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Call it innovation or revolution, today’s technology industry is grinding its way up, with new opportunities in the field. With Quality Assurance(QA) being a key component in the developing world, new technologies are built and introduced every single minute, thereby creating an impact and a sense of responsibility for the future ones. This new phase of technology is keeping everyone stand out in terms of the innovation frontier  for knowledge and talent perspective.

With over 4+ years of experience, TGSane Technologies is one such innovative industry ready to design and deploy sophisticated Web Application for powering one’s business. A world-class range of customized solutions provided for the customers by a team of a passionate and dedicated IT professionals.

The Vibrant Role of the Founder

The very dynamic Founder of the TGSane Technologies, Aaditya Singhal has always fostered on the quality of the service-His sense of passion, experience and leadership quality has worked the way for the company’s growth. With decades of experience in Information Technology, Aaditya had learned a lot and with the knowledge, he has developed industry awareness. His desire and commitment for his company came from the core competency which he always had from the start. The foundation of an organization’s culture is what lead him to come up with an idea of starting TGSane Technologies.

Impeccable Amount of Benefit Provided by The TGSane Technology

The leading QA solutions provider company is keen on offering the best solutions and higher productivity. It has been skilled in different technologies, including from Angular Js, Java, PHP, Drupal, Magneto, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning.

TGSane’s outsourcing testing work for specialized service providers is always the best solution for cost-cutting with almost 98% accuracy.

The benefits of TGSane Technologies partnership with the Quality Assurance include:

  • A team highly passionate and dedicated with extensive domain knowledge.
  • With a facility of the best testing lab to test products.
  • Faster release cycles with test automation.
  • Effective communication with quick turn-around time.
  • A deep and strong knowledge regarding the different user scenarios.

Services Offered by TGSane Technology

We provide a wide variety of IT Services with highly skilled, dedicated resources at a cost effective price point so our clients get more for their Investment. We are passionate, committed IT professionals with decades of collective experience. We design, build and deploy world class customized solutions to meet our client’s business needs. We excel at what we do because of our unwavering commitment to client support and satisfaction. A technology based on providing its clients the best solutions, better user experience and a commitment to offer a high-quality service. TGSane Technologies customized web development services include:

  • Software Product Development

A dedication and commitment to always examine each and every project to forecast time-to-market of the single project accurately. A good deal of insight into the results, expected from the client’s project, allowing them to determine its complete specification. TGSane Technologies even have a dedicated team of the best developers in India. One destination for Angular-js, JAVA, ASP.Net, CMS, PHP and other web development services.

  • Hire Resources

The company hires highly skilled and dedicated developers that work hourly/weekly/monthly or 24/7 in order to help the clients with the short and long-term projects. They assist in achieving the best in class IT related services as per the industry standards. Their mission is to offer the cost effective solutions for development services to their clients.

  • E-commerce Solution

The company has provided with the following solutions:

  • Custom interface for popular E-commerce platforms.
  • A professional and open-source E-commerce solutions.
  • Thousands of online shops on the digital platform.
  • They use technology like Magento, Woocommerce, Open Cart and Shopify Development.
  • Quality Assurance

Quality assurance with TGSane Technology gives a heed to every stage of the development process. With  QA been known for its ability to heighten the quality of the delivered product by minimizing manual work and maximizing speed, volume and accuracy of a system under the testing.

  • UI/UX Creative & Intelligent Designs

The company renders a very attractive, remarkarbly customized web design and UI/UX services that can turn anyone’s imagination of a professional, sharp and clean user-friendly designs into reality.

  • Mobile Apps Development

Business has taken a whole new spin in this generation. Now, everything is already provided on the mobile phones. Custom applications are bringing additional value and work. Hence, the company works across the major construction geographies and end sectors. words

Commitment towards Client Contentment

The company’s engagement model ensures to provide its clients with a superior level of service, using the latest and most advanced technologies. With their level commitment to success and unyielding focus, they tend to deliver more benefits than what the clients expect. The company is fully aware of the fact that its clients value the on-going collaborative and efficiency based nature of the company’s service model and so they make its best effort in providing what the client needs.

The Three Steps to Success

Behind every successful man is a woman, but behind every successful company, there is a hardworking team who is committed to providing a superior experience built on collaboration, transparency and efficiency. In order to stay on the success ladder, they focus on these three primary pillars:

  • The passion for Service Commitment
  • Talent Acquisition, Development and Retention
  • Operating and Resource Efficiency

The Future Challenges

The industry is evolving and as it is evolving, it is getting more and more competitive. Nowadays, technology takes no time for a new programming, coding and security technologies to land on; it arrives fast like a bullet train thereby creating new opportunities each and every day.

Therefore, TGSane Technologies makes sure to understand the advantages and applicability of the new technologies. It constantly focus on recruiting right resources and talent to fill in the gaps in expertise in order to remain great leaders on the innovation frontier. Their vision is to accelerate the clients business by digital transformation and to also make collaboration easy for employees, partners and customers.

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