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Neurored: Unleashing The Power Of Blockchain Cloud SCM For Accelerating Global Trade & Logistics

Neurored cloud SCM

Incepted in 2010, Neurored is a Salesforce ISV/OEM partner, specializing in the development of applications for global logistics and supply chain management. The leading supply chain solutions provider’s applications are Salesforce Platform native in their entirety, which means they provide flexible, affordable and reliable solutions. Furthermore, Neurored takes advantage of the Salesforce Platform and its strategic partnerships with best-in-class service providers of transport information to provide their customers with unparalleled enterprise systems.

Comprehending the current scenario of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) industry, Neurored believes that the future of Global SCM is rooted in secure digital communities, where customers, suppliers, and carriers engage from quote through delivery, with automated transparency, trust, efficiency, and speed. Hence, the award-winning supply chain service provider delivers a community focused solution which offers the best of today’s logistics technologies, while shining a bright light on the unchartered areas for industry-wide improvement, in turn helping the entire logistics industry to maintain its focus on constantly getting better.

Leading the Team Through Dynamic Leadership Skillsets

Joseph Hudicka is the Managing Director of Neurored in the US, CA & UK markets. With 25 years of extensive experience, Joseph is a well-seasoned veteran from the supply chain industry and is internationally recognized as both a published author as well as an intellectual speaker on business process re-engineering, business intelligence, and technological innovation. Presently, the MD of Neurored thrives on disruptive innovation opportunities and supervises the business processes of Global Trade & Logistics in order to be perfectly positioned for massive disruption.

Sharing his life’s philosophy, Joseph asserts, “I have three life goals – creating businesses I love to be in, investing most of my time in friends and family, and promoting strength oriented learning. I’ve also laid out a 141-year life plan, and rest assured, I’ll move that line further out when I get about half-way there, if not sooner!”

Targeted Industrial Sectors by Neurored

Neurored helps following businesses to stay ahead using emerging technologies that are set out to disrupt the global supply chain industry.

  • Forwarders: Neurored digitizes client business processes and network to become a one-stop shop for logistics, e-business technology, and global trade finance.
  • Traders: It also assists traders to get onboard, evaluate and select the best suppliers in a matter of clicks. Additionally, its top-notch forwarding solutions allow customers to trade synchronously and reduce their transport expenses.
  • Shippers: Shippers can configure the custom Cloud SCM tool to fit their unique business processes for taking control of their supply chain for reducing costs, increasing outputs, and boosting business margins.
  • Financial Entities: Neurored also allows its users to provide their customers with an alternative mechanism to finance global trade.
  • Ports: Using its tailor-made solutions, customers can improve transactional collaboration across all the stakeholders of the global supply chain from their port community.
  • Export Credit Insurers: Clients from this sector can take advantage of Neurored’s solutions to track and trace, along with blockchain technologies to reach new levels of visibility and trust over their issued guarantees.

Delivering Groundbreaking Supply Chain Software Solutions

Neurored allows Wholesale Traders, Manufacturers and Logistics Companies (3PL’s) to manage global trade and supply chain in a very efficient way, taking advantage of the leading Cloud & Blockchain platforms and best-in-class LogTech services. These services include:

  • Freight Forwarders and 3PLs: Neurored provides tools that clients need to attract and retain more business and differentiate from their competitors. Its powerful solutions portfolio includes Freight Rates Management, Pricing/Quotation, Shipments Planning, Execution, and Tracking.
  • Import-Export Companies & Traders: Joseph and his team also offer systems which customers need to trade more efficiently with their suppliers and customers and manage their global supply chain with full visibility. This consists of great solutions, namely E-Sourcing, Import-Export Trading, and Shipping.
  • Integrations: Neurored urges customers to take advantage of its many integrations with internet leading resources for global trade and supply chain management. This comprises of B2B marketplaces like Alibaba, Logistic Portals like INTTRA, Industrial Catalogs like TECDOC, and many others.

Setting High Benchmarks in the SCM Industry

Neurored delivers innovative global transportation & supply chain management solutions that are completely cloud-based, omnichannel, inter-modal, and blockchain activated.  Likewise, its Saas solutions combined with the system integrator staff and partners within the Force.com ecosystem by Salesforce.com enables its customers to completely digitize their businesses, from supplier and customer management, through quoting, ordering, track and trace, and digitized document management and collaboration. In all, Neurored provides clients with a 360 degree, digital view of the target customers, suppliers and carriers, ultimately keeping everyone in the loop.

Creating & Managing the Dream Team of Neurored

Neurored’s team is comprised of vibrant professionals who are uniquely focused on delivering a shared mission, and are handsomely rewarded for their efforts throughout the entire lifetime of each customer relationship they embrace. While hiring a new employee, Joseph and his management team seek creative, well spoken, and self-starting individuals that quickly learn their role as well as redefine it as they derive experience and see opportunities to gain efficiencies which benefit Neurored’s clients and team.

Widening Horizons & Strategies for the Near Future

Over the next coming years, Neurored will continue to strengthen its core supply chain and transportation management capabilities, while expanding it’s support of other corporate functions, through product releases such as Blockchain 4 Files (B4F), a true game-changer in the space of document management which leverages Blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity and accessibility of documents. It will also simultaneously expedite core business activities such as trigger financial activities like payments and preserving financial and warranty ledgers that ward off fraud proactively.