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Precise Testing Solution: Delivering A Wide Range Of Top-Quality Software Testing Services

Precise Testing Solution

With the digital transformation, the demand for flexible and rapid delivery of software and systems has increased tremendously. To satisfy this demand, quality assurance (QA) needs to assess the quality of the products in the quickest way. QA is becoming a vital element for organizations to stay ahead of its competitors and deliver top-class products to its clients. Today, the QA & testing industry is facing challenges like increasing expectations around the software user experience, demanding of new software products, switching from manual testing to automated testing, etc. In order to resolve these challenges, QA and testing teams need to adopt new and cutting-edge technologies and techniques so that they can deliver excellent software products. Precise Testing Solution is helping QA and testing teams to streamline their work by offering advanced software testing tools and techniques as well as assisting them to improve their product quality and deliver top-rated products.    

Integrating Advanced Testing Mythologies and Industry’s Best Practices

Initiated in 2012, Precise Testing Solution is an independent software testing company with a mission to tackle any challenges thrown in its way and accomplish its work before time with proper testing. The software testing company’s testing services are integrated with advanced testing mythologies and industry’s best practices. Precise Testing Solution is highly recommended by their clients because they recognize and fulfills the needs of the consumers, aids in rapid development and deployment of highest quality software products, reduces risks, and saves time and money. Moreover, what makes Precise Testing Solution a promising firm is that it is an STQC impaneled vendor (Testing and Quality Certification from Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India) and certified in ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2013.

Furthermore, to exceed the clients’ expectation, Precise Testing Solution offers the following advantages:

  • Minimizing cost by outsourcing
  • Handling ad-hoc testing tasks
  • Effortless Automation Of Business Processes And Test Cases
  • Providing specific testing requirements
  • Delivering reliable and independent results
  • Meeting with tight deadlines by utilizing its large workforce
  • Providing fully integrated facilities related to testing.  

Comprehensive Range of Testing Type and Services  

Precise Testing Solution specializes in numerous software testing types that include software testing, functional testing, compatibility testing, white box testing, functional automation testing, performance testing, security testing, beta testing, configuration testing, user acceptance testing, selenium automation testing, and A/B testing. The quality testing service provider carters its proficient testing services to diverse verticals such as games testing, business applications desktop and mobile applications, banking & insurance, travel, transportation, and logistics.

The firm also delivers result-oriented and cost-effective testing services in many segments of banking and insurance like retail banking, investment banking, mobile banking, corporate banking, payment systems, banking CRM, mutual funds, corporate banking, credit cards, core banking, private banking, insurance, and capital markets. It helps in optimizing the quality, performance, and availability of the applications to satisfy all the requirements of the segments as well as deliver high-quality products.   

Completing Goals Timely With Relevant Testing  

With the increasing digital channels, customers can look for products easily and compare it with others. Many organizations sell similar products and services to their competitors, but they want to sell them more than any other firm in the industry. The USP of an organization defines how the firm is exceptional from its other competitors. Precise Testing Solution’s USP is to hit the target and achieve the goal. The software testing company focuses on its target and thinks about how to achieve it. The USP for them is to succeed in its goals and receive gratitude for the services they provide. For this year, Precise Testing Solution will try to adopt newer technologies, innovative software testing practices, quality assurance (QA) standards, R&D on new technology, and improve team capabilities. In addition to this, the firm is looking forward to facing new challenges with its advanced services.

Administrating and Managing Firm with Skills

Chetna Soni, Founder, and CEO of Precise Testing Solution has over 10 years of experience in the industry and has earned numerous skills that include agile methodologies, mobile application, e-commerce, cloud computing, outsourcing, and SCRUM. As the CEO of Precise Testing Solution, Chetna is leading the company with her knowledge and experience as well as managing its employees. The most difficult part of her job, she shares, is dealing with different people from different skills sets and behavior. However, she dexterously leads her team by motivating them and providing a common goal to work on.  

Enhancing the Organization’s Progress and Efficiency  

Employees are the valuable assets of organizations and it is important for employees to keep themselves well informed with the latest developments in the industry. Employee’s dedication and performance enhance organizations growth and productivity. At Precise Testing Solution, every worker has been devoted to his/her work and is ready to head-on any challenges. It has 50+ professional software testers who have worked at companies such as UBS, Adobe, McAfee, Amdocs, Accenture, TCS, HCL Technologies, and Sapient to name a few. The software testing company’s expert teams utilize its expertise, experience in their task, and successfully deliver every project with full passion and energy at the right time.