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Howard Gross

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In recent years, cloud has demonstrated its ability to be an efficient storage solution. The increasing cloud adoption was further accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the push towards a digital shift. Today, most organizations use cloud in some way and a large amount of corporate data is stored in the cloud. Customers report cloud is an ideal solution for reducing costs and innovating their business model in a way that supports automating numerous processes. As a result, cloud is assisting them become more competitive and agile.

Due to the increasing demand, several new players are emerging in the cloud industry—providing cutting-edge cloud services and solutions. Amid the increasing competition, companies such as eBizDocs are distinguishing themselves with integrated and innovative solutions. The company is the brainchild of Howard Gross (Founder and President). Howard is one of the recognized leaders in the cloud industry who is leveraging his profound experience to drive the company towards success.

Journey with Ebbs and Flows

Howard’s journey towards entrepreneurship was a journey full of ebbs and flows. After earning his computer science degree, he started working as a financial systems manager. As his career advanced, his destiny became clear—he was determined to start his own business. Over the next few years, Howard spent time between being a husband, father, completing his MBA, and discovering what it means to be an entrepreneur. He dreamed big and set high expectations.

As Howard let his moral compass take the lead, things started falling in place. Following his intuition, he put the customers’ and employees’ needs first. It was a scary leap, however, the rewards soon followed. eBizDocs was quick to adopt cloud because in many cases, it was faster, simpler, and cheaper to deliver the digital files it created in its scanning bureau operation to the customer. From there, the company started having customers wanting to use its cloud service to store and manage their documents and digital files.

Founded in 1999, eBizDocs today has become a premier electronic content solutions provider.  “In reality, my road to success was not a straight line between points A and B. There were many obstacles, setbacks, and turns getting to where we are today,” states Howard.

Cutting-edge Cloud Solutions

eBizDocs differentiates itself as a one-of-a-kind company by guiding an organization from being frustrated and ill-equipped with managing its documents to being efficient and better serving to its customers. It puts information at the customers’ fingerprints—so they can get more done.

The company listens and helps its customers map out a step-by-step plan. Breaking it down into smaller steps takes an overwhelming task from seeming impossible to being very achievable. eBizDocs is focusing on helping numerous public sector organizations and private businesses. “These customers need to incorporate digital mailroom services, business process automation, integration with line-of-business applications, and other cloud-centric solutions over the coming years,” mentions Howard.

Building a Robust Team

Being at the helm of the company, Howard’s primary role is bringing in strong talent. From there, he tries to stand out of the way and lets them perform. He looks for people that believe in the same core values that built the company—unwavering integrity, a natural supportive approach, and the agility to embrace change as it is needed to move forward.

The company has several proven operational procedures in place that are followed and tuned as necessary. As a result, everyone in the company knows what is expected of them and how to perform their job. This consistency improves quality and efficiency. eBizDocs also shares its documented best practice procedures for customers to follow.

Swift Response to the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a game-changer for eBizDocs—presenting numerous new and unique challenges. Simultaneously, it opened several new opportunities for the company’s professional services and cloud offerings. Before the state ordered shutdown, eBizDocs acted immediately when there was word of potential exposure to an employee.

During the crisis, sending everyone home (with pay) and implementing new sanitation guidelines were top priorities for the company. “We put employee safety first, way ahead of all other business concerns,” adds Howard. Furthermore, eBizDocs studied and followed CDC guidelines. It also provided guidance, comforting support, company updates, and assurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Preparations for the Future

eBizDocs is expanding how its solutions help organizations deal with the changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic such as—need for stronger worker support, stronger workflow automation, business process optimization, system integration, etc. The company oversees a need to help organizations further automate and integrate existing line-of-business applications with the data and intelligence lying in unstructured data. A majority of products offered by the company are subscription offerings that are affordable and easily scale to the consumer’s needs.

Howard’s Candid Views on Leadership

What are the major changes in leadership you noticed over the years?

Numerous technological and commercial innovations and disruptions occurred over the past decade. Today, change is a constant for all businesses and good leadership has evolved to become more adaptable. There is a marked shift towards a more agile and collaborative style of leadership. Employee input is often viewed as integral to decision-making processes and employee engagement is encouraged.  The rise of remote working has also shaped leadership. As micromanagement is relatively difficult in remote settings, trust and integrity have become a significant tenet of the change in leadership.

What it is like to be a cloud leader in today’s world?

Offering a premium cloud solution is more important than ever because it serves as the main infrastructure supporting critical business processes and leadership evolution.

What would be your piece of advice for the young entrepreneurs?

Most young entrepreneurs understand it is important to manage cash flow, marketing, sales, and products. However, these areas have no purpose without customers and employees. It should be your passion to serve customers and employees. This gives your business purpose and sustainability.

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