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Over the years, there has been a lot of debate about healthy food and eating habits. These habits are quite varied among-st the different generations. The change in lifestyle patterns is also one of the major reasons why the current generation is shifting towards food that is easily available. Replacing fast food with healthy food is not a wise option but the other factors can be held responsible for such is ‘lifestyle. The factor such as adulteration of food is one of the major reasons why people tend to opt for various foods which are easily available. The concern is also quite alarming as people are less aware of such factors.

According to the latest news reports, approximately 68% of the milk that is consumed by Indians is adulterated. The disturbing fact about adulterated dairy products is that it doesn’t have an immediate effect on the body but is a major contributor towards bad health and disease in the longer run. Moreover, milk is something that is being consumed by almost every household. But everything can’t be just blamed on lifestyle, the packed milk or the milk available in the pouches is not fresh as the product life-cycle of the milk is quite long.

The Passion for Organic Food

There is a shortage of fresh and quality dairy product which can be accessed as soon it is milked from the cow. Understanding the importance of the fresh dairy product, Kanika & Sanjeev Yadav started Whyte Farms. The passion for organic food pushed them to start something that can provide the nation with more natural, nutritious, pure and wholesome food. India has a long history of food-related to dairy products and is at the heart of everyone’s diet in India. It led them to create a 25-acre farm on a beautiful piece of land on the borders of Rajasthan. The farm is capable of keeping more than 500 cows. Healthy food needs a healthy habitat. Whyte Farms follows strict norms wherein pay a lot of attention to what the cows eats of the highest quality fodder grown at especially on the farm.

Maintaining the Quality till the Last Drop

Whyte Farms is equipped with the most advanced milking machine, the 2×6 Herringbone parlour. The machine can milk 12 cows in just 7 minutes. Then the fresh milk is passed through the PHE pipelines and is chilled to 4 º c immediately. This helps in the preservation of the milk. After the preservation process, the milk is chilled and pasteurized making it safe to drink without boiling. The fresh milk is delivered to the home within hours of milking. The cold-chain process at Whyte Farms ensures that the milk is good at the last drop after it reaches the customer.

Providing Purity as well as Quality

Sharing their experiences, Sanjeev Yadav says, In our childhood days, I always consumed fresh milk that was sourced from our own cows and knew what they were eating so milk was something we didnt have to be worried about. But as I grew up, I observed that the majority of people depended on pouches & UHT packs including my friends & extended family.  Presently, the milk comes from processing plants /factories that are produced far and it takes 4-7 days to transport.

Whyte FarmsWhyte Farm aims to provide the best of both purity as well as quality. Presently, Whyte Farm supplies milk and ghee. Its monthly subscription-based milk is one of its bestselling. The majority of players in the industry are collectors i.e. they don’t produce the dairy product rather they collect and transport. On the contrary, Whyte Farm has control over each and every aspect right from what the cows eat, milking them in hygienic conditions with no human touch involved and pasteurized, packaging to delivery to the customer. It follows a unique chain that starts from producers to consumers, which helps in maintaining the quality and control over each aspect to provide the best service to its customers.

A Company is basically its Employees

Managing such a large farm is not an easy task and to empower the teammates it is important to believe in vision collectively. Kanika & Sanjeev Yadav keeps the teammate coherent with the vision and always aware of the road ahead, which brings in a collective energy to work towards the same together. It also dictates the culture of the company, which affects the work environment. The duo believes a company isn’t run by the CEO; it’s a collective collaboration of every person on each level.

Stories of Real Goodness

Today, the consumers are very much aware of what they eat and drink. There are various awareness campaigns, advisements and other social media content which allow consumers to know about what and how their food is being made and processed. No company can hide their wrongdoings. The term consumer is the king is still alive. There are various strict rules and government norms keeping track of these companies. Leading the way companies are trying to provide fresh and wholesome food. Here are some of the views of the happy customers of Whyte Farms.

After moving from the States to India, my kids practically stopped drinking milk, until I discovered Whyte Farms. Thanks to you guys for providing safe and Fresh milk, My kids love it and I order 3 gallons a week! I appreciate you for your effort and commitment. Dana Nugent

Feels good to drink real authentic milk where every other brand in the market that exists is adulterated … actually felt the difference inconsistency in my cold coffee… thereafter I requested them and actually visited their production facility and was impressed to see the attention they pay to hygiene  and quality… keep up the good work guys!  Avni Jain

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