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AT&T introduces AT&T CyberSecurity at RSA conference

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Global Telco Security Alliance protects customers from cyber attacks

AT&T, a leading telecom provider announced that it has plans to introduce a new standalone security division, AT&T Cybersecurity at the RSA Conference. AT &T combines technology and threat intelligence from Alien Vault, which was acquired by AT&T and AT&T’s security consulting and managed services. AT&T joined as a founding member of the group, which was launched by Etisalat, Singtel, SoftBank, and Telefónica. This group shares threat intelligence and security best practices in an effort to help telecom companies protect their customers from cyber-attacks

Sanjay Ramnath, Assistant Vice President of Product Marketing at AT&T Cybersecurity stated, “We already have a really strong history of collaborating with the community and making our intelligence data available to our customers and sharing with the larger community.”

Software platform ensures security compliances

Along with the Open Threat Exchange, AlienVault brought its software platform to AT&T.  It detects threats, responds to security breaches, and ensures compliance across on-premises environments and clouds. Furthermore, this platform also integrates with other security products and data sources. Additionally, it also utilizes technical capabilities and the operator’s cloud to core to edge visibility and intelligence to customize services.

Sanjay Ramnath, Assistant Vice President of Product Marketing at AT&T CyberSecurity stated, “Now with AT&T in the fold we bring that visibility that AT&T Chief Security Organization has — that massive scale of network traffic and data — added to what we’ve been doing through Open Threat Exchange.”  

Integrating processes helps avoid security breaches

The CyberSecurity division combines this threat intelligence and network visibility under a single team called Alien Labs.Security breaches take place because of gaps caused by contrasting products, too much data, and complicated security systems. In this way, Alien Labs joins threat intelligence and security technology with AT&T consulting and managed security services.

Sanjay Ramnath, Assistant Vice President of Product Marketing at AT&T CyberSecurity stated: “cyber security and cybercrime is at a stage where no single vendor or organization can fight crime on their own.”  Further, he added, “Our approach is integrating and orchestrating people, processes, and technology to bridge those gaps and seams. Collaborative defense will integrate and automate Alien Lab’s threat intelligence into a security management platform”.  

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