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The 21st century oriented information technology landscape is full of revolutionary possibilities and transformational changes. As Cloud is dominating the business ecosystem of small as well as large companies, Oracle comes into play, by providing IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and DaaS services. Based on the multi-dimensional platform of Oracle, users are able to manage and deploy applications on their private cloud or switch to the public cloud. Numerous enterprises have adopted oracle built cloud infrastructure to strengthen and unlock economical and growth  opportunities.

ITCabarique is a leading company, providing Oracle services, information technology support and integrated equipment, that allows the company to maintain maximum levels of performance and productivity, enabling the clients’ company to work with the highest security. Incepted in 2014, the Oracle service provider company was born due to the growing need to add value to information technologies. ITCabarique follows a simple mission and business philosophy to listen and take note of the clients’ needs, thereby defining their role and visualizing the possible solutions. This process allows the company to implement flexible and effective processes to face the ever changing challenges of business and communications.

Since, staying at the forefront of knowledge is the key to success in today’s business world, ITCabarique makes sure to keep their eyes on the changes in technology, as this is what keeps them current in contributing value to the information systems management of the clients’ company. ITCabarique’s identity is through its seriousness and commitment to work, which is an integral part of their corporate DNA. The Oracle service provider’s objective is to become leaders in the integration of IT, providing services that generate value along with maintaining a social and ecological commitment to the tech environment.

Torch Bearer & Innovator

Martín Cabarique is the Founder of ITCabarique. Martin developed dbFlashCopy.  He is also OCM – Oracle Certified Master, one of the first to be both OCM 11g and 10g, OCP – Oracle Certified Professional 12c, 11g, 10g, 9i, 8i, Oracle RAC Certified Expert, Oracle Tuning Certified Expert and Oracle evangelist. Commenting on providing services to the Oracle community, Martin says, “The response of most of my Oracle friends and clients when they learned about ITCabarique was “Por Fin!!” I share this anecdote because in addition to my commitment to the decision to serve the Oracle community of users that I have served for more than 20 years, this comment commits me even more to you who have given me the opportunity to serve you.

This Oracle journey led Martin to obtain a Masters in Industrial Business Administration and Technology in the Gadex program in Spain. Along with his dbTwice creator patent and the years of doing business since 1999 with Oracle University, Martin along with his wife Sandra formed the ITCabarique project, with the vision of being the best option of products and services in IT.  That vision is shared with his partners Julio Vasquez and Marlon Carrera whose joined almost immediatly to the company.  Martin believes in working hard for the sole purpose of serving the customers and friends, the same ones who occupy the first and last thoughts during the company’s productive day. He has been highly inspired to put all the efforts and dedication to excellence of the trust bestowed on him by his loyal customers and Oracle friends.

Advising the younger generation of entrepreneurs and future innovators, Martin suggests to impressively present a clear vision of the business proposal to their future customers and build a portfolio, that integrates the benefits and scope of growth of the customers’s company. With patience and perseverance, success can be accomplished.

Outstanding Oracle Services & Solutions

Oracle Database has driven the most important IT initiatives in the last 30 years, including the new Oracle database. ITCabarique makes technology (dbFlashCopy) to replicate Oracle Databases to Cloud or on-premise Infrastructure.  DbFlashCopy provides replication and disaster recovery operations like Switchover and Failover. In case of any failure, database services will be available in minutes with just 2 clicks. The company also designs and implements the best architectures to improve stability and performance of information systems and delivers services to maintain them, running continuously with the best performance. Following mentioned are few of its Oracle offerings.

  • High class database infrastructure and services
  • Database Administration Services
  • Disaster Recovery Technology – dbFlashCopy – Oracle Active Dataguard – GoldenGate
  • Oracle VM Clusters
  • Oracle Real application clusters
  • Training
  • Cloud integration and migration.

Client Support & Management Services

As a leader in Oracle services, ITCabarique provides stability to users’ Oracle infrastructure with maintenance programs to monitor and tune infrastructure, O.S. and databases. The Oracle service provider company has certifications of best practices in performance and security. This has been provided both via, remote and local Oracle certified engineers. In addition, the team’s integrated knowledge in Oracle Hardware and Software  gives an advantage to their customers of the integrated Oracle Red Stack.

Major Factors behind the Company’s Success

ITCabarique is a young company with a very experienced team. The staff has successfully proved and implemented, the most complex IT projects in government and private companies. The team has been working with Oracle databases from version 6 and Oracle Solaris, from the time when it was just Sun Solaris. ITCabarique’s best certified experience, focused commitment to the customers’ projects and proven results are its best form of advertisement.

Future Strategies

ITCabarique’s current objective is to grow in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia with dbFlashCopy and their integrated Oracle Red Stack services. The company has opened operations in Colombia two years back and this year plans to open one in Bolivia.

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