Unannounced DJI Mavic drone revealed in Argos catalogue

Unannounced DJI Mavic drone revealed in Argos catalogue

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Argos catalogue revealed early the details of an unannounced new drone from market leader DJI

The photos and specifications of the unannounced Mavic 2 Pro drone are featured in the latest edition of the catalogue store’s literature.

DJI had postponed the 18th July’s press event, where announcement of the new devices was expected even though they claim that they had printed the catalogue before the event.

The original Mavic Pro was tested in 2016 by the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones with film-maker Phillip Bloom. It was then proved popular among the film-makers because it was foldable to a compact size.

More advanced version of original Mavic

In the catalogue, it was also revealed that the Mavic 2 Pro has an option to live stream HD video live, and has proximity sensors which can sense obstacles in all directions. It also has an optical zoom lens in its “zoom version”.

Even though the price wasn’t revealed, but customers can keep a tab on the pricing details on Argos website as they usually update it timely and release a new catalogue in a half-yearly manner.

A spokesperson for DJI claimed that before they postponed the “See the Bigger Picture” event, the pre-printed catalogue was due release. They even said that the event was delayed to ensure the delivery of high quality and cutting edge technology to the customers.

It was suggested that the catalogue only hints at new drone’s features without saying much about its official announcement.

Furthermore only after the printing of catalogue was completed, they were made aware of the delay in the launch of DJI Mavic 2 Pro.



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