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Nippon Data System Limited

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For years, the Document Management industry has been steering the growth of other industries by helping them with document management and associated features for effective document management. With the advent of technology, the industry has catered to the requirements of document management by providing streamlined and efficient solutions. It has not only improved the experience of accessing data using automation in the paper-based processes but has also resulted in improving efficiency and productivity. Moreover, data sharing has become safer due to the enhanced DMS services that have been mitigating security-related threats.

With a plethora of services and effective management solutions to offer at bay, there are several issues within the DMS industry which need to be addressed on a priority basis. These underlying issues require effective management and holistic approaches by the industrial experts within the business management industry, in order to continue leveraging efficient document management solutions.

The motivation to seek solutions to these underlying problems within the industry is the driving force that forged the establishment of NIPPON DATA SYSTEM LIMITED. The company aims to provide distinctive services in the DMS industry while sorting all the major problems associated to document management. It envisions providing the clients with a competitive business advantage using cutting-edge technology—with respect to the solutions it offers.

Nippon Data is the brainchild of Harish Kumar Saraf (CEO and Founder). Saraf aims to collaborate with customers to deliver high-end business solutions to their satisfaction and assist them in realizing their full potential. He established Nippon Data to give life to his cause and accomplish his mission of delivering high-end Newton DMS solutions.

Revolutionizing the DMS Landscape

Nippon Data contributes to revolutionizing the Newton DMS landscape in multiple ways. The company offers a powerful live-search function to allow searching documents by their file names and metadata such as keywords. It enables searching for files formats such as PDFs, Docx files, and even screenshots and photos of documents.

In case any document needs approval by one or several people prior to moving to the next step, Nippon Data enables inviting people to approve and add their comments to documents. It also allows access to documents in the Newton online document management system via various devices such as PC, Mac, tablets, and many more.

Nippon Data develops products that are standard in nature and cover all possible business scenarios. These products are further demonstrated to prospects and are modified based on their inputs. The company’s R&D section transforms the product onto the latest technologies that are modular in nature, faster, and easy to maintain.

Strategized Business Solutions

Nippon Data provides IT-enabled business solutions to provide a competitive business advantage to its clients by helping them—‘Live Your Enterprise Potential’.

Nippon Data offers the following services:

NEWTON ERP– (Available both On-Premise & On-Cloud) Can manage information management needs of enterprises operating in diverse business segments ranging from single-location, single-product operations to multi-location, multi-product, multi-factory, and multi-division operations. 

NEWTON CRM – (On-Premise & On-Cloud) Vision of the solution is to automate all non-financial and financial needs of the business which are obstacles to growth and consume extraordinary resources.

NEWTON SCM – The combination of art and science which goes into improving the way the company finds raw components it needs to make a product or service and deliver it to customers.

Employing Technological Advancements

Currently, technology is constantly changing and forcing businesses to seek versatile employees with specialized skills, experience, and certifications. Nippon Data provides technical and engineering personnel to make businesses successful.

Nippon Data constitutes an extensive database of pre-scanned candidates. It has one of the highest retention rates in the industry. The company fills almost any requirement, including areas such as—Engineering, Research & Development, Design, drafting & CAD, Technicians, to name a few.

Nurturing Clientele Experience

Speaking of the company’s clientele experience, Saraf asserts ‘Client satisfaction is our ONLY measure of successes.’ Nippon Data prioritizes its clients and customers on higher-ends. With considerable experience in delivering services and industry-specific expertise, its value-added consultations help the clients in seeking the right answers to business challenges.

Nippon Data ensures continuity and on-time completion of services with its in-depth capabilities to scale up services according to changing requirements. The company specializes in Analytics & Business Intelligence and has been enabling various companies to manage client’s data and leverage the data in making business decisions.

The company vigorously updates its customers regarding every latest trend in the industry. In case of any important changes, it communicates with them via emails or other secured media in batch files, which does the job.

Comprehending Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the functioning of several businesses and companies. It exposed the underlying weaknesses of Document Management, although data proves that document management plays a significant role in digital workplace technology.

This turned out to be a major matter of concern for those firms that relied on actual paper records being maintained in their offices. For instance, in a recent situation in which employees who worked remotely were unable to do much of their work. This was because they couldn’t access the documents they needed to conduct their jobs.

A Prolific Future

Nippon Data aims to continue conducting business with the highest degree of ethics and treat each transaction with fairness and honesty. The company aims to be recognized amongst the top five preferred solution providers in the market in the near future.

Nippon Data envisions a bright and prolific future ahead. The company strategizes to further enhance its Newton Flagship Products such as Newton ERP and Newton CRM, and make them as accessible as an internet connection.

Nippon Data System Limited

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