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Locomobi World Inc.

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Smart city companies leverage technology and focus on certain domains such as safety, mobilization, health, and others to create sophisticated solutions for problems that are caused by the rapid evolution of urbanization. These companies are instigating modern solutions to key life indicators. However, implementing smart city technology takes expertise and careful planning to ensure successful adoption.

LocoMobi World  Inc. customizes an infinite number of possibilities that are tailored for specific smart city needs. The company integrates with a wide range of systems, equipment and patent-pending software for ensuring the perfect fit for the business model.  By focusing on multiple synergistic industry sectors at the same time, LocoMobi World is able to better execute its vision of creating fully connected cities worldwide.

Leveraging Cloud Platform

LocoMobi World was established in 2019 after 5 years as a development company. The company provides the ability to move people, vehicles, and of course data in a safe and secure manner. Its cloud platform is world stream that provides enterprise software and hardware to interact with people and vehicles as they drive through the smart city infrastructure.

LocoMobi World reads vehicle DNA including the license plate, smartphone, and moves them to the transportation infrastructure. It may include vehicle access, transit, tolling, parking, curbside and drive-thru applications. The WorldStream Platform is the epicenter of the Transportation Infrastructure.

Modernized and Unique Solutions

LocoMobi World’s target expertise concerns parking, toll highways, security, and logistics. Its unique CondoPark solution enables the company the ability to offer access control of all tenants and visitors through automated plate recognition. For that development, the company offers over 10 enterprise solutions such as deliveries, guest services, security of all vehicles, and others through AI. It further links these tenants to services through the whole city network. It may include services such as drive-thru restaurants or curbside pickups linked from common applications and supported by mobile payment and other ecommerce programs.

Incorporating Profuse Technological Expertise

At the helm of the company, Grant Furlane spearheads the company as the CEO. Being at the forefront, his role extends from visionary, operator, sales, and others, for creating partnerships and elevating the vision to the next level.

Mr. Furlane brings over 40 years of technology experience specializing in smart city transportation, network security, cloud computing, loyalty programs and parking, and many more. He is considered to be an expert in Threat Prevention Automation using Artificial Intelligence architecture with Machine Vision. Mr. Furlane is also a serial entrepreneur who invests in, and assists start-ups to reach rollout and successful execution.

Emphasizing Vitality of Sustainability

My opinions are fairly strong on green etc.,” quotes Mr. Furlane. Adhering to its goal of offering smart city applications that reduce congestion and carbon footprint, LocoMobi World has partnered with a Green Tech Fund. The entire premise behind WorldStream is to attack congestion, reduce paper transactions, offer shared mobility, and make everyone’s journey stress-free.

Speaking of sustainable practices within the tech industry, Mr. Furlane affirms its benefit in the long-run as people have families, children and loved ones who will need to understand sustainability to survive. He adds, “The initiatives are already in place both introduced politically but also socially through all the platforms.”

Frictionless Response to the Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic had a striking impact on the functioning of various sectors. LocoMobi World responded to COVID-19 by taking a right-hand turn and responding to the needs. During the pandemic, it interacted with locked-down tenants, businesses and helped them move in and out of their homes and businesses in a frictionless manner. The company transformed its IP to address the demand for automated Drive-thru and curbside delivery.

Evaluating Attributes of Technology Trends

In order to maintain pace with the latest technology trends, Locomobi World reviews and scrutinizes what can be done for its customers and relates with the current social media trends. “In the end, you must be ahead of the game,” says Mr. Furlane. He further adds that staying ahead requires more than an entrepreneur—it needs a creative team that has experience both at best development practices and an understanding of the marketplace.

Ideation and creativity are the vital aspects that lead to robust technological innovations. Adding to it, Mr. Furlane states that the first is always the idea that fits your vision. Adhering to Mr. Furlane’s vision, Locomobi World collectively meets and reviews its alignment with its vision. The company also encourages everyone to provide new ideas. If provided with a solution to its business and commercial opportunities, Locomobi World takes the idea to the next level. “No idea is too crazy. We all want to invent as a team and keep the team passionate and committed,” remarks Mr. Furlane.

Evaluating AI Domination and Innovations

According to Mr. Furlane, the following technological advents hold the key to the future of tech industries:

  • AI is already dominant. If some are wondering how to use AI to better the business offerings, they are probably too late.
  • IoT is a great catchphrase. We all are part of the Internet of Things—it is a broad concept and hence, one needs to see how they fit in.
  • Blockchain is the future but we are still struggling as to how to connect the dots. One needs to be able to provide the technical platform to work with Blockchain as well as design their own platform the same. This will no doubt determine how Blockchain is secured and grows. Moreover, several people who are using Quantum Computing Development will advance as people try to figure out how to protect and capitalize on the whole Quantum Galaxy.

Locomobi World is vastly leveraging the aforementioned technological advent. The company is planning to create some new, innovative, and first-to-market products. It is further planning to release them during the next quarter.


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