Carrie Saunders: An Energetic and Creative Leader Strengthening the Cloud Industry

Carrie Saunders

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Traditionally, companies have had their own data centers and servers to operate and maintain the data. However, the efficiency and performance of the system depend on how the data is managed. Thus, the necessity of uploading and storing the data on the cloud as well as implementing an effective cloud management strategy has become essential today. To help businesses excel in the increasing competition, cloud leaders need to understand the market demands and come up with relevant and innovative solutions.

With the motivation of creating innovative solutions, Carrie Saunders (CEO of CKS Cloud Solutions) took the decision to remold data management through the cloud. According to her, specific industry knowledge and good resources are the keys to developing an effective cloud management strategy. Carrie established CKS in May 2021, offering top-notch cloud solutions to the industry. Under her leadership, the company has been implementing cloud software for several industries for more than 20 years. 

A Skilled Leader

Carrie is hailed as a decorated leader in the cloud management industry. She has served as a track and field coach for 18 years and is currently working as the CEO of CKS Cloud Solutions. Being a coach for several years, she guides and motivates her team. She not only shares the experiences with the team but also praises them when needed. She lets the staff open up and share their opinions. During difficult times, she encourages the team. “We have “lesson learned” meetings after each implementation and take customer surveys to always improve the experience we show to others,” adds Carrie.

Distinguished Solutions

CKS provides a unique solution that aligns the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business software with M365 modern workplace software. The company has leveraged the Microsoft Power Platform to enhance automation through workflow processes. Additionally, it has leveraged the Business Intelligence Dashboards with all the data for better business decisions. All these solutions are available on Microsoft Azure Cloud that assists the customers with deep security and cybersecurity. “The exclusive solutions offered by CKS are all accessible from one source Microsoft Azure and it is the one-stop solution.” briefs Carrie.

A Proficient Team

Under Carrie’s dynamic leadership, a team of 83 intelligent and proficient individuals works for the implementation of full Microsoft Cloud. The team has worked for over 15 years together with a thorough knowledge of cloud management and implemented more than 100 customers for other Microsoft partners. The company has also followed the deep implementation methodology. 

As the customer of the new digital era demands quick and right solutions from remote locations in the fields of cloud management, the company hires the employees according to their seniority and superiority. It arranges video conferences of clients with the MS team every day, which has been a great success. Moreover, for effective cloud management, proper training is necessary. All the resources of CKS have been given Microsoft training on all cloud models. The team has attended the Microsoft conferences and participated in the app-building workshops. It has gained the implementation and programming success knowledge from the expertise. Together as a team, it works hard to transform the customers digitally.

Prioritizing Client Satisfaction

A satisfied client is one of the ultimate goals of a business. Fulfilling a client’s requirements is a major responsibility. CKS handles the clientele in an excellent manner. It arranges weekly meetings with clients to ensure whether their demands have been attained or not. Additionally, the internal weekly meetings ensure the fulfillment of the client’s expectations. “We also provide support through Microsoft customer service helpdesk solutions. Prior to project closure procedures, customer surveys are carried out,” mentions Carrie.

Shifting to Cloud

According to Carrie, shifting data and work to the cloud has been an important decision to remold businesses. Cloud space plays a vital role in the growth of a business. Shifting to the cloud helps companies to work on innovative solutions as well as helps manage and run the business if the staff is absent and has to work remotely. It also assists in company expansion into global locations.

As shifting to the cloud has become a trend these days, the demand for innovative solutions in the cloud is also increasing. CKS is currently handling 6 cloud projects with 4 more estimations out in the near future, it holds the vision to keep marching into the digital transformation era. In addition to that, the global market anticipates a cloud business of $623B in the next 5 years. The future of CKS looks bright. CKS gives 10% of the profit to society. Homeless people and charities chosen by customers also receive help from the company wherever they are located.

Excellent Implementation Assistance

The latest trends in cloud solutions have influenced the success of industries. The companies that wish to move to the cloud need expert training. One of the latest trends is Microsoft funded 24M$ worth of video training on all of the solutions. The program is called “Microsoft Learn” and the site is offered to all customers. This program is beneficial for those who want to switch to the cloud and the new employees in the company.

CKS also offers assistance to other partners in their implementations and holds the goal to increase the number of partners to become the Go to partner that will assist the other partners and the users. It also aims to focus on merger opportunities to grow the company towards becoming a big brand in the market.


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