Friendly Diamonds: Revolutionizing The Lab Diamond Industry

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Friendly Diamonds, an online platform to shop lab grown diamonds and lab diamond jewelry, is a frontrunner in revolutionizing the diamond jewelry industry as we know it. 

But before we tell you more about the brand, let’s look at current trends in the diamond industry and understand why consumers prefer lab diamond jewelry over mined stone jewelry.

The future of the diamond jewelry industry, as dictated by current trends, tells us that diamond enthusiasts are no longer in favor of mined diamonds and for good reason. 

The diamond mining industry has long been associated with ill practices such as human rights exploitation and the mining of conflict stones that promote warfare. Besides these concerns, the current biggest issue is how diamond mining is affecting the environment as a whole. With carbon emissions, environmental degradation and pollution drastically rising, consumers are now embracing the lab diamond jewelry industry.

How are Lab Diamonds Created?

Created from scratch in state-of-the-art laboratories, lab diamonds used in lab diamond jewelry are created by emulating the earth’s diamond creation process. They have the same chemical and physical properties as mined diamonds, so when you wear lab diamond jewelry, it’s like wearing regular diamond jewelry, only better. 

Why Lab Diamond Jewelry is Better?

Lab diamond jewelry is better because of its budget-friendly pricing and, most importantly, its eco-friendly properties and conflict-free characteristics. 

Environmentally Friendly

Lab diamond jewelry is not part of an industry that destroys the planet. The mining industry must dig more than 1750 tons of earth to mine a one-carat diamond. Lab diamonds do not cause such detrimental effects to the environment. In fact, they are created using less energy, release far lesser carbon emissions, and do not disrupt the natural flora and fauna of the earth.  


Lab diamonds used in lab diamond jewelry cost significantly less than mined diamonds. Almost 30 to 50 percent less while still giving you the same brilliance and shine of a mined diamond. They are priced better simply because they are part of a smaller diamond supply chain, eliminating costs that make it easier on the pocket.

Lab diamond jewelry’s budget-friendly pricing means you can obtain a bigger diamond at a much more affordable price.


Even though the mining industry has put systems in place to assure customers that their stones are conflict-free, there is still no guarantee of the same. Lab diamond jewelry is made of diamonds that are one hundred percent conflict-free, as their sourcing point is the laboratories where they’re created. 

Scientists and other workers of the lab diamond supply chain are paid fair wages for their services, unlike most of the diamond mining workers working at bare minimum wages. 

You can shop for lab diamond jewelry knowing that you’re shopping for ethical jewelry and be at ease doing so.

Friendly Diamonds 

Friendly Diamonds is a frontrunner in encouraging a more transparent and sustainable jewelry industry. True to their company name, the brand uses renewable energy and technologies to create lab diamonds of varied shapes and carat weights. 

With state-of-the-art technology being used to create lab diamond rings and other fine jewelry pieces such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants, you’re sure to find jewelry of impeccable designs.   

Of the many features available on the brand’s online store, you can create your engagement ring using a simple three-step process by choosing a ring setting, a lab diamond and completing your ring with a free engraving if desired.  

You may also customize your jewelry with the Friendly Diamonds bespoke experience, where you discuss your jewelry design with the Friendly Diamonds team to create a piece according to your style and preferences.

The future of the diamond industry is undoubtedly greener. With brands like Friendly Diamonds playing their part in revolutionizing the industry, we can be certain to see an uphill trend for lab diamond jewelry.

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