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There is no longer denying that the 21st century is hooked on to modern technology and its offerings. The dynamite combination of information technology and predictive analytic tools are making an impact on careers at personal, national and international levels. Digital technologies are delivering multiple applications in every sector, right from education, healthcare to administration and planning of rural and urban policies. Lately, the legal industry is becoming one of the most suitable application domains. High powered law firms are now spending a significant part of their budget for technology.

OmnesLaw Pvt Ltd. is one such cutting-edge company singularly focused on delivering technology solutions coupled with deep legal domain expertise, and operational competence to not just shape the strategy but also execute it with measurable and desired business impact. Established in 2017, OmnesLaw is a powerhouse of technology working closely with law firms and legal departments to facilitate strategy shaping, bringing insight on new technology while simplifying and making them competitive.

Mentor & Guide

Gurbans Chatwal is the CEO of OmnesLaw Pvt Ltd. Gurbans has earned his Master’s degree in Business Administration from IIT Delhi and completed M.Sc in Computer Science from J. K Institute of Applied Physics and Technology. With 25+ years of executive and technology consulting experience, Gurbans has been instrumental in steering numerous transformational programs. He has also led the delivery organization for Legal Support Services and a large and complex portfolio of projects in IT consulting. At OmnesLaw, he leads strategic initiatives to drive short & long-term performance growth, custom design engagements, and architect product and AI roadmap from conceptualization to implementation.

The recent upsurge in computing and text analytics applications has opened up possibilities in sectors that deal more with text and reasoning than just numbers and trends. Whereas other professional services such as medicine, manufacturing, and financial services have seen a surge in technology implementation; legal practice seemed to be the laggard but awaiting the opportunity. The founding team has relevant and rich experience in outsourcing technology (Anurag G), big data analytics (Kuldeep D), and legal subject matter and process consulting (Suchorita M and Vijayta S) space.

Gurbans Chatwal advises the young technology-driven entrepreneurs to remain authentic to oneself, their team and respective clientele base. He further adds that to be successful, one must get paid for making the target clients’ lives easier and comfortable with proposed solutions. Every successful entrepreneur begins with a start-up that has the potential to grow into a mega-empire where the time range from small to large establishment depends on the dedication and hard work of the founder. Last but never the least, with the right blend of expert, skilled, capable and passionate team members, the company can achieve its dreams.

Employing a Balanced Team

Competition, technology, clients, and investors pull and push the organization and people within to define, refine, and chart unplanned course many times. In this scenario, OmnesLaw looks for qualities such as honesty, ability to work under pressure, positive attitude with tons of energy, accepting and adapting to constant changes along with a passion and zeal for the work.

Leveraging Technologies

Even before the company was formally incorporated, the current founding team had rallied around applying AI, NLP, and Analytics to the legal practice. The tech company’s products have been built on Microsoft technologies and are now available in the Azure cloud as SaaS framework. OmnesLaw has successfully leveraged open source libraries of Python, an OWL framework for legal ontologies, and referenced Legal libraries such as LKIF-core available on Github.

Current Projects

Since products are the DNA of the company, the following are some of its customized solutions and consulting services presented to clients and product development.

  • Xillium is the company’s flagship product, offered through SaaS on cloud model for end-to-end contract lifecycle management.
  • SALIS is the second product, which has helped Legal Research tremendously, built over the company’s core AI engine, thereby allowing its users to scan public websites or local databases to pull information, sift it for relevancy and provide rich and focused content.
  • As part of an upfront consulting assignment, OmnesLaw has helped clients streamline and standardize processes for better visibility, accessibility, and increased efficiency.
  • In pure advisory capacity, the tech company has assisted one of the large law firms to re-engineer processes of one of their high volume, high risk, but low priced practice area.

Future Challenges

The founding team and members at OmnesLaw are planning to continuously scan and search for new technologies, manage ‘resistance to change’ and stay alert to evaluate the appetite for new-technology risks. The tech company’s plans include keeping their ears open to hear the global and local expectations from technology and a keen eye to investing in new initiatives and transformation programs.

Making an Impact, Transforming the World

Due to complexities and sometimes ambiguity of legal language and its applicability across various domains and scenarios, the ontological approach to information organization and AI has become increasingly important in law (like in other disciplines). OmnesLaw is currently working on cutting-edge cognitive computing models to converge legal, and tech domains. The core purpose of the company is to transform legal practice by simplifying and automating through intelligent applications and software agents, thereby delivering real business results.

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