Leef introduced Wireless Pocket Storage for iPhone®

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Leef iBridge Air Wireless streaming for IOS device that fits in the front pocket of the skinny jeans.

Introducing the Leef iBridge™ Air, the most recent essential wireless device for iPhones and iPads, created by mobile memory consultants Leef. The iBridge Air is a next-generation external iOS memory drive that provides memory enlargement and much more, empowering users to stream, share, and store the memories that matter most.

Building on the success of its flagship product, Leef iBridge™. The creators at Leef have gone one step further with the new iBridge Air removing the requirement to directly connect it to Lightning® port. Leef iBridge Air is the initial wireless product designed to take the ease-of-use of an “IOS flash drive” and mate it with the high performance, 5GHz wireless connectivity.  With Leef iBridge Air, folks can now have an elegant solution to the iPhone content sharing and streaming drawback and a viable alternative to iCloud®.

With the Leef iBridge Air:

Stream: All video and music files can be shared wirelessly with any other Apple or Android device.

Collect: Leef iBridge Air is used to create a central repository of all the Apple® and Android® pictures and videos captured at an event. No more time-consuming sending and receiving individual pictures and videos via email, text or AirDrop®.

Backup: Automatically backup of contacts, photos, videos and other files via Wifi.

Migrate: Transfer photos, videos and other documents without iPhone or iPad wirelessly to free up more space.

Save: Ignore and silence all of the persistent reminders to buy space on the cloud service.

Eric Bone, VP & GM of Product Management at Leef commented: “We are thrilled to take what we’ve learned with our direct-connected IOS iBridge line-up and introduce a new, pocketable, wireless storage device. Wireless storage devices are too big and bulky to easily bring with you – we focused on small size, good battery life and a great IOS App to make it a perfect device for small parties or other meet-ups that create a lot of content and want to share it immediately.”




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