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The contemporary business climate has rapidly changed, thereby becoming more competitive than ever. Today, businesses are not only needing to operate at a lower cost but also must develop their own core competencies to distinguish themselves from competitors. Recognizing these needs, the supply chain management sector has allowed companies to reconsider their entire process and reorganize so that they can focus on those core competencies.

In 2013, Avetta, LLC was established within this climate to cater innovative and cutting-edge supply chain management services and solutions. The driving mission of Avetta has been to make a large impact on the health and safety of contractors’ employees as well as become a leader in contractor safety information, driving transparency and trust between industrial hiring companies and their suppliers.

Avetta provides a cloud-based supply chain risk management and commercial marketplace platform that is uniquely designed to connect the world’s leading organizations with qualified suppliers, driving their sustainable growth.

Through its collaborative process and global reach complemented by the local expertise, hundreds of fast-reaching organizations depend on Avetta to align their supply chains with sustainable business practices, worldwide. To date, Avetta has successfully served numerous industries including oil & gas, facilities management, chemicals, construction, energy & utilities, telecommunications, transportation, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. Standing true to its mission, Avetta partners with leading organizations to innovate, promote, and advance safe and sustainable business practices around the globe.

Leading the Pack from the Front

By bringing in more than 20 years of executive leadership experience in cloud software, internet businesses, global marketplaces, and financial services sectors, the CEO of Avetta, John Herr, has driven the company to the pinnacle of success.

The MBA and Economics graduate from Harvard Business School holds a rich portfolio of scaling growth-stage companies into large enterprises. Prior to Avetta, John has served as the CEO of Adaptive Insights–a market leader in cloud-based Corporate Performance Management (CPM). Under his able leadership, Deloitte recognized Adaptive as one of the fastest growing tech companies in North America. Even before Adaptive, John held the position of VP and General Manager at eBay, Inc., where he played an instrumental role in eBay’s growth strategy. Lastly, the multi-talented CEO had also served as the chair of Chief Revenue Officer at Buy.com–a true pioneer in e-commerce.

Avetta’s Distinguishing Features

Led by following transformative, empowering, qualified and innovative features, Avetta connects the world’s leading organizations with expert suppliers, contractors, and vendors.

  • Transformative: Avetta transforms how enterprises assess and mitigate risk within their supply chains, simplifying the engagement and evaluating suppliers to ensure alignment with each client’s unique operating requirements.
  • Empowering: Its SaaS-based technology platform and deep domain expertise enable the comprehensive collection and analysis of operational data to formulate a forward-looking risk profile for each partner company.
  • Qualifying: Avetta has qualified as a supply chain partner for every major industry worldwide, making contractor prequalification manageable and pain-free.
  • Innovative: Its scalable and adaptive technology delivers a highly configurable and innovative solution to its 300+ global clients.

Delivering Tech-driven & Innovative Supply Chain Solutions

Avetta’s supply chain management solution removes administrative overhead and reduces the cost of qualifying, managing, and monitoring contractors and suppliers. Throughout the globe, Avetta is helping its clients to reduce risk, improve safety performance, streamline processes, and most importantly save lives by subsequent offerings.

  • Risk Management: For many organizations, globalization, outsourcing, and extended supply chains are effective strategies to increase efficiency and achieve economies of scale. However, these benefits are accompanied by significantly increased risk to quality, safety, business continuity, reputation, and more. Avetta commits and practices effective supply-chain risk management (SCRM) solutions which are now essential for running a successful and sustainable business.
  • Supply Chain Management: Avetta’s supply chain management software assists businesses to identify and mitigate risk within their supply chains through contractor prequalification, document management, auditing, employee-level qualification and training, insurance verification, and business intelligence. Its proprietary SaaS platform is highly customizable and adaptive for businesses of all sizes and is used by more than 50,000 customers in over 100 countries.
  • Procurement: Avetta’s cloud-based technology and expert insight benifits procurement teams to cost-effectively improve processes, mitigate risk, and promote sustainable business growth.
  • Health & Safety: The supply chain solutions provider assists international organizations to proactively manage health and safety in their supply chains through its cloud-based platform. Using this uniquely designed software, enterprises can foster a culture of health and safety by raising awareness and providing greater visibility of risk throughout the supply chain industry.
  • Compliance: At present, businesses are under more pressure than ever to effectively design, communicate, monitor, and enforce supplier compliance, with both industry and country-specific regulations, as well as their own corporate policies and standards. Avetta aids industry leaders to effectively manage contractual supply chain compliance through its offering to simplify contractual supply chain compliance, cost-effectively improving processes and mitigating risk for its customers.
  • Contractor Management: It also enables its customers to reduce costs and streamline contractor management where Avetta’s team works together to eliminate manual processes and remove the administrative burden of contractor management, allowing the customers to focus on the sustainable growth of their businesses.
  • Sustainability: In the pursuit of sustainable growth, organizations must extend their commitment to responsible business practices into their supply chains. They should proactively manage and seek to improve the environmental, social, and economic performance of their supply chain—not only to meet societal expectations or regulatory requirements but also to drive their own success. Avetta is proud to support its global customers on their journey to sustainability by managing environmental, social, and economic impacts and grow long-term value.

Making A Real-World Impact In the Supply Chain Industry

Avetta’s proprietary SaaS model is both intuitive and adaptive. Unlike many of the one-size-fit all models of its competitors, Avetta’s technology is suited to the individual client. Its team goes to great lengths to understand the minds of its clients and embed that insight into its configured risk management solutions. Understanding that unique industry risks require unique solutions, Avetta’s key to mitigating risk lies in its ability to understand the variables associated with each organization.

Opening Doors to the World of Opportunities

Through Avetta’s network of suppliers, the prospective clients are given valuable opportunities to get discovered and explored.

  • Discoverability: Exposure to more clients and employment opportunities within the vast, location-based Avetta ecosystem.
  • Support: Dedicated, helpful Avetta representatives assist in compliance support, prequalification, documentation, and much more.
  • Access: Exclusive access to 300+ Avetta clients, leveling the playing field and decreasing the chances of getting underbid by unsafe suppliers.
  • Differentiation: Unlike non-Avetta suppliers, customers can become discoverable to their respective clients and hundreds of others in Avetta’s network.
  • Compliance: Supplier prequalification and regulatory compliance validations as per the requirements of the hiring client are undertaken.
  • Simplicity: Avetta suppliers avoid unnecessary forms, upload documents easily, update their profiles hassle-free, and spend less on costly advertising vehicles.

Keeping Employees Engaged & Motivated

Survival and attaining success in any form of business requires a synergy of different skills. Avetta is a fast-paced company with an unwavering focus on growth. Its lean staffing model does not create a lot of functional silos. Rather, all employees do a little bit of everything. Avetta boasts an impeccable team of experts who are proactive, forward-thinking, and agile.

Creating a Desirable Future

Today, it is of critical importance for an organization that is willing to attain success to understand its enterprise risks in terms of the material issue around employee safety and supply chain performance. Focusing on this, Avetta has the solution to prequalify and assess the potential outcomes of the enterprises.

Looking at the future, Avetta will focus on expanding its enterprise software platform, nurturing strategic partnerships, accelerating global expansion, and bringing forward its innovative solution to the marketplace.

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