6 Places to Visit In Canada in the Spring

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Although it’s been nicknamed “The Great White North,” it’s not cold in Canada year-round. In fact, the spring and summer months in Canada are filled with temperate weather and beautiful sights. If you’re planning your next trip to a Canadian province or just looking for a reason to visit the country, then here are some great ideas that fit all vacation styles!

1. Niagra Falls

If you want to spend time as a tourist, then consider a trip up to Niagra Falls. This majestic landmark is on the border between Ontario and New York state, making it easily accessible to Americans.

The best part about his landmark is that you can spend your time on the U.S. side, exploring the city and national park nearby, or you can hop over to Ontario and explore one of Canada’s most popular destinations. Check out the St. Lawrence Street Market, visit the Ontario National Museum or spend a day at the Casa Loma historical castle!

2. Banff National Park

Banff National Park is Canada’s first national park, established in 1885. It’s one of the most famous national parks among adventures, hikers and campers because of its stunning views and diverse landscape. 

Banff occupies over 6,500 square miles in the Canadian Rocky Mountains including a 26 square mile hot spring reserve. You can hike, camp and paddle your way through the park in the spring time, enjoying incredible mountain views and crisp, clear water. There are even hotels and cabins in the park if you’d rather not rough it.

3. Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the most popular tourist spots in Canada. Located in British Columbia on the West Coast, it’s a diverse, densely populated metropolis that offers activities for all interests. You can take garden tours, go whale watching, enjoy the local art and music scene or even spend time outdoors in the surrounding mountains. 

You can take cruises from Vancouver! It’s a popular port city for Alaskan and Pacific cruises, where you can spend a day or two soaking up the city and then embark on your seaward adventure.

4. Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia occupies the East Coast of Canada’s territory and is steeped in rich history. The name means “New Scotland” because it was settled by the Scottish as one of the original Canadian provinces. It’s also where the Acadians, many of whom traveled to and settled in Southern Louisiana, lived before they were excommunicated from their land by the British.

There are plenty of fun activities in Nova Scotia both for the history buff and the outdoorsman. You can visit the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, the Maritime Museum, the Fortress of Louisberg or even just spend a day walking along the craggy ocean shore.

5. Quebec City

Quebec is a large, French-speaking province in eastern Canada just north of Maine. Its capital, Quebec City, is a great place to visit if you want to be fully immersed in Canadian culture and experience the stunning sights of a historic metropolis. 

You can explore the charming intricacies of Old Quebec and the historic district, wander out to Montmorency Falls (which is even bigger than Niagra Falls) or spend a day in Jacques-Cartier National Park for some hiking, paddline and relaxation.

6. Whistler

Although this city is widely known as a skiiers paradise, it’s also a lot of fun in warmer weather. Situated within British Columbia on the West Coast, Whistler offers outdoor activities for solo travels, couples and families alike. 

You can do things like horseback riding, hiking, fishing, kayaking and more! Stay at a ski lodge, hotel or even Airbnb while you’re out there to have a cozy place to call home during your trip. There’s even a large waterfall, Brandywine Falls, where you can hike down to a gorgeous fall that gives the park its name.

If you’ve never been to Canada and are ready to explore, then any of these destinations would be a great first stop. Choose something close by or something that has all the activities you’re itching to do and start planning your trip.

Remember, these are all spring time activities and some may not be open or available in the winter months when snow and ice are common.

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