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Kelly Bagla

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Entrepreneurship in the 21st century is a daunting task. Being at the helm of a company, leaders have to overcome a myriad of different challenges; such as: Managing the Team, Staying up-to-date with latest Industry Requirements, Hiring the Right Personnel for the Right Work… etc. In addition to those things, overcoming the Stringent Legal Requirements also poses a significant obstacle. This is where business lawyers play and important role on educating entrepreneurs on Applicable Laws and Best Practices, as well as Zealously Representing them just in case any issue arises.

Kelly Bagla, Esq. (Founder/CEO of Bagla Law Firm, APC.) is one such dynamic business attorney committed to helping entrepreneurs start, run, and grow their businesses; with the right legal structures, and the right legal contracts. Ms. Bagla has been providing expert legal counsel to her clients for nearly two decades and has been recognized by numerous prestigious publications for her tenacity when it comes to helping business owners succeed.

Commencement of the Journey

Kelly’s passion for helping business owners succeed was born from her own entrepreneurial journey. She earned her bachelor’s degree in ‘Business Administration and International Relations’ at California State University; Further pursued a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B with honors) from the University of Wales, Swansea; And ultimately acquired a Master of laws (LL.M) from Whitter Law School.

After completing her studies and passing The Bar, she was hired by the largest international law firm in the world. However, Kelly took the leap of faith and aspired to become her own boss in these wonderful United States of America – a country founded upon entrepreneurism. She went on to establish her own law firm, and multiple business enterprises.

As both, an accomplished business attorney, and a successful entrepreneur, Kelly soon realized that she had a unique advantage when it came to serving her clients. Kelly believes, “It takes a business owner to fully understand the needs of another business owner.” Leveraging her own entrepreneurial experiences, Kelly anticipates her clients’ concerns and provides creative solutions to business problems that inevitably arise. Moreover, with her extensive legal background, she can apply “big-firm” strategies to small business models on a FLAT-RATE basis.

Suite of Services

Each of Kelly’s enterprises is committed to informing, equipping, and inspiring entrepreneurs to see the possibilities around them; and helping those same entrepreneurs to seize the opportunities to start, run, and grow their very own successful businesses. In 2009, Kelly established Bagla Law Firm, APC., a renowned Business Formations and Asset Protections Law Office.

Bagla Law Firm offers a unique suite of services; including but not limited to: Business Formation, Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors, Assisting Foreign-based businesses create A US presence, Mergers/Acquisitions, Trademarking, and Offshore Asset Protection.  The firm serves a wide range of clientele in and outside of the United States. All walks of life, from: the local small business owner seeking added protection, to: the East Coast Company trying to conduct business in a different state; and all the way as far as: the proprietor of an Aussie-based products distributor expanding their business to America.  (Kelly’s e-book on the subject has become a staple for her foreign-based clients. (Free downloads at

“Go Legal Yourself!®”

Alongside Bagla Law Firm, APC., Kelly paved the way with her D-I-Y Legal Services Packages. Making a name for herself with An online do-it-yourself legal company, empowering entrepreneurs to handle their own startups and growth as they deem fit, while providing all the right legal documents. “Any business geared towards entrepreneurs must deliver sophisticated online services.” – Kelly Bagla, Esq.

Go Legal Yourself!® is unique in that: it does not only supply legal form, the company is backed by a reputable law firm, it’s contracts are drafted by actual attorneys, and all businesses are set up in the same way as if they had been formed by a law firm… just at a fraction of the cost. It may seem counterintuitive for an attorney, to start a business, that provides potential clientele, with services that help those people circumvent going to a law firm; However, true to her commitment to helping entrepreneurs succeed, Kelly is adamant about making sure there are options, and leaves the choice to the individual. “Many clients will prefer to meet in person with their attorney and let us handle ALL of the legalities/filings/communications. We want to make sure we can serve those who prefer the convenience and “do-it-at-your-own-leisure” of a D-I-Y package, and those who may not necessarily be in a position to absorb the expense of hiring a whole Law Firm.”, She states. 

Kelly has even written a best-selling book on the subject. “Go Legal Yourself!: Know Your Business Legal Lifecycle®” has helped countless business owners with both starting and growing their businesses. Kelly has gone so far as to create and host the Go Legal Yourself!® podcast (broadcast in over 26 countries worldwide), where she interviews experts on their own personal success stories and legal pitfalls, in an effort to better glean advice for the audience. This Go Legal Yourself ® podcast has been named in the “Top 20 Law Podcasts”.

Creating Loyal Partnerships

Kelly has always believed that “Client Service is our most important responsibility”, and has prioritized client satisfaction. Courtesy of her customer-centric approach, a long list of both her domestic and foreign-based business affiliates, have deemed her the “Queen of Business Law®”. In reference to her approach, Kelly asserts, “Just like in the game of chess; The purpose of the Queen is to guard the King at every junction, providing tactical protection and maneuvers for the ultimate win. That’s how I approach business law. I provide entrepreneurs with winning legal strategies to ensure success.”

Creating loyal relationships with clients, peers, and her team has always been the cornerstone of Kelly’s Practice. Her Law Firm has managed to THRIVE on the sheer volume of referrals from past clients and even other attorneys. In turn she is always equally dedicated to referring cases better suited to her colleagues. When Kelly comes across a great Lawyer, she always makes a point to refer her clients to utilize their specific areas of expertise. This has proven to be a winning strategy: As the very first client of her firm, continues to be a client even to this day. Kelly has built a strong network of trusted relationships with Business Litigators, Immigration Lawyers, IP Attorneys, and diverse business professionals.

Realms of New Possibilities

As her businesses expand and evolve, Kelly is continuously exploring a realm of new possibilities. She is a highly sought-after corporate and keynote event speaker, with a dynamic combination of powerhouse legal knowledge/strategy/experience, and charm. Kelly doesn’t rule out the possibility of even a television show is the upcoming future. “Being able to live your passion is a blessing. But to make a living with your passion is hard work and achievable for all who want to live their own American dream.” – Kelly Bagla, Esq. With her immense success, she is living her “American Dream”, and leading by example; showing other business owners how they too can achieve their own success.

Seizing Opportunities

As an American immigrant (originally hailing from the United Kingdom), who has worked hard to become successful, Kelly believes that too many American citizens just don’t see the magnitude of opportunities available to them. Thus, she has made it her mission in life to help them recognize and take full advantage of the available avenues to start, run, and grow their own successful businesses. She advises aspiring entrepreneurs to stay true to themselves and be discerning about the advice they take. “Be confident in yourself and prepared to work for what you believe in. And the opportunities are yours for the taking.” – Kelly Bagla, Esq.


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