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Since the invention of the first 3-D printer in 1983, the applications of the process have significantly evolved. The increased demand and availability of 3-D printing technology has led to the origin of the Additive Manufacturing industry. The aggressive Research & Development and the growing demand for prototyping applications in several industries—particularly defense, healthcare, automotive, and aeronautical—has significantly advanced both the hardware and software aspects of 3-D printing.

ZYYX Labs is a Swedish company that develops, produces, and sells high-quality desktop 3D printers for industrial customers worldwide. The company was established in 2018 with a mission to incentivize manufacturing. ZYYX Labs’ printers help produce mechanical parts and prototypes that are both strong and useful. It delivers innovative and cutting-edge materials to produce flawless 3-D prints safely on the user’s desktop.

Dynamic Executions Officer

Tomas BengtssonFounder and CEO, ZYYX Labs—aims to improve the quality and functionality of both the 3-D printers and the company. As ZYYX Labs is still a young company that operates as an agile business, Tomas supervises multiple processes of production. He serves in various roles and is a dynamic CEO for the ZYYX Labs. “I am very proud of the product development journey, as I am also responsible for the main parts of R&D,” mentions Tomas.

After completing MSc in Engineering Physics from the Chalmers University of Technology, Tomas worked at the RTI Group for more than 24 years. He served in various roles at the firm during that period. In 2017, Tomas took the role of CTO for the ZYYX 3D printers, and in 2018, he acquired the ZYYX brand.

Comprehensive Additive Manufacturing Solutions

ZYYX Labs provides complete Additive manufacturing solutions. Along with its premium desktop 3-D printers, the company also offers a wide range of filaments, consumables, accessories, spare parts, support, and service.

Presently, the company offers three 3-D printers—ZYYX Pro, ZYYX Pro II, and ZYYX+. The raw material or filament used for the printing is usually a blended combination of different materials. ZYYX Labs offers various compatible filaments with different polymeric combinations including, PLA, ASA, ABS, Flex, PETG, PETG-CF, proNylon, proCarbon, and proGlass. The company also retails consumable and spare parts like fume filters, SwiftTools, Build Plate, OfficeSafe filter, etc.

The Next-gen 3-D Printers

The ZYYX Labs offers its own brand of advanced desktop 3-D printers with numerous novel design features. Its unique 3-D printers are fume-free, adjustments-free, and hassle-free. The ZYYX Pro and Pro II can produce high-strength parts in carbon fiber composites and other rigid materials.

The ZYYX printers have an automatic surface-compensating build plate system that eliminates the need for tedious adjustments of the mechanics before every print. The print head includes a probe that scans the build plate at three positions before every print. It electronically adjusts the print plane to keep the models safely on the plate.

ZYYX 3-D printers come with professional printing software Simplify3D. Which is an all-in-one software suite that has integrated and customizable profiles for ZYYX Labs’ printers and premium filaments?

Eco-Friendly Design

3-D printers have often been considered unpleasant devices to have at the home, office, workplace, or any other closed facility, due to the strong smell of heated plastic. ZYYX Labs has a fixed focus on both work environment and environmental issues in general. As a result, the products are designed to be ‘OfficeSafe,’ which means they are preinstalled with air filters, it is also ensured that the 3-D printing process is nice and quiet, and of course fume-free.

The ZYYX 3-D printers tackle the problem by enclosing the print space and creating a slight pressure difference. The outgoing air is passed through an active carbon filter to remove the plastic smell. The company also offers ZYYX PLA, its eco-friendly biodegradable plastic filament that ensures excellent surface quality.

Area of Expertise

ZYYX Labs primarily targets product companies and consultants working with product development. The company focuses on these groups primarily because a personal 3-D printer-based prototyping can prove to be a feasible option. The printers can be used for agile mechanical development with functional prototypes and small-series production.

ZYYX Labs also aims to educate companies through its ‘24h Prototype Cycle’ concept. The program helps the clients streamline their development process. Since additive manufacturing is gradually becoming a basic knowledge for young students. ZYYX Labs has also set educational institutions as a secondary target for its concept.

2020: Dealing with the Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating effects on various business communities. Numerous previously profitable small and medium scaled businesses collapsed. But at the same time new business and sustainable business models prevailed—ZYYX Labs is one such model.

During the peak of the pandemic Additive Manufacturing and 3-D printing industry were very agile in helping the medical community. Crisis immediately struck when the pandemic started—supply of medical and protective equipment came in short. Many 3-D printing companies including ZYYX Labs produced face masks, visors, and other protective gear made with 3-D printing technology. ZYYX Labs took charge of the local production efforts that arose in Gothenburg at the Chalmers University of Technology. It also aided the community by printing parts, supplying materials, and improved 3-D printed models.

Enhancing Capabilities for the Future

For a 3-D printing company, as the industry is digital by birth, digitalization is one of its core aspects of growth. ZYYX Labs has continued to evolve with the digitalization of its line of products by adding remote connections and functionality to its products. The company has tirelessly adapted every technological development to its design. In the future, ZYYX Labs aims to develop larger 3D printers. The company will offer high-quality printing at an affordable price. This in turn also makes it possible for small-scale companies to supply for production locally. Along with that, ZYYX Labs will also make significant investments in the applications of AI. It aims to involve AI-based print monitoring in its future 3-D printers.


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