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YetiForce: Providing The Most Innovative Free CRM System For Effectively Running Business Operations


Over the last few decades, enterprise resource planning (ERP) has been growing rapidly and transforming the daily business operations. Today, most of the organizations have adopted ERP solutions to use them as a powerful marketing channel and serve customers more competently. The ERP solutions allow companies to leverage a suite of integrated applications to streamline and automate processes so that they can have leaner, more accurate and efficient operations. It also helps in increasing efficiency, reducing the overall cost of ownership, and minimizes operational costs.

Organizations around the globe seek out ERP providers such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or Oracle so that they can deliver customized solutions according to clients’ business needs. However, these solution-providing companies charge considerable amount of capital for licensing, implementing, and managing future maintenance of software. As a result, SMEs and startups have to think twice about how much it will affect their financial budgets if they opt for these costly software.

However, what companies truly desire are robust, user-friendly, and cost-efficient ERP solutions. Open-source software fulfills all the previously mentioned requirements. It enables      cost reduction and time saving while ensuring a flexible IT infrastructure. Leveraging the potential of open-source software, Błażej Pabiszczak co-founded YetiForce in 2014.

Assisting Organizations in Managing Business Workflow 

YetiForce is an open source CRM application that has a positive impact on all business activities – from marketing, through sales to support services. It was originally branched from Vtiger, but because of numerous changes introduced over the span of several years, it now significantly differs from its predecessor. The company is gaining more and more popularity abroad due to its rich and versatile software functionalities. To further help customers, YetiForce offers a knowledge base with documentation and a FAQ section so that they can easily learn to use the system.

Since the beginning, YetiForce has shown a noteworthy impact on organizations and their business activities as its open source code was released under a very flexible and liberal license. Hence, programmers and software developers are able to take advantage of it and develop their own software. For professional support, the company offers free support through its GitHub repository and paid support through packages that are available in its online store. YetiForce’s revenue is mostly generated by the provided system support, cloud, and hosting packages.

YetiForce CRM System: A Comprehensive and Custom-Made CRM System

YetiForce has developed YetiForceCRM, which is an open-source CRM system available for organizations of any size and users hailing from any part of the world. Individuals who want some additional features can download the system and customize it according to their needs. This essential CRM tool offers extensive features such as contact management, interaction tracking, lead management, calendar/reminders, or marketing automation integration. It also provides vital offerings like task management, pipeline management, mobile access, email integration, quotes/proposals, document storage, and analytics. As long as organizations or individuals have access to the internet, the system can be accessed from anywhere, through any devices such as computers, laptops, and smartphones. By leveraging this CRM software, SMEs and startups can scale their businesses, operate more efficiently, offer superior customer service, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Additionally, YetiForce also develops customized CRM system according to the client’s needs. For delivering personalized CRM system, it adds new functionalities and each new functionality undertakes an array of strict evaluations. After the evaluations, the feature gets added to the system and is made available for everyone.

Most importantly, the provider offers some modules, which are paid in other systems but in YetiForceCRM they are free of cost to users. To help individuals around the world, the customized CRM system vendor offers support packages, cloud packages, training, and extra modules, which are available in its online store. However, the company’s bestseller services/solutions are the cloud packages that come with free installation, support, and updates.

YetiForceRemarkable Characteristics of YetiForce’s Software

For emerging organizations, choosing the best CRM system provider can be a difficult and tedious task. In case of YetiForce, it showcases following beneficial characteristics that are major attractions for its clients.

  • It is completely free to download, install, and use.
  • Clients have different support options including free support.
  • It has a permissive and beneficial license.
  • It is compliant with global security and software development standards and works in all mobile browsers.
  • It can integrate with maps, social media portals, LDAP, DAV applications, SMS, PBX, web service.
  • It has numerous configuration options.
  • It provides complete process management support including sales and marketing.

YetiForceDelivering Value Added Benefits to Users

Most companies purchase only software that helps them gain a competitive edge and delivers profits to their businesses. For its clients, YetiForce delivers software that aids them in increasing the overall profitability of their businesses and more. Some of its significant benefits are flexibility, openness, and security.

  • Flexibility: YetiForce’s CRM system is flexible enough to integrate any changes related to appearance, functionality or processes. It has a well-developed configuration panel that allows a programmer or software developer to create new modules and fields. In addition, it also has 75 additional administrator tools.
  • Openness: Unlike SuiteCRM or SugarCRM systems, YetiForce does not create any unnecessary limitations for companies. Its priority is to design a license that is transparent and easy to understand, without complex and ambiguous conditions. At the same time, it allows companies to choose or add new features to the system.
  • Security: The leading CRM software developing company undergoes security audits on a monthly basis conducted by one of the best companies in Poland. In this way, it improves the accuracy, consistency, and security of data.

YetiForceA Visionary Leader Spreading Awareness about Open-Source Softwares  

Błażej Pabiszczak, the Co-founder and CEO of YetiForce established the company with a vision to build and develop highly effective open-source community-driven system. Błażej has 10 years of experience in implementing solutions using open-source software. As the CEO, Błażej has numerous responsibilities to perform at his company. These include leading a team of developers, deciding on the roadmap of system development, coordinating marketing plans, giving presentations of the system to potential customers, and attending conferences either as a speaker or as a participant.

The visionary leader’s favorite part of the job is providing guidance to the system users and attending conferences. Conferences provide Błażej with opportunities to exhibit the full potential of YetiForce to other people. Since most of the users are unaware of YetiForce system’s functionalities, the trainings and presentations enlighten such entrepreneurs to understand the nature of the CRM system.

Under Błażej’s guidance, the company was named #1 Most Affordable CRM Software in Capterra’s ranking. It was also named Top Online CRM Software in SoftwareWorld’s ranking. Recently, YetiForce received an acknowledgment from Software Advice for the FrontRunners category where 595 CRM tools were evaluated. It is also selected as one of the finalists in the Aulery 2019 competition.