James Webb Space Telescope
NASA’s New Telescope Could Find Hints Of Life On Far-Flung Planets
Key Highlights: The James Webb Space Telescope will be able to examine planets outside our solar system in unprecedented detail. The launch of the James ...
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Drowsy Driving
NASA Research suggests Automated Vehicle Features may increase Drowsy Driving Risk
Key Highlights: The study was carried out to better understand how humans interact with autonomous systems NASA’s research included participants in three separate experiments who ...
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hybrid workplace
Smarten Spaces Introduces New Product for Hybrid Workplace
Key Highlights: A hybrid workplace provides several benefits to a company in terms of cost-cutting, revenue growth, and other factors Smarten Spaces introduced a new ...
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‘Galileo Project’ launched to Search for Extraterrestrial Evidence
Key Highlights: Galileo Project is taking off to see if extraterrestrial civilizations exist. The initiative will hunt for mysterious artifacts such as interstellar objects. Despite ...
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The makers of the popular virtual reality headsets Oculus announced multitasking accessibility improvements on VR Headsets in a blog that was published on 17th June 2021.
Oculus: Newest addition to the Virtual Reality Headset
Highlights: People predicted that v30 is the new 20 Two additional features: Color Correction and Raise View Gift for the people who can’t stand long ...
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The first black
Research Update: First Black Hole is Much Larger than Researchers Expected
Recently, new details of the first black hole that was spotted in 1964 have emerged. According to the new study, the black hole is actually ...
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World’s largest Camera
World’s largest Camera or a look into the cosmos?
“Nearing completion of the camera is very exciting, and we are proud of playing such a central role in building this key component of Rubin ...
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Surgical Theater
Surgical Theater Practices Augmented Reality Engaging Patients to Maintain Physical Awareness
For the first time in Thoracic Surgery practices, patient and surgeon can share surgical environment American Association for Thoracic Surgery (AATS) witnesses Surgical Theater proudly ...
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GET Group North America and Secure Planet
GET Group North America and Secure Planet Partner to Boost the Facial Recognition Technology
Waltham, Mass witnesses the major facial security providing companies shake-hands On April 17 2019, GET Group North America, announced a partnership with an I3 affiliated ...
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Roblox partner WWE
Roblox partner with WWE to celebrate WrestleMania
Roblox players can take advantage of limited-time, exclusive virtual items for their avatar, including a WWE championship title, hat, and backpack Roblox, and WWE announced ...
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SheIS partners Lazarus Esports
SheIS partners with Lazarus Esports
Partners to raise awareness of Esports in women Lazarus Esports announce their partnership with SheIS. The joint venture will help raise awareness for women in ...
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DrChrono partner 3D4Medical
DrChrono partner with 3D4Medical
Partner to Show 3D anatomical modeling on iPad and use Apple pencil for drawing and cross-sections DrChrono Inc., the company enabling the medical practice of ...
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