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Key Source International: Providing Clinical Desktop Security And Infection Control Solutions

Key Source International : Philip Bruno

The healthcare industry continues to face a multitude of challenges. Breaches are widely observed in the healthcare sector and can be caused by many different types of incidents. These incidents involve credential-stealing malware, an insider who either purposefully or accidentally discloses patient data, or involve lost laptops or/and other devices. As healthcare possesses millions of private patient records today, data security is a major challenge which needs to be addressed promptly.

Additionally, other key challenges the healthcare sector is facing are prescription abuse and hospital-acquired infection. These pain points are creating havoc in the industry which leads to fraud, prescribing errors and reduction in care quality. Witnessing such circumstances, healthcare institutes and organizations are turning to technologies for the ideal solution. To efficiently fulfill this need, Key Source International (KSI) steps in to continuously inform clients of the significance of overcoming aforementioned issues. The company’s mission is to empower healthcare to save patients’ lives, increase productivity, and protect consumer data by providing high quality, innovative clinical desktop security, and infection control peripherals.

Converting the Conventional Keyboard to a Multi-Faceted, Intelligent Medical Tool

KSI is celebrating its 40th year of delivering quality technology to end-users around the world. The company’s value statement ‘Patient lives depend on our technological ingenuity’ reflects its pioneering spirit and strong technical expertise honed over the past four decades. The clinical desktop security provided by the company’s durable, cutting edge products keeps pace with the ever-changing needs of global users seeking secure, compliant and scalable solutions compatible with their risk assessment and cybersecurity strategies. For infection control and patient health information security, KSI integrates fingerprint biometrics, RFID card reader technology, sonar walk-away presence detection, and a software-driven keyboard cleaning system that controls infection at the clinical desktop into a single device.

Furthermore, the Oakland, CA-based company’s award-winning LinkSmart™ cleaning button with San-a-Key® software is recognized by the American Hospital Association (AHA). This software is a game-changing innovation, preventing infection at the clinical desktop and holding the promise of saving many patient lives. Integrated dual-factor authentication makes this award-winning software an ideal germ-fighting device that delivers the ultimate in foolproof security.

Medical Grade Security Keyboards

With a primary focus on serving healthcare, KSI has transformed what was once a vessel for germ and bacteria growth into an intelligent healthcare tool. The tool ensures that the clinical desktop is no longer a vessel for germ and bacteria growth that causes hospital-acquired infections, or an avenue for data breach that violates patient confidentiality. KSI keyboards can be easily disinfected with germicidal wipes throughout the day by pressing an integrated button that temporarily disables keys. These keyboards accompanied with companion software help hospital administrators know when, where and by whom all keyboards are cleaned.

As for data security, the impactful healthcare solution provider has developed solutions for password replacement using biometrics, near field communication, contact-less smart cards, legacy HID badges as well as auto locking desktops used when a user walks away from their workstation. As a result, KSI prevents unauthorized access to patient health records and electronic prescription platforms. This highlights that KSI keyboards play a significant role not only in protecting patients’ health data but also their lives. The company’s healthcare customers recognize the effectiveness of its top-selling products in protecting the clinical desktop. By using these products, customers experience better security with this infection control solution.

Happy and Satisfied Employees Increase Customer Satisfaction

Employee performance is critical to the overall success of the company. Therefore, KSI has developed a robust employee development program that contains cross-training and tuition reimbursement. The company looks after employees’ development, both as individuals and professionals in their chosen fields and offers incentivizes based on meeting performance goals. KSI knows that exceptional service is a key driver of customer satisfaction and retention. So, it ensures that all employees are happy and well-trained to deliver stellar customer satisfaction.

Building Strong Relationships to Expand Into the SAP Marketplace

In the future, KSI will soon join hands with a new technology partner to promote its ability to better secure SAP workstations. With the rise of SAP, it has been seen that the use of HANA ERP has grown significantly in recent years. With data breach now a high-profile issue embedded in the public’s awareness, SAP consumers will benefit from KSI’s multifactor authentication solutions.  KSI’s association with SAP allows expansion into new verticals and the development of new relationships around the world.

Listening to the Voice of Customers to Serve Better

Leaders play the most important role in the growth of an organization; their vision is what makes the difference. Philip Bruno, the CEO and President of Key Source International, guides his team of seasoned professionals where they need to go and informs the vision for what comes next. He ensures that KSI not only remains relevant within the healthcare industry but also continues to surpass competing technologies through innovation. Together with the skilled team, the CEO listens to their clients’ pain points and looks for more detailed information to deliver world-class solutions. The thought leader states that their best solutions are borne of listening to the customer and listening will always be part of the KSI business model.

The Future of the Healthcare Sector

Health tech innovation will transform care delivery. Machine learning, telehealth, and big data will each play a part. The patient experience will evolve, and practitioners will embrace improved diagnostic technologies.___ Philip Bruno