IBM and Cloudera

IBM and Cloudera Announce Strategic Partnership to Accelerate AI solutions

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Cloudera with its CDF platform provides cloud-data solutions to more organizations

IBM, the pioneer in providing IT services and Cloudera, a leading cloud solution provider, teamed up strategically to develop joint go-to-market programs supposedly designed to bring advanced data and AI solutions to more organizations across the wide-range Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

Headquarters in California, Hortonworks merged with Cloudera in January 2019, and created integrated solutions for data science and data management. The agreement between IBM and Cloudera based on the long-standing IBM-Hortonworks relationship that builds on these integrated solutions and extends them to include the Cloudera platform.

Cloudera offers innovative DataFlow platform

Reduce data integration development time: DataFlow platform offers a simple visual UI for building sophisticated data flow to fulfill major data ingestions, transformations, and enrichment from a variety of streaming sources. Powered by Apache NiFi, CDF ingests data from devices, enterprise applications, partner systems, and edge applications generating real-time streaming data.

Manage and secure data: CDF enables high volume data collection at the edge, even from edge devices using Minifi. It allows one to set up a widely distributed IoT deployment models for regional data collection with ease using NiFi with Minifi to stream data from the edge.

Real-Time Insights: Now an enterprise can have real-time and actionable intelligence that allows them to act soon. By using the powerful streaming platform Apache Kafka, CDF can process millions of transactions per second, identify key patterns, compare against machine learning models, and offers prescriptive analytics to help business leaders make important decisions and leverage opportunities.

Out-of-the-box compliance: CDF uniquely offers data provenance and edge-to-edge data governance out of the box. NiFi with CDF tracks data lineage without any extra configuration or setup.

Scott Andress, Vice President of Global Channels and Alliances, Cloudera, said, “By teaming more strategically with IBM we can accelerate data-driven decision making for our joint enterprise customers who want a hybrid and multi-cloud data management solution with common security and governance.” “We are pleased to have expanded our relationship with IBM, and I am very encouraged by the momentum that our companies have continued to generate together since the merger,” he admired.



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