with various marketing, lead generation and call center enterprises, Brown utilizes his passion and vision to drive the organization to unparalleled success.  Believing every addict person to be a life worth saving, Brown is hyper-focused and painstakingly vigilant with regards to producing effective outcomes for, not only, his clients but their loved ones as well.  

His innate ability to create intrigue and provide access for those seeking care—coupled with his integrity and sincere desire to help those suffering—makes Brown a compelling force to be reckoned with.     

In the Care Of

Headquartered in Murrieta, California SBT offers a diverse array of substance abuse treatment services.  Providing All Levels of Care—Sub-Acute Detox, Residential, Partial Hospitalization Programs and Intensive Outpatient Programs—Its clients are supported by licensed clinicians; a board certified addictionologist; triple board-certified nurse practitioner; internal medicine specialist; registered nurses and various medical assistants.   

Its substance abuse treatment programming is rooted in the 12-steps and is supported with onsite psychotherapy and individual and group counseling sessions.  It also provides mental health, psychiatric and medication management services.  

Competitive Advantage

Providing a full continuum of care, SBT is uniquely located in the southwestern anchor of the Inland Empire and positioned in the quaint bedroom community of Murrieta, California.  Remote enough to give one a feeling of being able to “get away from it all”—and close enough to such major metropolises as San Diego and Orange County—SBT combines the distinctiveness of its location with an impressive, and refreshing, treatment acumen that is based on care, compassion and understanding.  

The bulk of SBT’s treatment team and vast majority of its staff, including Brown, are recovering alcoholics and addicts actively working their own programs.  “We understand.  We’ve been there.  And we’ve done that,” sates Scott Brown, CEO, Solution Based Treatment (SBT).

Overcoming the Challenges

The organization was founded on handful of core principals, affirms Brown.  Passion.  Commitment.  Perseverance.  And integrity.

A marketing and lead generation savant, Brown is expert at garnering attention and driving traffic.  “I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to leverage my experience and expertise and it to the front-end of the treatment paradigm,” states Brown.  “In doing so, I strive to ensure that the greatest number of alcoholics, addicts and their loved ones get the help they deserve.”   

Professional Achievements

“As far as individual highlights and accolades have been concerned—I’m truly blessed—as there have been a number,” says Brown.  “But all of them pale in comparison to what we’ve been able to do here at SBT.  Given the tremendous amount of hard work, dedication and sacrifice by some critical individuals—what began as a passionately fueled pipe dream, has turned into one of Southern California’s most successful substance abuse treatment centers.”    

Brand Ethos

The founding of organization has always been centered upon the development of passionate, committed and experienced team members.  The care and development of its staff is at the focal point of the organization’s ethos.

In concert with the attention given to its employees, is the treatment and safety of its clients. “We’ve often been accused of saving lives,” continues Brown.  “And while flattering, the truth of the matter is that the credit goes to courageous individuals—usually those broken emotionally, physically and spiritually—that sought help and placed themselves in our care.”

“Evolve or die,” smiles Brown.  From laws and legislation surrounding the acquisition of clients to ever-changing insurance requirements, to expanding state health mandates and accreditation constraints—the industry moves quickly and is in a constant state of evolution.  “You either build flexibility and adaptation into your approach—or you end of playing ‘whack-a-mole’—and I’m not one to play games,” assures Brown.        

Community Involvement

Active in the various business and economic chambers of Murrieta, SBT too serves as a recovery resource for the community and surrounding areas.  From participation in softball and golf tournaments to the sponsoring of various sports collectives and events, SBT is an advocate for the community in which it does business.

In addition, and in his ongoing effort to give back, Brown has opened his doors, at no charge, to various anonymous fellowships seeking a meeting place.  “Like I’ve always said, this is more than just a business for me, it’s personal,” states Brown.  

In Search of Unicorns

“Some days I’d argue that it would be easier to find a unicorn rather than the ‘ideal’ client,” laughs Brown.  “The truth of the matter is that an ideal client is someone that not only wants to recover; but is also willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.  And that’s a tall order.”    

The simple truth of the matter is that the vast majority of clients seeking treatment aren’t even close to being ideal.  “Let me be clear, that is not to say that you have to be an ideal client in order to recover,” states Brown.  “But clearly understanding this nuance is critical in designing approaches to break through the noise and the objections.”

According to Brown, it is what helps distinguish his organization from the pack.     

“We see and hear it every day on TV, infinity pools overlooking crashing waves and gorgeous sunsets.  And it’s accompanied by this compassionate, disembodied voice, explaining that they ‘understand’ and can help return you to a state of ‘normalcy,’” scoffs Brown.  “Please!  The truth of the matter is that this is a tough gig, and it takes a lot of hard work and patience to help a client realize that they ‘want’ to recover.  And that it is ‘they’ who are willing to do whatever it takes.”

Navigating A Pandemic

Twenty-twenty took many organizations and, as such, their leaders to task.  Agree or disagree with the governments approach to the pandemic, the reality is that it created an environment of unprecedented and rapid change.  From initial phone conversations with individuals and their loved ones to preliminary screeners and assessments—the conversations changed.  

While safeguarding our clients and dedicated staff members has is always been core to SBT’s business, it was exemplified in the face of a global pandemic.

“Adjustments were quickly made throughout the organization,” assures Brown.  “The key factor, and the primary reason I believe we’ve been able to be so successful, is that the changes we implemented were designed to be fluid.  We knew we were in an ever-evolving situation and continuously braced our staff, and our clients, for future modifications.”

Brown continues, “In addition, I approached the political climate—or upheaval as many were calling it—as simply a matter of fact, ‘It is what it is.’  As policies and regulations continue to morph—we’ll do what we have always done—adapt!” 

The Evolving Paradigm

Addiction and mental health concerns across the globe have been steadily increasing since the onset of the pandemic.  The subsequent and indefinite continuation of environmental and societal restrictions have merely added fuel to that fire.  SBT has been experiencing various upticks in inquiries about, and demands for, expansive treatment services.  And the scope and severity of mental health issues being identified by its admissions team and clinicians is ever increasing.   

“Our clinical, psychiatric and medical teams have always been, by design, more robust than was actually required for baseline substance abuse disorder treatment,” says Brown.  “Because of this, our medical and psychiatric services are uniquely positioned to fulfill the pent-up, and unfortunately increasing, demand of these highly sought-after services.”

The Feedback Loop

At the core of his program, both personally and professionally, rests the fundamental principles of honesty and integrity.  

When asked how Brown responds to criticism, he smiles, “Honestly.”  He continues, “You’ve got to be honest with yourself.  And then commit yourself to being honest with everyone else.  It’s not the ‘only’ way to do business, it’s just the only way for me.”

“Look, at the end of the day I thrive on feedback and criticism,” confirms Brown.  “It forces us—it forces me—to take a look at myself and beg the question, ‘What could I have done better?  Or rather, differently?  It’s in the ongoing assessment and the reflection that we improve.”  He smiles,
“That I improve.”      

In an effort to stay connected, Brown and his executive team have a history of readily, and unexpectedly, visiting SBT’s various locations.  “If you want to know what’s going on with your clients, and your organization, then you need to ask,” states Brown.  “You also need to be prepared for what you might hear.”


SBT has committed itself to responsible growth and enhanced service offerings.  “This isn’t about expanding the model or capitalizing on the latest trend in treatment,” says Brown.  “This entire endeavor is about getting the help they need.  It’s how I started this company.  And it’s how I’ll end it.”

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