Tips For Musicians To Grow and Promote Their Music On ITunes

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As a company, Apple adopts a closed-off practice to the rest of the industry. This refers to the tendencies where they prefer developing their own products and software instead of sharing that space with other companies. As a result, Apple products typically function most effectively within its own ecosystem. Similarly, the algorithm built into Apple Music or iTunes requires different marketing approaches to thrive as a musician as compared to many other music streaming platforms. It is important to understand this distinction and carry out iTunes promotion strategies that flow with the algorithm so your efforts don’t go to waste.

Similar to other platforms, iTunes features a vast collection of curated public playlists that are highly followed in various genres and are regularly updated. However, unlike other platforms, the playlists available on iTunes are exclusively created by Apple’s in-house editorial team. There is no official process for external individuals to submit or pitch their playlists for public listing on iTunes. You could, however, submit your music through said editorial team personally. but it does not necessarily mean that it would get approved. 

A more effective way of getting your songs onto these public playlists is to essentially build a good rapport with them. This would mean taking recommended actions by the platform such as verifying your account. Sharing your profile link across various online platforms and social media and bringing in users to engage with the platform would also contribute to giving you a better chance of getting on these playlist curators’ good side. These steps show your dedication as a musician to them which in turn, increases the likelihood of your songs being listed.

Maximize Your Listeners By Streamlining Access To Your iTunes

Of course, having a strong online following means you have a strong amount of attention directed to you. When it comes to promoting your music on iTunes and having listeners come back, you should find a way to lead and direct the attention from you to your music. Sync up all your web accounts together with your iTunes profile by adding in a hyperlink directed to your iTunes profile in a prominent location of your web profiles, such as in your bio or pinned to the top of your account. This would include social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook, as well as your own website or any other online platform you may have,

Artists tend to have a bump in their listening count every time they make a simple post on social media regardless if the post is promoting their music or not. This is because people tend to recognize the artist better than remembering the name of their songs. Thus, any form of contact an artist has with their fans, on social media, can capture their interest and lead them to visit the artist’s profile. By including your iTunes profile link in a prominent spot, you simply ease the flow for them to access your music.’

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