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The technology industry is fast moving and going through radical changes as a direct result digital disruption found impacting on all sectors, both public and private. Take a look at how the internet of things (IoT) has exploded with the exponential increase in the number of digital users for example. According to the latest GDPR regulations, the technological landscape known during the last data protection write-up (1998) is now completely unrecognizable, making existing regulations not fit for purpose. To qualify that you need only look at one internet minute. 3.5 million Google searches, over 16 million text messages, 4.1 million YouTube views and 990,000 tinder swipes, much of which is largely unregulated. Now, with the advent of appropriate controls upon us, the custom software industry can no longer be purely about functionality. Rather, development agencies and solution providers must revolutionize process and delivery in-order to keep pace with the overall technological tide.

The brainchild of the Co- Founders Martin Goss and Peter Shields, Etain is a software development company, providing a varied range of applications featuring digital innovations and leading-edge functionality from custom web Apps to SharePoint solutions. With headquarters in Belfast, offices in Dublin and London and approaching 20 years in business, these Microsoft Gold Partners and hardened enthusiasts leave no stone unturned. With their feet firmly in the Microsoft camp, it’s no surprise Etain are experts in leveraging the latest technologies in ways that deliver tangible business benefits and help clients garner deeper insights on their customers like never before. From integrating chatbots for customer service and blockchain technology for smart contracts, to machine learning and AI, Etain’s Smarter Software solutions, powered by Microsoft technology, drive visions from concepts to delivery.

Stimulating force behind Etain

Martin Goss, Co-founder & CEO of Etain, works two-fold in the organisation. As co-founder Martin’s drive is to ensure the organisation is sustainable yet disruptive, in a way that maximises profit potential while pushing the boundaries of what enterprise has come to expect from I.T. To achieve this Martin motivates every individual to focus on genuine innovation while delivering real added-value to customers. He dedicates time to all the development and support teams, pushing and inspiring them to achieve more, while making sure their experience as ‘digital disruptors’ on the ground, are positive and most importantly, packing a punch. His aim as CEO naturally differs, with focus on maximising profit potential while propelling Etain to the fore of the solutions market. To this end he is well-versed in optimal resourcing and talent development, enabling his enterprise to cater for the current complexities of, and the future needs of the business world. Overall, Martin makes it his business to assist established organisations in their pursuit of digital leadership, through the delivery of Smarter Software solutions.

Client Offerings

Making life easier and business more intelligent by delivering Smarter Software solutions is Etain’s foremost priority. Through their dedication to innovative deployments, over the last 19 years, these solution experts have developed exceptional custom softwares for some of the biggest names in the professional sectors. Etain’s team of talented developers, business analysts and designers focus on defining client satisfaction through their passion for concept development and cutting-edge solution delivery, as part of their client commitment policy. Etain provide leading development services in a range of sectors, focusing on custom software, mobile solutions, support & hosting, App development and digital optimisations.

Current Technology

Kentico: Etain’s content management system (CMS) of choice, with the ability to deliver outstanding online marketing, e-commerce, shared communities, intranets and built-in GDPR compliance application, all through a single platform.

SharePoint:  Microsoft SharePoint is a web based solution designed to help an organization improve its internal communications, facilitate collaborations and increase productivity.

Dynamics CRM: Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM is customised and integrated with existing assets to deliver simple and complex business objectives. From customer relationship management to event planning, pipeline management and marketing campaign executions.

Azure Cloud: Azure is Microsoft’s premier cloud platform and an ever-growing collection of integrated services for computing, storage, data and networking.

Optimization: Etain defines and implements strategies that enable every client to achieve their goals. This includes SEO and on-page optimisations to web analytics, social media consultancy & workshops.

Targeted Business Areas

Etain has developed over 400 CRM executions, SharePoint implementations and web applications over the past 19 years, consistently delivering excellent results that exceed client expectations and industry standards. It aims to design and target the following business audience.

Legal & Financial

Utilities & Energy

Leisure & Tourism

Services & Logistics

Government & Public Sectors

Smarter Software World

As time and technology progresses, so too do the number of devices becoming interconnected and fresh complexities in the way data is handled and utilised. Naturally, with any innovation comes new challenges and associated risks. It is here that Etain positions themselves, providing solutions that account for digital transformations and the unique challenges of each business change environment. Etain recognises that the era of the Internet of Things also provides enterprise with opportunities to impact and shape one’s business for the better.

IoT:  IoT based software makes it possible for almost everything and everyone to be ‘connected’ at any time of the day.

Big Data: Etain is an expert in the design and implementations of data management software that helps the clients to fully realize the potential of information they possess.

Cyber Security: Etain are also experts at implementing custom software solutions that safeguard the client and its organisation from cyber-attacks and data loss.

Upcoming Challenges and Plans

The key challenge for solution providers in the software development industry is how they invest in and develop their knowledge in the vast array of technology on offer. Leveraging innovation in meaningful and creative ways that make organisations more intelligent and better equipped to service their customers as the landscape continues to shift, is essential. For Etain, training and guiding young talent during and straight after University Education is a passion and focus. Leveraging and maintaining their partnership with Microsoft is the key building block and biggest driving force behind their client retention rates today and will be ten years from now.

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