Comprehensive Guide for Americans Eyeing Maltese Citizenship by Investment

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The island nation continues to attract many people who want to visit or stay there. For example, americans have an excellent opportunity to open the gates to a new life. A popular option is to obtain Malta citizenship by investment. Contributing to the country’s development financially becomes a great opportunity to become a citizen of the said state and enjoy all the rights and privileges. The program is ideal for those who already have or do not yet have their own entrepreneurial business in the homeland.

It is worth considering in detail the Malta citizenship for U.S. citizens. People with a passport from a European country have almost the same rights as those born there. Entrepreneurs have a unique chance to optimize the taxation system, adjusting it to their business. Obtaining citizenship by investing money allows you to repay what you have invested quickly. Children have the right to study and work in the island nation. 

Overview of Maltese CBI Program

More recently, in 2020, a rule was introduced that makes it possible to acquire citizenship of this state a year or more after issuing a residence permit. It is allowed for applicants to get the desired based on direct investment for special services. In this case, you only need to invest 690 thousand euros.

It is required to fulfill 3 investment conditions:

  • contributing to the National Development Fund;
  • making a payment to an organization that is not subordinate to the government;
  • buying or renting a house, apartment, or something similar.

The amount of contribution to the fund directly affects the time of application. If you invest, for example, 600000 euros, everything will be solved in 3 years, but if you invest 750000, it will take a year.

Eligibility Process for US citizens

There is a clear process that must be followed for U.S. citizens who intend to take advantage of this program. Applicants must meet the established requirements. They must confirm their impeccable reputation and absence of criminal record. 

According to Vladlena Baranova, an expert on the investment program and representative of Immigrant Invest, there is a clearly defined process to obtain a passport. It includes several steps, such as writing an application and collecting and submitting documents.

Candidates must prove their impeccable reputation and that they have no involvement in criminal cases. Investment funds must be invested for a predetermined period and can be used to fund projects on the island nation.

Key Advantages for Obtaining Maltese Passport for Americans

Acquiring a Malta passport for US citizens through the way mentioned above offers several advantages:

  1. It allows its holders to travel freely throughout the EU countries and those countries with which the state has agreements on a visa-free regime. It opens up many opportunities, including access to travel to different corners of the globe and employment in different places without unnecessary formalities.
  2. It can serve as a measure of protection against geopolitical risks. If the political situation in the U.S. suddenly changes, such a passport can become a “reserve” citizenship, providing stability and security.
  3. The described country offers a tax on profits and capital investments. It is quite relevant for those who want to manage their assets and reduce the tax burden. 

Getting what you want through investing your money is an ideal option for ambitious individuals looking for new business and investment opportunities and seeking to expand their business in the European market. It also serves as an excellent way for those worried about political and economic instability or wishing to improve their mobility and freedom of movement. 

Gateway to European Markets

Don’t forget that this country is a member of the EU, which makes the passport very important. It opens access to a huge European market with more than 500 million potential customers. Therefore, we can say that Maltese citizenship for americans is an easy way to easily do business in the EU without any barriers and customs restrictions. 

Economically Stable and Safe Country

Malta is known for its stable economy and high level of security. It guarantees an ideal environment for life and business. Individuals who are not indifferent to the political and economic instability in their country can find in this country a haven and a place to invest.

Availability of Business Sectors for Americans

Of course, there is a wide range of investment options. You can invest in various fields of activity, including real estate, finance, and technology. Maltese citizenship for americans is especially interesting for entrepreneurs continuously searching for new markets and opportunities to expand their business. 


As you can see, finding a new life and discovering new ways of self-realization is not so difficult. It is enough to be aware of all the processes, conditions, peculiarities, and requirements to do everything in time and quickly. And if you have any doubts, you can always consult experts and ask for their help. Professionals will help you deal with all the issues in the shortest possible time, so you will get rid of unnecessary tasks and just enjoy the process. Additionally, you can save money on solving unnecessary issues.

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