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Five Crazy Facts About Nike and Gambling

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As gambling continues to gain immense popularity worldwide, Nike is also breaking records by being one of the world’s biggest and most popular footwear companies. In fact, Nike is so famous that people recognize it from just its logo and owns approximately two-thirds of the global US shoe market. As easy as playing at an aussielowdepositcasino, you can access Nike products just as easily. This article will look at some crazy facts about Nike and gambling that you probably do not know.

About Nike

Similar to how various online gambling sites, like Wildfortune, have evolved over the years, sneakers have not always been as fashionable and cozy as they are now. Often produced by tire manufacturing companies, these shoes were bulky, heavy, and prone to leaving feet bleeding after long-distance runs. It was not until Bill Bowerman, a track coach, designed a shoe capable of withstanding the demands of professional athletics.

On 25th January 1964, Bowerman and Phil Knight joined together to start Nike, a Greek word that translates to the goddess of victory. The company has its capital based in Washington County in Oregon, USA. But it was not until 1971 that the famous company logo, a solid swoosh, was designed by Carolyn Davidson, a Portland University student, for just $35. The brand’s slogan ‘Let’s Do It’ was inspired by a serial murderer who blurted out those words before being executed. 

According to recent reports, Nike sells its products, including clothing, footwear, and more sporting accessories, from approximately 700 shops worldwide. With an estimated 770,000 employees working in this company, it makes around $46 billion in annual sales. Nike’s estimated net worth of $174 billion makes it the world’s most valuable sports company. In fact, it holds the 83rd position on the Fortune 500 list of companies.

General Information on Gambling

Gambling has been in existence for a long time. From participating in the lottery to placing casino bets to tossing a coin in the air, people are bound to bet on something at one point in their lives. Gambling refers to a process whereby a player risks losing money or gaining money or a prize. The initial documentation of gambling originates from Ancient China, where tiles from approximately 2300 BC were used to play a primitive game of chance, similar to a lottery.

There are different forms of gambling, including casino gambling, sports betting, raffles, poker, lottery, and coin flipping. Regardless of the type of gambling, the entire industry is based on chance and skill. This means if you want to win some lucrative prizes or money, you must practice and perfect your gambling strategy.

It is also worth noting that the popularity of the gambling industry has hit an all-time high as it recorded revenue worth $61.5 billion by the end of 2021. However, gambling companies encourage players to practice responsible gambling to avoid compulsive gambling, which is challenging to overcome. Thus, it is good practice to play sporadically, for fun, or with funds that you can afford

Is There a Relationship Between Nike and Gambling on Sports?

Initially, Nike’s primary goal was to provide athletes with quality and durable footwear. However, as the fitness ideology gained popularity in the late 1970s, more and more people realized that running and sports were not just for athletes. The brand’s popularity grew because people wanted to look as successful and healthy as their favorite athletes. In 1979, Nike expanded its inventory to include apparel and other sporting accessories, allowing sports fans to access quality sports clothing and accessories, like those worn by their favorite sports stars.

If you are familiar with the sports scene, you know it is almost impossible to talk about sports without considering sports betting. As one of the world’s oldest and most popular pastimes, gambling in sports has taken over the industry, resulting in its emergence as a multi-billion dollar market, just like Nike. The legalization of sports betting has also contributed to the massive growth of sports betting in the US. 50% of the states in the US have legalized sports betting, meaning residents can place wagers on their favorite sports. Thus, before embarking on any sports betting activities, it is advisable to check local legislation to ensure you are not in contravention of the laws of the land.

Nike and sports gambling are closely related. This is because Nike is among the top sponsors for various sports athletes. From basketball to hockey to tennis to football to hockey to cricket, Nike has endorsement deals with many famous sports players and sports teams. In addition, it recruits these famous sports players to market its products to its audiences. As a result, Nike is known to have some of the best and trendiest advertisement deals worldwide.

5 Facts About Nike and Gambling

Now that you understand the relationship between Nike and gambling let us discuss some of the craziest and, probably unknown by many, facts about Nike and gambling. They include:

1. Nike is The Undisputed Champion of Sport Gambling Sponsorships

With approximately 1.6 billion people in the world participating in various gambling activities, different top brands in the world have taken advantage of the popularity of this pastime by investing in it. Regarding sports apparel, Nike is the leader of the pack. The brand has become synonymous with famous athletes across various sports, including football, basketball, tennis, hockey, and cricket.

It is common knowledge that Nike presents a rich history of aligning itself with the best athletes. From world-class players like Rory Mcllroy, Lebron James, and Serena Williams to up-and-coming athletes still in their rookie years, Nike can spot talent from a mile down the road and establish relationships with players long before them becoming household names.

Think about Serena Williams. She signed a contract with Nike in 2003, at the age of 22, for an estimated $55 million. Since they started working together, Serena has won numerous Grand Slam championships and been ranked as the top singles player globally by the Women’s Tennis Association. Currently, the Serena Williams building is the largest structure at Nike World HQ.  Not too shabby for a 19-year partnership!

It makes sense that rookies would want to establish a relationship with Nike, given that the brand represents many of the best athletes in the world. As a result, young athletes are encouraged to pursue being a Nike athlete as a feasible goal. In fact, Nike offers novice players all the information they require on their website to help them reach their objectives, fostering an inclusive culture and encouraging the pursuit of dreams in the process.

2. Nike Has an 8-year Contract with the NFL for Player Uniforms

Besides endorsing athletes, Nike also established a name for itself in property partnerships. In March 2018, the two companies revealed that they would extend their partnership for another eight years, even before their ongoing deal expired in 2020. The current collaboration will continue until 2028 unless the two businesses extend it again.

Nike’s NFL Partnership involves Nike providing all 32 NFL teams with game-day uniforms as well as sideline apparel with the legendary swoosh logo. The brand will also offer quality gear to the players they have deals with, including its new NFL player signs, Baker Mayfield and Saquon Barkley. With this agreement, Nike firmly establishes itself as the NFL’s official game-day attire provider.

In the 2017–18 season, Nike had the exclusive rights to provide the NBA’s uniforms. However, Nike encountered problems when its uniforms began spectacularly disintegrating, and the incident gained widespread attention.  The NFL agreement’s financial terms were not disclosed, while the NBA agreement had an eight-year reported value of $1 billion.

3. Nike Has Taken Advantage of Sports Gambling Popularity by Betting on Women’s Sports

With an aim of becoming the most inclusive company in the world, Nike has opted to start banking on Women’s sports. The FIFA Women’s World Cup saw this company refocus its approach on altering the perception of women’s sports across the field. In addition, the fact that the popularity of women’s sports is rising has provided many sporting brands to invest in this sports category. Even during the women’s winter sports, we saw that top brands, including Nike, were heavily involved in marketing the events to sports fans globally and dressing various teams.

During the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Nike prepared jerseys for all participating teams it sponsors during the event. Previously, this was a luxury only accorded to the women’s national team in the United States. This occurrence also led to the initiation of the ‘Dream Further’ campaign by Nike, which features top athletes like 10-year-old Makena Cook, Brazil’s Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, Germany’s Sara Dabritz, and Crystal Dunn from the USA.

4. A Sunderland Gambling Addict Stole £900,000 from Nike

Christopher Rawding, a 3-year-old cunning worker in Nike, stole nearly £900,000 from Nike to support his problem gambling habit. He worked as a Nike representative in charge of collecting money from retail chains that placed enormous orders. From 2015 to 2018, Christopher managed to misuse his position of trust by blocking clients from making payments to the international sportswear brand. Instead, he gave them information regarding his personal bank account that allowed him to receive these funds in his individual capacity.

To conceal the shortfall in Urban Industries’ account at the conclusion of each billing cycle, he altered other customers’ accounts. According to court documents, the account representative used this money to fuel his gambling obsession, whereby he lost about £5,000 every day. The offense was only discovered in October when Rawding was promoted to a strategic accounts representative in April 2018 and transferred to the Netherlands.

During Christopher’s hearing in October 2019, he entered a guilty plea to the two counts of fraud by false misrepresentation and received a 40 month prison sentence. There were also other proceedings instituted to recover any remaining funds from Christopher.

5. Nike Bets Big on Football and Football Gambling

Thanks to Nike being the official supplier of the NFL since 2012 and the NBA since 2015, football has experienced significant growth in popularity. The brand has also endorsed other football events, like the Premier League, UEFA Euro, and the FIFA World Cup, among many others. Due to the company’s massive popularity worldwide, it has had a significant impact on the popularity of this sport. Even when participating in fantasy sports betting sites, you will find various teams or players wearing Nike uniforms.

Final Thoughts

As technology continues to evolve, Nike and gambling have a long relationship ahead of them. Nike continues to create more opportunities for the world of sports and different levels of professional athletes. And as far as gambling goes, the numbers show that this thrilling pastime continues to thrive remarkably. Thus, we are eager to see what Nike and gambling have in store for its enthusiasts in the future.

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