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In today’s hyper-digital environment, social media and internet marketing has gained huge popularity and it is still skyrocketing. Organizations are changing their plan of action into digital ones or modifying the existing marketing strategies into online advertising campaigns. Through electronic devices, companies can reach and engage a vast number of audience in a cost-effective and measurable way. Digital marketing is offering an opportunity for SMEs and emerging startups to compete against the established businesses and draw in their share of traffic. Witnessing the extensive benefits of digital marketing, Nicolas Buffone and Jonathan Durante founded Expandify Marketing Inc., a company that implements the most neoteric, groundbreaking approaches to marketing involving the online web.

Headquartered in Canada, Expandify Marketing is a leading social media and internet marketing agency that leverages social media advertising strategies. These strategies include graphic design, motion graphics, photography, videography, copywriting, web design, display advertising and many more. Using these strategies, it helps clients to reach their target audience quickly and more effectively.

The Saga of Expandify Marketing

Nicolas and Jonathan from a young age became friends and later went to study at John Abbott College. They also worked part-time at the same Italian cuisine restaurant. While working at their part-time jobs, they observed that the restaurant did not have any social media presence. At that moment, Nicolas and Jonathan realized the need for social media marketing for small businesses. Together, they strategized starting a company and in 2017, Expandify Marketing came into existence.

After establishing their venture, the Co-founder duo started searching for clients. Their first client was a party store chain situated at three locations in the Montreal area. Shortly after that, they got another client, which was a fine Italian cuisine restaurant where they both used to work as servers.

Today, Nicolas Buffone is the Co-founder, CEO, and President, and Jonathan Durante is the Co-founder, COO, Vice-President and Treasurer of Expandify Marketing. The Co-founder duos assist companies to generate highly qualified leads using LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Facebook, and Instagram advertising channels. Through these leads, their clients gain customers and generate new & ongoing revenues.

Using Advanced Tools to Deliver Top-Notch Marketing Services  

As a leading internet marketing company, Expandify Marketing specializes in numerous services that involve social media, logo animation, email marketing, website design, graphic design, and Facebook marketing. They also offer Google Ads, copywriting, social media consulting, videography, content creation, and motion design. The company is specialized in providing services like social media management, lead generation, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads. For this, the digital marketing company uses latest technologies and tools to improve their digital marketing campaigns. This results in SEO Rankings, increases lead generation, delivers quality content creation, and identifies communities for the prospective customers across various social media platforms.

Focusing on Overall Customers’ Satisfaction

Expandify Marketing serves clients from numerous industries such as hospitality and entertainment, including bars, nightclubs, catering companies, fine cuisine, fast food chains/fast-casual chains, to name a few. For expanding its presence, the company has extended its range of industry verticals and now, it is working with several franchises and public figures in the entertainment, banking, fashion, technology, medical device, and E-Commerce niches. The benefits that clients receive from Expandify are unique as it offers the accessibility to clients with dedicated work backed by passion to improve customers’ digital presence. It focuses on placing overall customers’ satisfaction and building great relationships on the top list of its priority. In all, Expandify Marketing provides a single comprehensive package so that clients’ can have easy access to graphic design, web design, social media, email marketing, and an ad agency together.

Retaining the Competitive Edge

In today’s highly competitive world, organizations need new techniques or strategies to set them apart from their competitors. To maintain the competitive edge, Expandify Marketing is consistently attending leading innovative conferences around the world and hatching new revolutionary strategies with leaders in the marketing and tech industries. In addition to this, the company continues to capitalize on themselves by acquiring online training from some of the world’s most well-known digital marketing experts. With complete dedication, passion, and hard work, the company has received Digital Sales Certification from Google, Social Media Certified from HubSpot Academy, and Instagram for Business Certification from Facebook.

Furthermore, to reach new heights of success, the visionary leaders of Expandify Marketing have strategized three main priorities for this year. First, establishing close relationships with clients to gain better insight into their marketing goals. Second, the creative duo together with the team of Expandify Marketing are going to deliver beneficial contributions to the community. Thirdly, planning to create new and improved services that will bring brands and people closer together.

AR & VR are the Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends

While working in the digital marketing industry, Nicolas and Jonathan have observed some new waves of disruptive tides. According to them, the forthcoming digital marketing trends will definitely involve disruptive technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality. By integrating these technologies into the leading social media platforms, brands will be able to connect with customers in a more meaningful way before making purchase decisions. The duo also believes that AR will continue to transform the digital marketing landscape and they are excited to be on the vanguard of these novel innovations.

A Piece of Advice from the Co-founder Duo

Being entrepreneurs, Nicolas and Jonathan share their valuable advice for new entrepreneurs and professionals. The Co-founders of Expandify Marketing asserts, “Your concept or idea doesn’t have to be fully mapped out. Just start and worry about perfection later. Also, never give up and understand that failure and rejection is part of the process. Be prepared to fail, knowing you will succeed.”

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