Influence of Megaways Engine Highlights How Slots Market Is Ripe for Investment

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When an industry gets too big, some investors think that it’s too late to jump in and take a slice of the pie. Others see the opportunity in innovation and think of the wider picture. The online casino industry is already massive, but projections suggest that it’s going to continue ballooning. Indeed, the thriving market of today could just be a taster of what’s to come.

The recently invented Megaways engine is a good example of how established casino games are still open to evolution. A great investment opportunity now could be to buy stakes in studios that are trying to push the slots market forward.

Megaways Has Been Highly Influential

If you look at the bustling online slots UK market, you’ll notice that it has become swamped with new titles with the Megaways name attached. These include games like Eye of Horus: The Golden Tablet Megaways and The Wish Master Megaways. Megaways titles are listed prominently at the top of the slots page, as operators know that a lot of people are looking for reel spinners that use this mechanic.

The Megaways engine was conceived by Big Time Gaming, but it proved so popular that the studio decided to franchise it. Now, the biggest brands in the iGaming business have jumped on this piece of tech. It has also led innovative thinkers to get inspired to create their own twists on the traditional slot format.

Investing in Slot Development Could be Fruitful

Slots have entered a phase in their evolution in which many studios are trying to come up with the next Megaways engine. They want to have their mechanic impact the slots market in the same way that Big Time Gaming’s offering did. There has been an influx of other inventions like Cash Link, Jackpot King, and Clusterbuster, but none have made waves in quite the same way as Megaways.

Now could be the perfect time for investors to buy shares in companies that are actively pushing to advance the slots market. Whoever manages to stake on the right horse in this race to help slots evolve could benefit greatly if the new mechanic is franchised in the same way that Megaways was.

Slots Ready to Enter Next Stage of Their Evolution

Along with trying to come up with new mechanics for the games, many studios are also preparing for the future of online casinos. When virtual reality goes mainstream, slot games are likely to change massively. Therefore, brands that manage to develop the perfect games for this new technology are likely to see their value skyrocket.

When the metaverse comes to fruition, it could mean that there are metaverse casinos as well. In this scenario, slot games might exist within them as machines that appear to resemble physical properties. Players could then walk around and choose which one they’d like to play. Another potential scenario is that slots start being set in fantasy worlds.

The fact that Megaways has boomed so much has led more people than ever to realise that the slots market is still evolving. Now could be an excellent time to invest in a forward-thinking slot development studio that is trying to innovate for future technology.

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