RoboEatz: Revolutionizing the Food Service Industry with an All-in-One Complete Kitchen System


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We live in an era that is heavily influenced by technology and its advancements. Presently, technology has replaced manual work and labor for the greater development of mankind. While innovation has sparked the face of the world by streamlining and simplifying regular and mundane tasks, its incorporation with technology has resulted in the invention of further advancements. One such technological marvel is the concept of Robo Kitchens.

The concept of a robo kitchen has become a blooming concept in the 21st century by reducing kitchen chores and helping support the kitchen staff. Designed with safety, reliability, and the ability for mass production, ARK by RoboEatz brings the benefits of automation, cleanliness, efficiency and menu personalization to the kitchen.

The ARK solution is the brainchild of Alex Barseghian and the RoboEatz team, who established the company in 2017. As a recognized leader, Alex’s proficient leadership and immense contribution to the company’s growth and development have taken RoboEatz to greater heights. The company has been able to secure partnerships with Tier 1 companies in a variety of sectors over the past few years—several of which are going to be deployed within the next few months. 

Solving a Number of Industry Issues

RoboEatz is experiencing an increase in demand as it is solving a number of issues experienced by restaurants nowadays such as reduced labor support, increased labor wages, rising food supply costs, to name a few. The company was born from the numerous issues that have been growing within the foodservice industry—particularly labor shortage, increases in labor costs and food costs, and the desire to increase quality while maintaining consistency in offerings. It primarily focuses on the restaurant and is further planning to focus on revolutionizing the food service industry. RoboEatz provides a full turn-key solution for customers to deploy a modular kitchen solution that is efficient and cost-effective.

Fully Modular Autonomous Kitchen Robot

RoboEatz offers a complete kitchen system. These include storage of solid and liquid ingredients, dispensing of perfectly portioned meals, hot and cold features, cleaning, and then plating to customers. RoboEatz’s huge capacity allows for the preparation and serving of 1,000 meals before it requires replenishing. This makes the technology more suitable and convenient in more hard-to-access areas such as mining facilities or airports. Moreover, its technology allows for full customization, and its intuitiveness reduces or adds food by the gram. It also allows users to cook their own food based on personal preference or dietary restrictions.

The RoboEatz ARK solution stands out with its unique and fully modular autonomous kitchen, in that it can simultaneously prepare, serve and completely sanitize itself between cooking cycles. As a standalone solution, there is no requirement for multiple employees to do routine yet important tasks such as cleaning and allows them to focus on customer service.

Scaling Business to Greater Heights

Being at the helm, Alex spearheads as the Board Member and undertakes several vital roles and responsibilities. He is responsible for driving the vision and strategy of the overall business and acts as a thought leader within the industry. The critical component of scaling is creating working culture, believes Alex. With the team expanding internationally, transparency becomes the hallmark of RoboEatz. “We are clear on our quarterly objectives and hold each other accountable,” asserts Alex.

As the leader, Alex spearheads the team of RoboEatz. The company has seasoned executives within the team with background experience in a range of fields, including restaurants, engineering, and aerospace. “The core engineering team is the heart of who RoboEatz is,” remarks Alex.

Forefront of Food Service Revolution

The COVID-19 pandemic has heavily impacted the functioning of several industries. As business owners worldwide experienced several crises, innovation became the necessary ingredient for society to grow and prosper. Although several industries eventually found their way out of the pandemic whirlpool, the foodservice industry continues to struggle to date.

At the forefront of the foodservice revolution, RoboEatz stood strong with its innovative technological approach. The pandemic significantly increased the volume of demand for this solution. The company launched its first installation using the ARK system to the general public at the height of the pandemic within a busy downtown location in Riga, Latvia. Although it reduced working hours of operations, RoboEatz focused on the ability to deliver custom meals made to order on the spot. In fact, the ARK system has even become a family attraction—making it social media worthy to crowds on weekends to greater success.

Evaluating Strengths and Deploying Expansions

As the world is recovering from the aftermath of the pandemic, a significant concern continues to revolve around sanitation and safety conditions. To succeed in the post-pandemic climate, food service businesses must guarantee top-level sanitary conditions. RoboEatz has successfully resolved the issue by incorporating SaniClean+, an automatic self-cleaning feature that takes place between each cooking cycle with contamination control. It further eliminates potential food-borne illnesses through temperature regulation, smart storage and a freshness tracker that ensures entire sanitization and safety.

Inspired by its recent achievements, RoboEatz is in the midst of launching their second installation, and will be announcing some new installations along with developments in the near future. The company aims to be the global leader in automating kitchens as a key component of industrial revolution 4.0. Their goal is to be a software and hardware robotics engine to drive growth for the whole category with a strong focus on food quality, and they are well on their way of achieving this.



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